MGM Resorts Could Be Buyer of WNBA’s San Antonio Stars

Talk about a mixed metaphor. This one came out of left field, but we’re hearing a rumor MGM Resorts could be the buyer of the WNBA’s San Antonio Stars.

ESPN was the first to report the San Antonio Stars have an agreement in place to relocate to Las Vegas (contingent upon NBA and WNBA approval), but the buyer has eluded the media.

Could it be MGM Resorts is the buyer? A source says “yes.” The source also says the team would play at the Mandalay Bay Events Center on the Las Vegas Strip.

San Antonia Stars

The Stars originally played in Utah and were called the Starzz, the grammatical equivalent of jazz hands.

Granted, it would be a strange for a casino company to own a professional sports team. But here’s the thing. MGM Resorts has made a concerted effort to shift away from being a “casino company” (declining revenue gave them a nudge) and the company now markets itself as an “entertainment company.”

That’s right, some people actually find sports entertaining.

MGM Resorts CEO Jim Murren has said he and the company were actively seeking an NBA team. They were only off by one letter. The “w.” Please try and keep up.

The San Antonio Stars had the WNBA’s worst record for the past three seasons, so a buyer could probably get them for a song.

Here’s the announcement about the San Antonio Stars relocation.

Like it or not, Las Vegas is quickly becoming a sports town, and the purchase of a WMBA team by MGM Resorts could keep the rally going.

Update (10/17/17): Our story has been officially confirmed. The move has been approved by the WNBA and NBA Board of Governors, and the team will begin playing in Las Vegas starting in May 2018.

7 thoughts on “MGM Resorts Could Be Buyer of WNBA’s San Antonio Stars

  1. JeffinOKC

    I have to admit I have followed the WNBA since it started 20 plus years ago. Popularity appears to have bottomed out and is on the rebound. I think the most solid markets are on the west coast, with the Los Angeles Sparks, Phoenix Mercury and Seattle Storm having been league mainstays. Even with the recent spike in attendance, the league averages is 7,700ish per game, and most games I watch on TV look like about 3,000. T-Mobile arena might be a cavern with those numbers. It sure would be a boon for the league to have a new team showing off a new arena in The Most Exciting City In The World!

  2. VegasSlushy

    Strange for a casino company to own a sports team? Sure, at least in this country. (I can’t speak to international sports leagues.)

    In the WNBA, however, we’ve seen it already. The Connecticut Sun is owned primarily, if not wholly, by the Mohegan Sun casino tribe.

    And I’m also of the belief that playing women’s basketball inside the cell phone arena would be a bit underwhelming, overall. These games can draw big crowds, but I’d be surprised if more than half of the arena is filled for a Vegas WNBA game with any regularity.

    1. VegasSlushy

      Logic tells me the MBay event center is smaller, which would make sense for a WNBA team.

      Doesn’t matter where they play, I won’t be attending. Good luck to them.

  3. Dan Yost

    This almost feels like its MGM’s attempt to get their foot in the door with the NBA for the next time a franschiae is up for sell.

    WNBA teams lose money. By itself, it seems like a terrible investment. But, as a way to get a seat at the table to talk about owning an NBA team, this might just be the cost of doing business.


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