Megabucks Hits for $15.5 Million, We’ve Got Exclusive Details

On Christmas Eve 2020, a lucky player won $15.5 million on a Megabucks slot machine at Suncoast casino.

The dude’s name was Kevin.

But wait, there’s more.

Megabucks winner Suncoast

At least somebody’s 2020 didn’t entirely suck.

The exact jackpot was $15,491,103.27.

While taxes for such jackpots vary, The Man takes about a 40 percent bite.

Still, the jackpot was the largest in Nevada in eight years.

Megabucks winner Suncoast

Three credits, $15.5 million. Two credits, a paltry $20,000. Lesson: Just spring for the extra buck.

We were the first to share news of the Suncoast jackpot, mainly because our ever-vigilant Twitter followers noticed a Megabucks machine at another casino had reset to $10 million. That happens whenever somebody wins the jackpot.


The Megabucks reset is reliable jackpot alert system.

We naturally visited Suncoast to check out, and possibly fondle, the winning machine. Lighten up, it was consensual.

Suncoast is a locals casino owned by Boyd Gaming, about 15 minutes west of the Las Vegas Strip.


Suncoast rents that sky just to make our photos look better.

Apparently, Kevin (a part-time Vegas resident, who also lives in Alaska) put $40 in the lucky Megabucks machine before his big win.

For posterity, we’d like to share the winning machine number was 9669. The machine’s location was 5501. (See photo below.)

While casino practices vary slightly, you can tell a machine’s I.D. number and location by looking for the big red arrows.

Slot machine numbering

It’s like a GPS for slot techs.

The winning machine sits next to the casino’s Peng Zu restaurant.

More controversially, it’s near Du-par’s restaurant. The Megabucks winner apparently dined there following his windfall. A casino insider contacted us to share Kevin failed to tip the staff after his meal. Awkward.


This Megabucks machine is currently a local celebrity.

Whether the player tipped staff for his $15.5 million win is unknown.

Anyway, we’re confident Kevin will circle back and lavish staff with gratuities galore.

It was probably the shock.


Megabucks is what’s known as a “progressive” slot machine, which could explain why it’s always redistributing wealth.

The irony in cases of multimillion-dollar jackpots is the player often has little or no cash on them. Large jackpots are paid by check (by the machine manufacturer, not the casino) often over many years, so it’s not uncommon for players to “forget” to tip, or not have the cash to tip, at the time of their win.

Nailed this jackpot during our visit. Who says lightning doesn’t strike twice?

Whatever the circumstances of a win, there’s always a collective thrill when somebody snags millions of dollars on a slot machine. (Also known as collective envy.)

Megabucks jackpots are part of what keep the Las Vegas dream alive! One spin or pull of the arm can change your life forever.

19 thoughts on “Megabucks Hits for $15.5 Million, We’ve Got Exclusive Details

  1. Mark

    LOL Nicely written, Scott.
    I haven’t played slots in many years. Only slot jackpot I’ve hit in 30 years was a real basic 3-reel 25c, at the CalNeva in Reno. Jackpot was just $600, in quarters, which filled up the tray. I was so excited, I ran all the way across the casino, to tell my wife. When we finally got back, the tray wasn’t nearly as full.

    Happy New Year.
    If this covid crap ever let’s up, and my wife no longer fears Vegas, we’ll all meet up for a drink. I bet you have some stories.

    1. Mark

      Your less than informative and lame ass narrative on this
      Jackpot win is ridiculous ………like many amateur offerings,
      You spend words on how much you dont know about the actual story……..and who gives a damn if you do……the guy won…….and how gives a shit if he tipped….perhaps if casino workers were willing to share his losses…..they might be entitled to share in his winnings.. . .

  2. Mike Alexakis

    “Kevin” figured out a way to become famous, he is in the news for the jackpot, but he is famous for stiffing the restaurant worker… Nice job giving him the benefit of the doubt, you are a pro blogger for sure, I can’t fathom any circumstance that excuses this, when you pay for your meal you tip. I have won a few bad beat poker jackpots, worth a few thousand, I tip the dealer 5% before taxes, and I tip the floor managers, seating host, chip people, and I slip some money to my favorite dealers as well… Its a windfall, and these are hard working people. Better to be a well loved person, good karma, I enjoy being a good tipper, it comes back to you… Happy New Year…

    1. Val

      Ditto what Mike Alexakiss said. Tipping is normal practice for me no matter what the jackpot or winning hand. While playing at some of the Strip Casinos I have been asked, why am I tipping the Dealer? “Because it’s my money & I want to these people don’t make a ton of money.
      On a 3 card poker table (at Red Rock) I won a little over $1,400.00, no that’s not humongous but it was to me. The guy sitting next me questioned my tipping the Dealer ($100), my answer was simply “KARMA”. He said that’s stupid to tip the dealer. I remained cool even though I wanted to slap the sh*t out of him🤣
      On next hand dealt he decided not to play, so KARMA dealt me his winning hand. I gave the dealer a larger tip (I won over 2k) because remember I’m “STUPID” I Grabbed my purse & told the creep (in a very LOUD VOICE) “thank you sir for calling me stupid assh*le”

  3. rainbow

    And when Kevin circles back and lavish staff with gratuities galore, I’m confident staff will hand over a much-deserved cut of said gratuities to Scott, followed by Scott apportioning a nice tip my way.

  4. Bruce

    I’ve hit a couple modest jackpots, but am never sure what to tip. I know anything is appreciated, but is there a ‘how much and to whom’ guideline?

    1. Scott Roeben Post author

      Not really. No hard and fast rules, and they do tend to appreciate anything (as so many do nothing).

  5. VegasDummy

    Oh interesting, is it only the “shared jackpot” instances where the manufacturer pays out, vs. the casino? How does that work exactly? Are they getting a portion of the proceeds during slot play (or some sort of ongoing license fee while the machine is in service)?

    1. Scott Roeben Post author

      Casinos get a piece of the action from each of the licensed machines, but the manufacturer runs the progressive element, and pays it when it hits. There are some internal progressives, which the casino handles, but those aren’t the million-dollar ones.

  6. Kevin asking [email protected] $Kevoroac

    Thats insane I would be going crazy with as many lawyers involved or one very good lawyer that would eat that case alive!! That’s such BS that they will drown you liquor and shower you with gifts that don’t cost a dollar out their pocket but make it look like Glitz and glamour to the unsuspecting real Union to spend all your money life savings and say up sorry better luck next time it’s crazy as long as you’re spending your money they’re happy but the second somebody wins they Smiles turn into frown they get all aggressive with you and try to screw you over or take as long as possible to pay out and then short you in some kind of way modern-day mobsters casinos are it’s a proven fact but hell I’m a Gambling Man myself it’s just you got to stick with Kenny Rogers know when to Hold’em know when to fold’em know when to walk away know when to run!!!

  7. Boulder Steve

    You Scott have more faith in mankind than I . Kevin will not be circling around with tip money. he won’t be coming back period.

  8. U. R. Ameanie

    Yeah I never went back to Venalazzo after they ejected me for bringing Sparky, my Emotional Support Gerbil… Sparky has rights too, I tried to explain it to them, and through his skill set he brings joy to otherwise very dark areas…

  9. Chief

    Is the job of ‘slot jackpot payer-outer’ the most coveted in the casino?
    You are constantly being tipped a percentage of payouts?
    Are the tips pooled?

    1. Scott Roeben Post author

      It’s a pretty mundane existence, but certain players are very generous and tends to make the job worthwhile. Not sure about the pooling, but trust that’s the case for these positions. Otherwise, it ends up being luck determining how much you make that day.


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