Mass Shooting on Las Vegas Strip Results in Chaos, 489 Injured and 58 Dead

Las Vegas has been shaken by a mass shooting at a popular music festival on The Strip. The shooting has left more than 489 injured and at least 58 victims dead.

The senseless shooting is the deadliest in U.S. history.

Reports of a shooting involving automatic gunfire at the outdoor Route 91 Harvest Music Festival began at around 10:10 p.m. on Oct. 1, 2017. It’s estimated 22,000 people were in attendance at the event.

Las Vegas police lights

Seriously, WTF is wrong with people?

The shooter was 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, a resident of Mesquite.

He died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound on the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay shortly after the shooting. It’s believed that’s where the shots that hit those in the crowd originated.

The killer was staying at the hotel, and 23 firearms were found in his room after the incident.

At 12:30 a.m., the official Twitter account for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department confirmed there were no other shooters, despite earlier reports.

During the incident, flights in and out of McCarran International Airport were halted.

Following the shooting, several Las Vegas resorts went into lockdown, including Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand and Tropicana.

Read more about this horrific event, or get additional information here.

A GoFundMe page has been set up by local officials to provide relief and financial assistance to those affected by the shooting.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to all our Las Vegas first responders and we send our condolences to the friends and families of the victims.

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  • Annster

    Over 50 dead now reported as of 0650 Eastern Time 10/2/17. Senseless tragedy.

  • Greg

    This breaks my heart, I love vegas and to see something happen like this is crazy. Those victims were there enjoying music and this idiot goes and ruins 22000 lives. I pray for all involved.

  • JeffinOKC

    Heartbreaking tragedy. My favorite city needs my support now. We were planning to go to Las Vegas between the NFR and Christmas. I think we will see if we make another trip earlier. I recall a lot of people got laid off in Las Vegas after 9/11, and I don’t want that to happen now.

  • Coop

    My thoughts are with all of you. Terrible tragedy! My town needs me and I will be there for it. This BS wont stop me from visiting.

  • Coop

    Seriously, WTF is wrong with people?

    Sounds like the first responders saved a lot of lives. Thank you!!

    • henrik

      Yes and now it is time for the US people to stand up for strict gun control otherwise it is only a matter of time for the next maniac. Seriously how can one person own that amount of weapons, crazy.

  • Oscar

    How terrible. How did this scum bag get 10 rifles/firearms to his room? I would assume Mandalay Bay has some security at all elevator entrances?

    • HerpingtonVanDerpstra

      A better question is how someone who is obviously insane gets guns in the first place?

      • henrik

        Because everyone can be insane, stop guns and your country will be safe as Australia when the banned guns. My heart is for Vegas tonight.

        And tomorrow kick the gun lobby out!

    • Mike L

      It probably wouldn’t be that difficult to do if they were disassembled and concealed in suitcases. The news reports said he was staying there since September 28th, so he had plenty of time to prepare once he was in the room.

  • HerpingtonVanDerpstra

    How awful. My thoughts are with all of you there in LV. I hope you all recover from this quickly!

  • Todd Sterling

    Sorry but the guy is nothing more than a coward. Now you just have to hope there are no copy-cats.

    So your life is a pitiful mess so you take it out on everyone else. SAD!

    • Manybar Goatfish

      Hope all you want. House is set to vote on deregulating gun silencers this week. I doubt this event will phase them in the least.

      • Manybar Goatfish

        Did I forget to mention gun makers stocks are soaring today? Seems backwards, doesn’t it? Crazy, crazy.

        • Luis the Misanthrope

          Please don’t bring up gun control, but let’s talk about how the gun manufacturer stocks have gone up.

          • Manybar Goatfish

            I would have thought a horrific event like this would be the gun lobby/NRA and gun manufacturers’ worst nightmare because it could turn public sentiment more in favor of gun control. Was I ever more wrong! This nightmare was a payday for them. To me, that is sickening.

      • Mike L

        What do gun silencers have anything to do with this?

        • Manybar Goatfish

          More than I thought. Our elected lawmakers have decided to shelf the bill for now, as it directly has to do with the Las Vegas massacre. I’d guess they’ll try and work it in next year between mass shootings.

      • Chris

        wrong place

      • Chris

        Being shot dead with a gun is tough enough! You’re telling it’s gonna be loud, too? The humanity!

      • Chris

        Being shot dead with a gun is tough enough! You’re telling it’s gonna be loud, too? The humanity.

  • henrik

    Why don’t you enforce strong gun control like every civilized country, you will suffer again and again until you stop people buying guns like they buy shoes. I feel sorry for the people that died in Vegas and the other 100.000 that dies every year because of the crazy idea that everyone should have the right to own a gun 🙁

    • Photoncounter

      There is nothing civilized about a country that oppresses its citizens.

      You are a sheep, controlled by your Government, and you have little freedom. Our Constitution guarantees freedoms to individuals, to protect them from the Government. It doesn’t always work right, here this guy, probably a nut case, went nuclear on a bunch of innocent people. There is no excuse for that. Chicago sees about 50 killed per month in gang wars, don’t hear much about it on the news (I will be tagged a racist for bringing that up!).

      The overwhelming majority of gun owners and hunters follow the law, why should they be punished for the crazy few?

      • henrik

        I come from a country (Sweden) with strong gun control but a lot of hunters. We don’t have any shooting like this and i don’t feel oppressed at all. And the problem is that anyone can get a mental breakdown in some part of its life. Combine that with machine-guns and we have these kind of incidents.

        • Rooster

          Good for you. You do realize some of our cities are as large as your entire country?

          To say what works for Sweden would work for the United States is like saying what works for New York City would also work for the other 320,000,000 million people living in the US.

          Solutions to problems don’t necessarily scale upwards.

      • henrik

        Check this video on Youtube that is spot on about your love of guns:

        “gun control jim jefferies”

      • Manybar Goatfish

        You are going to be “tagged a racist”? Let me get this straight: 59 innocent people killed and 525 wounded by a mental case with a machine gun, and YOU are the victim? WTF

        • henrik

          You get me all wrong, i am not the victim, the victims is all the peope in US that dies in gunviolence each year besauce your lack of gun control.

      • Falcon Falcone

        Guns, sure.. but assault machine guns, like this guy had? theres gotta be a limit. Those guns are not for sport or personal protection. They are for one thing, and we saw what.

  • Mark Wittig

    I would hope that the maid would say something, but if he had the do not disturb sign on, than may be not. I am going for a golf trip in 2 months, i bet my bag will be checked now.

  • EnuffBull

    A sincere group hug to all my fellow Vital Vegas comrades, readers, talk-backers, and especially the authors/contributors to this site.

  • henrik

    “One might wonder when it comes to American decision makers that there is possibly a link between how easy it is for US citizens to buy weapons and the number of people killed in mass shootings.

    Never, is the most likely answer to that question. ”

    Check this video on Youtube that is spot on about your love of guns:
    “gun control jim jefferies”


    Nothing but love and best wishes for the victim’s families and the great city of Las Vegas, which is like a home away from home – for a lot of us. This breaks my heart as much as it would if it happened in my hometown, and I hope the city and its awesome residents and visitors get all the support they need to rise above and recover from this.