Masks Now Required at All Caesars Entertainment Casinos

Caesars Entertainment, owner of several Las Vegas resorts, has announced everyone indoors at its casinos will be required to wear masks at all times, except when eating and drinking.

The new policy went into effect on June 24, 2020 at noon.

Caesars mask

We are intrigued by this “except while drinking” loophole.

Here’s a quote from the company’s CEO, Tony Rodio. “We are immediately requiring everyone in our properties to wear masks, because the scientific evidence strongly suggests that wearing masks and practicing social distancing may be the most important deterrents to spreading COVID-19 from person to person.”

According to Caesars Entertainment, anyone who refuses to wear a mask will be shown the door.

The new rule applies to all casinos operated by Caesars Entertainment across the country.

Don’t be surprised if other Las Vegas casinos follow suit, voluntarily or otherwise.

Update (6/25/20): MGM Resorts has followed suit, as expected. The actions of individual casinos is moot now, however. The Governor has mandated masks in all of Nevada whenever people leave their homes.

52 thoughts on “Masks Now Required at All Caesars Entertainment Casinos

  1. JP

    Wow Caesar’s actually leading the way with something for once. Makes good business sense, if all these science deniers would have their way this country will be shutting down again soon and for longer this time. Taking proper precautions keeps people healthy and business still coming in the door.

    1. Gaz

      It’s not surprising at all – when given the choice between doing the right (responsible) thing and the easy thing, most people will choose the easy thing.

      What people have to realize is that this is an inflection point between wearing a mask and keeping Vegas open or having to shut down again. Vegas can sputter along on option one until a vaccine comes along; another shutdown will kill Vegas forever.

  2. Toad

    Do they have to be a mask mask or can it be a face shield? I am reading shields do the same thing, but are much more comfortable and people tend to keep them on longer as it is not touching the face usually.

  3. Mark Erichson

    Good for them!
    But I wonder how they’ll get around the drinking and smoking thing.
    And I wonder how much risk there is in lowering your mask long enough to do those things.

  4. EnuffBull

    “We are intrigued by this “except while drinking” loophole.”

    HA! I also see those words, and do not understand what they mean. (He typed one-handed while sipping a drink in the other hand)

  5. Common_Sense

    All this mask wearing is cutting off the oxygen to some people’s brains! Seriously (2:28 m)

    Nevada covid-19 deaths 389 to date divided by population 3.5 million equals .000111429. Is that right? Someone check my math please. 1/10,000th of a chance of dying from Covid 19 in Nevada?

    Take off the masks and breath some air people.

    We could save more people by making non-fat or low-fat food products mandatory. This isn’t about health, this is about society control and financial reset.

    1. Mike Alexakis

      Your numbers are stale, I see counts of 489 and 492 for deaths in Nevada from COVID-19… At least if you are going to argue a certain amount of death is acceptable, be accurate and up to date, this is a time sensitive issue. Cases are rising at the moment, sharply in Nevada, certainly the casino corporations did not figure that would be the case weeks into the re-opening. I think the other corporations will follow this lead swiftly, if you read accounts of recent casino visitors, you will see that people are shocked at how few people are wearing face coverings…

        1. Acey Duecey

          What would the number of deaths be if Vegas hadn’t gone on lockdown for 2+ months? A lot higher than a severe flu!

        2. JP

          Yeah that does put things into perspective. In three months Nevada has almost as many deaths from Covid as they did from the flu in your example and that was with a strict lockdown in place for 2+ of them. Really really puts into perspective the seriousness and the need to take precautions.


        I was one of those shocked people! Stayed at the Orleans for 10 nights from June 8-18th I would guess 20 percent of the people were wearing masks. The hotel was trying to keep people safe by offering free masks, hand sanitizer everywhere, distancing in lines, extra santizing of the rooms, limiting the capacity and spacing the tables in the food outlets, spacing chairs at the pool, allowing only four at a time in the elevators with spots marked where to stand on the floor, etc… With all this, I still did not feel safe because of the 80 percent not wearing masks. I don’t get it. I am from Chicago where almost everyone around the public indoors and on public transportation wears a mask. Maybe because the virus it has not hit Las Vegas the same way it has hit other big cities, the locals are just not taking it seriously. I hope they wake up!

    2. Bob C

      Who’s trying to control society? Caesars, a private industry company? Maybe this is about a company wanting to do the right thing and protect its workers and visitors. Or, maybe it’s about a company wanting to avoid negative PR. Either is understandable. The bottom line is the more people wear masks indoors, the sooner we get this under control like Europe has. Our national response to this has been a disgrace and has meant this will last a lot longer than it has to.

  6. Jim Flynn

    Nothing wrong with this but I will not visit Vegas until the mask requirement ends. Just wouldn’t be fun wearing a mask trying to have fun. I totally get why they are doing it. My only beef is I have to choke down someone smoking normally and that is OK.

    Hope Vegas recovers. Really miss it.

  7. Mike Alexakis

    The Culinary Union has been pushing for this since Las Vegas re-opened the casinos, the health of employees should have been a primary focus from the outset. Had the President of the United States showed leadership instead of blatant and misguided perceptions of self interest, the amount of people wearing face coverings would have been way higher to begin with, and the shock videos showing people cavorting around like nothing is going on would have never scared people away. Caesars is a publicly traded corporation, they do not make moves like this unless they are frightened, someone over at the corporate headquarters is thinking long term…

    1. Chris R

      There you go, ruining a perfectly good discussion by injecting politics, specifically Trump bashing, into the conversation. I prefer to think they are simply erring on the side of caution. Since most of us will be drinking all the time we won’t have to worry about a mask.

      1. Mike Alexakis

        The United States is supposed to be the worlds leader, we are the richest country, New Zealand, South Korea, and virtually every other country except Russia and Brazil have handled this novel virus exponentially better than we have. Accountability is a thing, 122,000 thousand dead Americans and economic devastation hitting the most vulnerable will be judged by history. If you have specific issues with anything I posted, go right ahead and correct me. If the President would have urged his supporters to wear face coverings, a small ask considering the death and devastation, the community transmission rates would be way lower. The President made mask wearing a political issue, he is responsible for the ramifications, and I am rightfully calling him out on it…

        1. Karen

          Hopefully this will only be an issue for 4 1/2 more months and then he can go on his merry way without wearing a mask.

          1. Hornbet

            Fingers crossed on that. There will be one hell of a mess to clean up after he’s gone, that’s for sure.

        2. Chris R

          I never said you weren’t entitled to your opinion I simply implied that you should put it on your Facebook or Instagram page. I come here for a distraction from all the bloviating from both sides. But I guess that’s too much to ask. On to the next article…

          1. alex

            This issue is directly related to the lack of action by Trump. As such, expecting politics to not be discussed is rather idiotic.

            Instead of expecting other people to conform to you, why not take personal responsibility and fix the problem on your own?

            It’s not rocket science: You should stop reading articles about COVID on Vital Vegas.

          1. Me

            How about we have no government? Your response to everything is “big government is bad…”. Waaaah. How about we have good government instead of utter incompetence and indifference at the federal level?

        3. Hornbet

          Pretty much sums it up. It’d be laughable, if the result of his inaction wasn’t so deadly for so many. In the meantime, all of those folks who brush this off as the “flu” are starting to show up in the ER’s.

    1. Ben R

      Really? About 10,000 people die every year in US from drunk driving crashes. COVID has killed over 120,000 Americans in 4 months. I guess facts don’t matter though.

      1. Isaac

        His risk assessment could be accurate if he were referring to himself as the drunk driver. Not that I’m accusing anyone of driving under the influence.

  8. Mike Alexakis

    Last night I saw a TV commercial for Morongo Casino which is near Palm Springs, they had cool attractive people gambling while wearing cool attractive face coverings… They are trying to send the message that they take this pandemic seriously, and also the health and well being of the people they rely on to prosper. Caesars must have realized that others will take advantage of the situation in Las Vegas where face coverings are shunned by most patrons. I would not be shocked if Caesars starts running commercials in the Southern California market that let folks know they mean business…

  9. Wayne N

    I admire Caesars for doing the right thing for their customers and employees. Wishing or pretending something away doesn’t work. If casinos are going to be open, at least they should be responsible about it.

  10. RobK

    I wear a mask not to protect myself because if you haven’t figured it out yet you need a mask that is N95 or greater that is fitted and completely sealed specifically for your face (and for men no beards or moustaches either). Also you need to protect your eyes as the virus can enter your body from them too. So if someone coughs or sneezes and you walk into that cloud of droplets you are hosed. And that cloud is the reason why I wear a mask to protect others from me, in case I am infected but not showing symptoms yet, and sneeze or cough. It is simple, either you respect the health of those around you and wear a mask or you stay ignorant of others and selfish and not wear a mask.

  11. Hornbet

    A prudent move by Caesars, and a sign of things to come. It’s obvious that we’re in this for the long haul.
    Let’s hope that Vegas, and the rest of the country, can keep businesses open by utilizing safe practices.

    It’s interesting to me that this has devolved into a political issue. Ultimately, I think that the Trump supporters are bummed that Covid has taken away the one bragging point that he had – the economy. So a lot of them tend to follow his lead in belittling its seriousness, assigning it silly names, and blaming it on others. Anything but leadership, it seems.
    The reality is that we as a nation are indeed falling behind in our response, and the world is watching. We got off to a late start and never really let science lead the effort, instead this administration relied on happy talk and quack cures.

    America used to lead the world by example. Let’s hope we can rebuild that spirit in force on January 20th, when the reality TV guy is finally out of our life.

  12. Sharon

    Ok, so why is everyone ignoring the smoking question in relation to masks? Hasn’t the Governor now required masks everywhere in public? That either includes casinos that allow smoking or it doesn’t. Or are we really all that confused?

    1. Mike Alexakis

      They sure did not include smoking along with eating/drinking, I guess we will find out when and if smoking gamblers throw giant hissy fits… The time is ripe for employee’s of casinos to push for a smoking ban, they have to breath in cancerous secondhand smoke on the job, considering that casinos are the last indoor bastion for tobacco addicted people, the courts should be hard pressed to rule that casino workers have to just suck it up, literally…

      1. Common_Sense

        By all means use the covid as an excuse to further your personal agenda! That’s what the billionaires are doing so why not?

        It’s quite amazing to me that americans have survived this long through all the things that could kill us. WWII Vets who smoked non-filtered cigs until they died at 95 sure could have used a nanny state telling them what to do. How did we every survive without all the rules. If only the old timers new about social distancing and that viruses were magic and could only travel 5.99 feet! Some of them might still be around.

        1. Mike Alexakis

          The science is very clear, tobacco smoke kills human beings, and the secondhand smoke is deadly as well… I do not work in a smoky casino, I visit Las Vegas around two times a year, its not about me or my “personal agenda”, I have concerns for the health of the casino employees. For you to cherry pick the outlier 95 year old WW2 vet who survived to 95 while smoking is highly deceptive when you do not also include the scores more who died younger from smoking tobacco. It pleases me that the Governor of Nevada cares about COVID-19 and the future well being of the tourist industry in his state, if he listened to folks like you who try to impugn science I would erase Las Vegas as my preferred vacation destination…

  13. Isaac

    You’re right about that, Joe. I had to hold back a tear myself, today when a coworker told me she was leaving work after she found out her grandmother had passed. Just yesterday, she said to me that the family hadn’t been able to visit the grandmother for months now, because she is in a nursing home. On top of that, just days ago, they found out she tested positive for coronavirus. Now she’s gone, just like that. It’s a small world sometimes.

  14. Truth

    I thought the issue was smoking. I didn’t realize that restricting smoking “effects” your health as you say. Or, are you really triggered about the mask thing? Change is scary indeed.

    1. Common_Sense

      For the record I have been smoking 37 years every day and spent thousands of dollars on taxes for the sin. When I started they were $1 a pack, just 4 quarters. Now they are 7 to 10 times that much. I am in perfect health and haven’t seen a doctor in decades. So 37 years * 365 days * 20 a day = 270100 cigarettes give or take I have smoked in my life with no problems. But that science is settled. So now I must conform to your will because I don’t know what is good for my own body?

      Ask your doctor if not going to the doctor is right for you.

  15. Truth

    It’s not about conforming it’s about smoking where you don’t impose your cancer causing smoke on others. What you do in your own private spaces is your business. Spaces open to the public are different matters altogether.

    If you’ve been smoking for 37 years and haven’t been to the doctor in decades, I’d take the “perfect health” boast with a grain of salt. I do wish you the best with that though.

      1. Mike Alexakis

        Masks give some protection from respiratory droplets, which is the primary way COVID-19 is transmitted from person to person… Trying to muddy up the truth is what your cult leader does, and he is less popular than a fart in church…

    1. Mike Alexakis

      Nope, I’m 60 and I dont remember that at all. and to imply that tobacco smoke may at a later date be declared dandy and healthy is disingenuous, specious drivel… The science is settled on tobacco, global warming science is settled as well, but that does not mean a money grubbing “scientist” wont lie for the right dollar amount…

    2. Hank M

      I’m sure your lungs will appreciate your disdain for science and facts. Keep hoping cigarettes are good for you, your children, and grandchildren. Good luck with that.

  16. Grouchy Ahole

    What makes anyone think that everyone else is suddenly going to be polite? And when did it become MY responsibility to protect others health?

    “Wearing a mask is to protect others and it’s the polite thing to do… It’s not about conforming it’s about smoking where you don’t impose your cancer causing smoke on others… it’s common decency to think about others, so wear a mask…”

    If someone wants to wear a mask, great. If they don’t? Also fine.

    WTF? I was told I could be anything I wanted when I grew up. I choose to be a very impolite, un-politically correct a-hole and my responsibilities end at my immediate family. If you are so worried about YOUR health, stay locked down in your hovel. The rest of us have bills to pay and mouths to feed.


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