“Mamma Mia!” to Close at Tropicana Las Vegas and Not Nearly Soon Enough

It’s been announced “Mamma Mia!” will close at Tropicana Las Vegas on August 3, 2014.

The show opened at the Tropicana on May 16, 2014, which means the show’s run lasted only slightly longer than it will take to read this blog post.

Mamma Mia

Define “smash hit.”

The closure of the show comes as a surprise even to those of us who would rather run naked through the Ethel M cactus garden than see a Broadway-style musical, mainly because a former iteration of “Mamma Mia!” ran for more than six years at Mandalay Bay.

That means either this version of the show sucked (the reviews were solid), or the marketing did.

In any event, the curtain’s coming down on “Mamma Mia!” If you insist upon seeing a Broadway-style musical, there’s really only one in Las Vegas worth seeing at the moment, or possibly ever, “Jersey Boys” at Paris Las Vegas.

2 thoughts on ““Mamma Mia!” to Close at Tropicana Las Vegas and Not Nearly Soon Enough

  1. Jonathan M Bell

    At a certain point, isn’t it the property itself that’s the problem? It’s one thing to try new things and have them fail, but when a proven project winds up in your lap and it fails quickly, you really have to look at yourself. I don’t think it’s just a lack of marketing. I think there’s a reason people don’t want to go to the Tropicana, and no one great thing is going to change their mind.

  2. Jonathan M Bell

    By the way, we had this conversation when Mamma Mia came to the Trop. You were, of course, right.


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