Magician Hans Klok Set to Make Las Vegas Comeback

Dutch magician Hans Klok will return to Las Vegas with a new show in 2019, according to rumors.

Word has it Klok, whose real name is Johannes Franciscus Catharinus “Hans” Klok (say that five times, fast), will star in a show at Excalibur.

It’s believed the show will be a tribute to Houdini.

Hans Klok

Hans Klok is also an actor, but magic is his mane gig.

Klok has toured extensively in Europe with shows named “The Houdini Experience” and “The New Houdini,” so our money’s on one of those for the name of his Excalibur show.

Here’s an interview with Klok about The Houdini Experience.

We first heard rumblings Hans Klok would return to Vegas back in June, and it appears those rumors will come to fruition.

Apparently, Klok will peform in the Thunder Theater at Excalibur, the space currently occupied by Thunder From Down Under.

Hans Klok

Expect Hans Klok’s show to include some world-class smoldering gazes.

Hans Klok has a long and interesting history in Las Vegas.

He first performed on The Strip in 1994 in a TV show, “The World’s Greatest Magic,” broadcast live from Caesars Palace.

In 2007, Klok really made his mark in Sin City with a show at Planet Hollywood which co-starred Pamela Anderson, “The Beauty of Magic.” The show ran for six months.

Hans Klok once started a rumor he’d been intimate with Pamela Anderson as a “publicity ploy.” How was that a “ploy”? Siegfried and Roy are Klok’s favorite magicians, if you get our drift. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Magicians are having a bit of a tough time in Las Vegas at the moment—”Imaginarium” at Tropicana (closes Sep. 30) and “Masters of Illusion” at Bally’s (closes Sep. 3) are just two of the recent casualties—so Klok and MGM Resorts (owners of Excalibur) will be showing some temerity with this production. Doubly so because we’re only about 20 percent sure we know what “temerity” even means.

While news of a Hans Klok show at Excalibur hasn’t been confirmed, look forward to an official announcement soon.

16 thoughts on “Magician Hans Klok Set to Make Las Vegas Comeback

  1. Rens

    It’s not a rumor. I am from the Netherlands and saw Hans confirming it in a TV program last week! He said it’s a 10 year contractin a Ceasars hotel, but your is not sure he will be interested in it long enough to end the 10 years.
    Hans is know here for breaking his contracts because he gets bored!

    And yes, Hans prefers men over Pamela!

    1. Rens

      Het is not an actor though,but he might have appeared in a Dutch soap once or twice and he appeared in a documentary about himself!

    2. Scott Roeben Post author

      Ha, that 10 year agreement might be on the optimistic side. Thanks for the information, though!

    1. Rens

      I think you must take that 10 years with a grain of salt, but that is what he said on National TV.

      I have seen him perform a couple of times in the Efteling (a well known amusement park) and a comparison with Rick Thomas (which tickets I got for free at the Trop’s free slot machine a couple a decade ago(could be even longer ago).

      I wish him the best in Vegas, but to be honest I think his show will not last that long in competitive Las Vegas.

      1. Jon

        Hehe, I just got back from Efteling today. It’s about as different a vibe and clientele as you can get from Las Vegas. Good luck to him; he’ll need it.

      2. Scott Roeben Post author

        I fear you are right in your prediction. Of course everyone will want to see the show do well, but tough market and magic isn’t slaying them like it once did.

  2. Monique De Greef

    I know Hans as a friend and he told me he had a contract for 3 perhaps 4 years not 10! He wants to keep it small, so not a huge amount of shows and not so much people in 1 room as 12 years ago with Pamela Anderson. He just wants to enjoy the fact he has the honor to be back in Vegas before he turns 50! And he wants to see if he will be popular as he was 12 years ago…So he’s also “on hold” how long he is going to do the shows for a small amount of people at first, and when the shows are sold out perhaps then he is going to perform for more people. And he is not a magician from only the Efteling!!! He did tours all over the world! He is really a great entertainer and fastest magician ever, we went to his house of horror and he performed 40 tricks in 10 minutes or less…Really good and amazingly fast! Greetings Monique


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