M Resort Shares Raiders Bar & Grill Renderings

M Resort has shared some renderings of its upcoming, first-ever Raiders-themed restaurant.

The new restaurant was announced back in November 2019, but we’re pretty sure the renderings are new, so take a gander. If people still take ganders.

Raiders Bar & Grill

There’s simply nothing like a burger grilled on a wood-fired gridiron.

M Resort’s new Raiders restaurant is expected to be a 24/7 offering, with multiple bars, lots of team memorabilia and a gift shop.

The new restaurant is expected to open by the end of the first quarter of 2021. In human English, that means “probably before March or whatever.”

Raiders M Resort

We expect to win a Heisman for downing Captains and diet.

The new offering will take over the former Jayde Fuzion restaurant space.

M Resort is one of our favorite places to drink, gamble and dine (in that order) in Las Vegas, and
although we aren’t exactly a sports person, a Raiders theme will not keep us from being excited about this new restaurant and bar.

Did we fail to mention it will have a bar and possibly bars?

M Resort is about 10 minutes south of the Las Vegas Strip, and in close proximity to the
Raiders’ practice facility.

The practice facility’s official name is the “Raiders Performance Center,” which to us sounds more like a community theater space than an NFL practice venue, but we try not to judge.

Raiders restaurant M Resort

Dude, never tell a woman she’s like her mother. Consider yourself sidelined.

The Raiders restaurant is part of a larger partnership with M Resort which includes a number of things we care a good deal less about than eating and drinking.

M Resorts’ partnership with the Raiders is quite the coup, so we predict the resort will try and make the most of the exposure.

We also predict the Human Resources department at M Resorts is going to have an increased workload due to a much greater turnover of cocktail waitresses in the months and years to come. Because pro football players. And have you seen the cocktail waitresses at M Resort? Just saying.

3 thoughts on “M Resort Shares Raiders Bar & Grill Renderings

  1. Jackson

    The Heisman is for college football. (See, people do read the captions!)

    (To anyone who gets offended at the drop of a hat: This is a gentle joke, not a legitimate criticism.)

  2. Mike Alexakis

    The duality of life, hate the Raiders, love the M casino… They should hire a crack Heimlich Technician, the Raiders choke every time. I have always said I want to own a tattoo kiosk on an aisle inside the stadium the Raiders play at, I am pretty sure this establishment will do a better job at cutting off inebriated fans than the $16 beer vendors do at the stadium… I speak from experience, the Gypsy Raiders hung their sweaty hat in my fine city for a time, but like most crack whores, they bolted for more Benjamin’s… Look at all the hate you avoid Scott, since you don’t love sports ball you don’t have to be a petty sore loser jerk like me…


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