Lyft Art Park Closes on Fremont East in Downtown Las Vegas

It was weird while is lasted. With zero fanfare, the quirky Lyft Art Park downtown closed and disappeared shortly after the calendar flipped to 2020.

And, yes, we understand most calendars don’t “flip” anymore. Your smartassery is duly noted.

Here’s the former home to some seriously offbeat art. The space has returned to its former glory as a parking lot next to Park on Fremont restaurant.

Lyft Art Park closed

It wasn’t paradise. And this parking lot was already paved. Can you believe that song came out 50 years ago?

The Lyft Art Park opened on Sep. 26, 2018, and featured a rotating collection of larger-than-life art pieces, many imported from Burning Man.

Featured art included a 30-foot ballerina, a massive polar bear and an out-sized robot.

Lyft Art Park ballerina

This statue, called “Euterpe” (named after a Greek muse), was on point.

Other pieces featured at Lyft Art Park included a bug thing, a cab thing, a trailer thing and several other things we can’t even describe as well as those.

Some of the art pieces have made their way to nearby locations.

The giant Flamingo now sits next to the Downtown Container Park.

Lyft Art Park flamingo

Lyft Art Park’s giant flamingo has flown a few blocks east. Yes, flamingos fly. Trust us, we are a photo caption.

The recycled lion is on temporary display in the porte cochere at the Plaza casino.

Plaza lion

Bonus points for reading our mind on that sign, Plaza.

It’s weird how you can take something for granted, then when it’s gone, miss it a lot. Like a short refractory period.

We took Riviera for granted, too, and we miss it now that it’s a parking lot. The former New Frontier site is going to be a parking lot as well.

The point is, enjoy things while you can, because nothing lasts forever. Thanks a lot, diminished testosterone levels. Or whatever we were originally talking about.

11 thoughts on “Lyft Art Park Closes on Fremont East in Downtown Las Vegas

  1. Funkhouser

    Chalk it up as a cool thing, I never quite understood. Still hoping we can appreciate the beauty of the concept somewhere else. I’m hoping more of this weird art keeps popping up in Vegas, kinda like the whole cow thing in Chicago. BTW some Vegas things do last forever like herpes according to The Hangover movie and probably resort fees I’m guessing, so there’s that. It’s never been a better time to be a middle aged guy in America who enjoys Vegas , between good odds BJ downtown, more pro sports coming to Vegas, and drugs that address refractory periods available on the internet, still plenty of good Vegas times still in store for 2020,

  2. GregM

    Aside from seeing a sign that said “Lyft”, I assumed this was a pickup/drop-off spot for said ride-sharing service. There was nothing indicating there was an attraction here. Pretty poorly executed in my opinion.

    1. Lk

      Agreed, and the 4 times I walked past there were creepy filthy people hanging out there. Thought it was a homeless encampment…honestly did.

  3. Tom Brown

    Lived in Vegas 2 years and always looking for things to do with my family, this would have been one of them. Only problem is I didn’t hear about it till I saw this article. Never saw anything online about it when searching for things to do in Vegas

  4. Al in San Diego

    It was weird, it was oddly curated, it was a head scratcher. It was always worth 30 seconds on the way to ElCo.

  5. Bruce Wayne

    It was too small and unfortunately on Freemont. I feel it would have been more successful elsewhere. Freemont is trashy and smells like piss.


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