Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority Unveils New (Wait for It) Parking Lot

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) recently sent out a news release where it excitedly announced the unveiling of a new parking lot. No, really.

The LVCVA’s new Diamond Lot, of course, is better known to Las Vegas fans as the site of the former Riviera casino.

This is what the lot looked like in May 2016.

Riviera Las Vegas

Riviera resort, just before it went on an aggressive weight loss program.

Months of work and a dozen dismantled and imploded buildings later, here’s a look at what “progress” has wrought.

Riviera demolition

It wasn’t paradise, but it’s definitely been paved to put up a parking lot.

Yep, it’s a parking lot all right. A parking lot with 3,100 spaces, to be specific.

The new lot is more than just a parking lot, of course. It’s also an outdoor exhibition space, and part of a larger, much-needed expansion to the Las Vegas Convention Center. Officials say the convention center expansion will “increase economic activity in our community.”

We get all that. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take a few minutes to remember the Riv.

With that in mind, we’ve culled highlights from our somewhat obsessive coverage of the Riviera demolition to create the ultimate Riviera demolition timeline.

So, time moves on, and Las Vegas continues its evolution.

It would take a lot to convince us a parking lot is more valuable than even a fading casino like Riviera. All due respect, LVCVA.

9 thoughts on “Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority Unveils New (Wait for It) Parking Lot


    Wow I never thought I would miss the Riv but damn if that isn’t a little sad. To go from a historic (if run down at the end) resort to…that.

    That’s a fabulous addition to the north strip. Really a lot of progress up there.

  2. RustyHammer

    I thought the goal was to build another convention building on the lot, a building with doors on the strip sidewalk. Where did I go wrong?

    1. JeffinOKC

      I think you are correct on the original plan, but, I have read that Sheldon Adelson works to blunt any competition for his Sands Convention Center. As a LVCVA member he was able to convince the other members that a greater and more immediate need for the room tax revenue dedicated to LVCVA was the investment in the football stadium. I’m guessing that the convention center expansion onto the Riviera site will be moved back about 10 years.

  3. Funkhouser_1

    Maybe the convention center operators are smarter then we think. Perhaps this will be the next wave of strip development. On strip parking lots. I can just see it, all the excess walgreens and cvs stores will be knocked down for low cost parking. Seriously though if the NFL Oakland move to Vegas plan happens this parking lot could be a cash cow for Vegas tailgating and overflow parking.

  4. rich__b

    You would think they would have left the Rivera’s convention center part standing and use it, even temporarily. Now it looks like it will be a little used parking lot (with no lighting, making it less useable), the part near the strip dead looking since it’s far from the convention center and I doubt they will let anyone park there for other places.

  5. Jonesy55

    It’s my understanding that they needed this “space” to house part of the upcoming Construction/Agriculture convention in March. What becomes of it beyond that is anyone’s guess.


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