Luxor Shows Off Pyramid Tower Room Renovations

Luxor thinks a new batch of renovated rooms will be a draw for customers. They may have a point.

We’re pretty sure you need to circle back to read that first paragraph again. We’ll wait.

Because Luxor is in the shape of a pyramid.

We don’t have all day, so here’s a photo of one of Luxor’s overhauled Pyramid Tower rooms, the Pyramid King.

Luxor room reservation

Luxor opened on Oct. 13, 1993, because people were much less superstitious in 1993.

The Pyramid tower is the 30-story pointy one. Luxor also has twin 22-story towers. They’re referred to as “ziggurat towers,” but because we have no idea what that means, we’re just going to breeze right by it.

The remodeled Pyramid Tower rooms will be available for stays starting in mid-April.

Here’s another room.

Luxor room renovation

This is the Pyramid Two Queen room. In poker, a pair of queens are called “ladies.”

Here’s a fun fact: No hotel room window in the history of Las Vegas has ever had the view from that window.

There are lots of reasons for that, including the fact many views just suck.

Mostly, though, it’s because the contrast between the light level in the room (artificial) and outside (sunlight) is so great, either the room ends up being too dark or outside is washed out. Even with HDR (high dynamic range) software, photographers and graphic designers swap out what’s in the window with a better resolution image to enhance the appeal of the room.

Look, this whole story is about a couple of hotel rooms, so we needed to pad it a little to keep the photos from slapping together.

Oh, look, a renovated bathroom!


In ancient Egypt, a toilet was basically a stool with a hole in it. A container with sand was placed underneath. Classy.

The news release about the renovated rooms says, “Luxor’s new Pyramid King and Pyramid Two Queen guest rooms are inspired by Moroccan and North African cultures with bold splashes of orange and blue, with brilliant gold accents.”

Wild coincidence: The name of our band in high school was The Bold Splashes.

You can see all the room types on Luxor’s official Web site. If you decide to book, don’t bother calling. We were on hold 20 minutes, no luck speaking to anyone. The hotels haven’t really staffed back up based upon increasing demand. Give it a minute.

Luxor’s room remodel is ongoing, and will continue through the summer. Eventually, all 1,715 standard king and queen rooms will get a facelift.

Luxor is still about as iconic as it gets in Las Vegas, despite the fact much of the Egyptian theming has been removed inside.

The Luxor beam is only half as bright as when the hotel opened (part cost-cutting, but also it was causing too many crow’s feet due to all the squinting), but got some fancy LED light strips along the pyramid’s edges not too long ago.

It’s great to see MGM Resorts investing in a refresh of its Pyramid Tower rooms, and we are big fans of the color scheme.

Insert pyramid scheme joke here. Hey, we can’t do everything for you.

Update (3/23/21): Wow, this got awkward. Thanks to our alert readers who pointed out Luxor’s room renovations feature hand-me-down furniture from Bellagio.

Luxor hand-me-downs

Chairs, lamps, dressers. At least you tried, Luxor.

12 thoughts on “Luxor Shows Off Pyramid Tower Room Renovations

  1. John davidson

    Love the Luxor…pandemic put a hold on our travels….but trust me soon as it looks good to fly for us we will be there…love the casino, love the strip, and all your other properties as well…send some comps…lets get back to where we left off prior to the pandemic.

  2. Mike Alexakis

    We were expressly told by an employee that is not a pyramid, it’s an atrium. She had a straight face on. Had she cracked a grin, crossed her fingers, or flung some salt over her shoulder I might have questioned the de-theme effort. It’s sincere. I asked her about the Sphinx in front, ok, she laughed. I think she would not be able to get a job as a Palace guard at Buckingham Palace.

  3. MrBuzzkill

    Back in the day, the light beam might have been twice as bright, but the smoke from the casino floor rose to the top of the pyramid and became so concentrated you could barely see to walk the upper corridors. You’d answer the door and your escort would dramatically emerge from the smoke.

  4. Jason Ghiselin

    Aren’t those huge banks of cabinetry considered out of date these days? (Do they, maybe, serve as a closet?)

    1. Jackson

      Serious question: Do you honestly think it would be better if they ripped out the cabinets? What would you put in that long, narrow rectangular space that would enhance the room?

      Just because you don’t use the drawers doesn’t mean other guests won’t.

  5. Michael Alexakis

    I am a big proponent of the concept that casinos should be at street level, The Luxor put their casino in the basement, Planet Hollywood put theirs above street level. If I am going to lose my ass, at least I should not have to hike around to do so.

    1. Andrew

      Luxor casino was in the basement when it first opened and they immediately fixed the thing. How long you haven’t been in there LOL ?

      1. Michael Alexakis

        It is most certainly below street level, if it was at street level the ceiling would be super high, like it is where you check in to the hotel and see all the way to the top inside the pyramid… If the casino had that inner view with the airy space I would undoubtedly like it way more, the wife and I like to play video poker where there is quality air to breath. It has indeed been a few years since I have been there…

  6. Jesus V

    There actually using the old furniture from Bellagio to remodle the room. I don’t have a problem with it. It actually looks nice.

  7. Vanlingomungo

    It’s too bad that Hooters is no longer the hotel down the street. (Now OYO) I stayed in one of these rooms at the Luxor a few years ago and called it the cleavage room because you could just see the top of Hooters out the window.


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