Lucky the Leprechaun Calls It Quits at O’Sheas Casino

Lucky the Leprechaun has seen things, and now the iconic Vegas party animal has announced his departure from O’Sheas Casino and Linq Hotel.

Lucky’s real name is Brian Thomas, and Thomas has been a driver of Strip revelry for a decade, at the original O’Sheas Casino and its newer iteration at Linq.

Lucky quits O'Sheas

Many a liver has tapped out thanks to Lucky.

The diminutive Thomas (he’s four-feet, one inch tall) has legions of fans, thousands of whom have experienced his shot-pouring first hand over the years.

We got to know Brian Thomas during our stint in marketing at Caesars Entertainment, so it’s bittersweet to hear he’s moving on.

Lucky quits O'Sheas

Not the worst gig in the world.

It’s ironic Thomas is departing his O’Sheas gig in the middle of a pandemic. He was far ahead of the curve in his dislike of shaking hands due to the potential of catching a bug from visitors coming to Vegas from around the globe.

Lucky was fist-bumping before fist-bumping was a thing.

Thomas started at O’Sheas in 2006. The beloved Strip casino closed at noon on April 30, 2012 to make way for the Linq Hotel.

As mascot for O’Sheas, Brian Thomas was hit especially hard by the closure of the casino, and fans were thrilled to hear he’d be back at the new iteration.

Lucky quits O'Sheas Linq

The closure of the original O’Sheas was heart-breaking, especially for Brian Thomas, the heart of O’Sheas.

The Lucky magic rubbed off on the new O’Sheas, as it is reportedly the most profitable part of the Linq casino.

Thomas is moving on to other opportunities, apparently, although specifics haven’t been shared yet.

Thomas has moonlighted in TV, film and commercials, and when we reached out to him for this article, he was officiating a wedding.

Lucky quits O'Sheas

Small guy, huge fanbase.

He’s also been spotted hosting pool parties at Flamingo and working the crowd at Carnaval Court at Harrah’s.

A highlight of Lucky’s career? In 2009, he received the Key to the City from then-Mayor Oscar Goodman.

Funny, but a St. Paddy’s Day photo op with Holly Madison would’ve been our pick. That was 2011. Yes, we’ve been doing this a long time.

Holly Madison Lucky

They didn’t call him Lucky for nothing.

Another fun Lucky fact: Brian Thomas isn’t Irish, he’s Lebanese.

It’s hard to overstate the impact Brian Thomas has had on Las Vegas. He’s a symbol not just of a popular casino, but of the town itself.

Given how many stories he’s inspired, and how many selfies he’s been in, Thomas has achieved a form of Las Vegas immortality reserved for such luminaries as Wayne Newton and Elvis.

We wish Brian Thomas all the best in his endeavors.

O'Sheas Lucky

Virtual hugs, Brian.

It’s unknown if Caesars Entertainment will try to find another actor to play Lucky. Good luck with that.

For a little guy, Lucky’s are some big shoes to fill.

12 thoughts on “Lucky the Leprechaun Calls It Quits at O’Sheas Casino

  1. Mister Doctor

    So, knowing his history with Caesar’s Entertainmnent, why is he leaving OShea’s? Is he a victim of the pandemic?

  2. Andy B

    Brain, if you’re reading this…

    I remember “meeting” you in 2009. In the middle of a not so great part of my life (darn you, women) a few buddies told me to suck it up, pack a bag, and head to Vegas for the first time in my life.

    One night, late (who knows exactly when), I’m at O’Sheas. Doing shots with members of Huey Lewis’s band, a drunk girl is dancing and removing items of clothing on the knee wall between the table games and the food court, much to the chagrin of security (that’s a story unto itself) , I’m up a several hundred bucks, and you’re running around pouring *more* shots. Because, Vegas.

    Suddenly life is a helluva lot better.

    Sadly, even pre-pandemic, the accountants began to ruin even that level of fun. But, I’ve visited 18 times since. And never had a bad time (also, because Vegas), even when I’m donating my kid’s shoe fund to CET or MGM (kidding, of course.)

    You’ll be missed sir. You’re an icon of older-Vegas. I wish you well, and realize you’ve made thousands of people smile just a bit more when they needed it in life.

    Thanks, brother!

  3. D

    I started in 2006 at Osheas as well and worked just feet away from Lucky for several years.

    This guy was quite the baller in addition to being a hard worker. He lasted longer at Osheas and Las Vegas than I did.

    Me and Rico still talk about Brain. He replaced Wayne and Elvis in his day. His bar antics are legendary. He made more money than we can ever imagine, maybe its time for something more sane.

    Like Lucky, I also battled the many flus that hit the strip. Im glad to not be out there today, of course.


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