Lucky Dragon Defies the Odds, Shows Progress

It looks like Lucky Dragon, the new Asian-themed hotel-casino just off the Las Vegas Strip, is making good on its promises.

Evidence suggests construction is again under way on the project, and developers claim Lucky Dragon will open in late 2016.

Lucky Dragon construction

In Chinese mythology, dragons have 117 scales. Of those, 81 are of the yang essence, 36 are of the yin essence. Coincidentally, one of our favorite colognes is Essence of Yang.

Plagued by financial troubles, Lucky Dragon’s backers appear to have found the millions needed to resume construction.

Lucky Dragon’s casinos structure has been draped in cloth for a number of months now, but no more. The once-stalled project is showing signs of activity, inside and out.

Lucky Dragon Las Vegas

At left, the Lucky Dragon hotel, with 204 rooms. Center, the Lucky Dragon casino. At right, the Allure condominium tower, which is just happy to see you.

We’re setting our skepticism aside and rooting for the boutique hotel to open on schedule, at least according to its revised timeline.

Lucky Dragon is located near the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Sahara Avenue, close to the Bonanza Gift Shop and SLS Las Vegas.

Lucky Dragon

It looks like Lucky Dragon is back to being a thing again. Fingers crossed.

If and when Lucky Dragon opens, it will be the first Las Vegas casino to be built from the ground up since the Cosmopolitan opened in 2010.

Among Lucky Dragon’s distinctive features will be signage in Chinese first, English second. The resort’s casino will emphasize games popular with Asian players such as baccarat, pai gow poker and sic bo, whatever that might actually be.

“The best player in the world right now is the Chinese gambler,” says the project’s CEO, Andrew Fonfa. Lucky Dragon will have a tea garden as well, hosting traditional Chinese tea ceremonies.

It’s great seeing renewed activity at the Lucky Dragon site, and assuming things proceed according to plan, we look forward to having a new resort offering in Las Vegas where we can order food we have no idea how to pronounce.

8 thoughts on “Lucky Dragon Defies the Odds, Shows Progress

  1. monkeyslovelaughlin

    I had my doubts, but I think they might do well and tap into a good locals market from Chinatown as well.

  2. Troy Swezey

    My Chinese GF and I plan to spend our time there assuming it doesn’t suck. We like SLS a lot and spend much time there so since it is the same ‘hood. Why? SLS does not charge for parking like that now dead to me MGM conglomeration and they have good entertainment and nice food options.
    Also, interesting how the construction has butted right up to the Allure’s valet area. Sure glad we don’t live in one of the lower west side units there. I would much rather have a view of the Golden Steer sing than the Rucky Dragon parking lot.

  3. Wally Marshall

    I look forward to this place opening. Hopefully it will not be full of people there to seriously gamble. I hope they are very successful. Go rolling chips!!

  4. Kerr

    Didn’t they start the hiring process for 800 people last month? The new employees should have a good idea as to the opening date.

  5. Photoncounter

    A tea garden! Hmmm..

    Several years ago at a Universtity in Wuhan, China I had dinner with the head of the Physics Department and others. In the center of the round table, lazy Susan thing was a huge floral arrangement, kind of annoying. Just after seating gorgeous ladies came in with pitchers, hot water and a pair of scissors! They attacked the flower arrangement, denuding it of all the chrysanthemum flower heads which went into an empty pitcher. Hot water went in and a few minutes later we had the best ever tea! Never experienced that again. Not quite the same with dried flowers.

    If the lucky dragon can duplicate that I will have found a reason to be there quite a bit!

    Regarding SLS, yes – better place than any MGM but if you play slots you pay for it. Tried a bit on the higher denoms and they were extremely tight. Table game dealers very inexperienced. Good pit managers though.


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