Lotus of Siam Restaurant Opens New Location

It’s been a roller coaster of emotions for fans of Lotus of Siam, considered by many to be the best Thai restaurant in Las Vegas.

Others say it’s the best restaurant, period. While we appreciate their enthusiasm, they’ve never been to Pizza Rock. Moving on.

The original Lotus of Siam is located in a seedy shopping center (sorry, Commercial Center) on East Sahara Ave., and recently suffered a roof collapse after an intense rainstorm in September. Yes, it’s rained in Las Vegas. But just that one time.

A new Lotus of Siam is here!

Lotus of Siam

Siam was once an exonym for Thailand. We’ll wait while you look up “exonym.”

As repairs continue on its longtime location, Lotus of Siam has opened a second location at 620 E. Flamingo Road. Just go east on Flamingo (away from The Strip), past Silver Sevens casino, it’ll be on your left. It used to be Roy’s restaurant.

The only “downside” to the new Lotus of Siam location is it’s virtually on top of another fantastic restaurant, Mint Indian Bistro. You’ll survive.

Lotus of Siam

It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Lotus of Siam has an expansive menu of northern Thai foods we can’t pronounce, but everything we’ve ever tried has been delicious.

You can check out the menu on Lotus of Siam’s fancy new Web site.

One caveat of the new Lotus of Siam: They don’t have their liquor license yet, but it’s in the works. The bar is perfect for solo dining.

Lotus of Siam

The service at Lotus of Siam is preternaturally good. Getting a lot of use out of Google today, aren’t you?

The new Lotus of Siam is about half the size of the original location, and features a number of colorful murals imported from Thailand.

Lotus of Siam

How one orders a mural from Thailand, we may never know.

The company that built out the new Lotus of Siam location, Breslin Builders, can now focus all its attention on the closed venue, and it’s expected the original restaurant will open again in March 2018.

Lotus of Siam is well worth seeking out, as the restaurant’s legions of die-hard fans will attest.

Lotus of Siam

We prefer American broccoli on our Pad See Ew, don’t hate.

Welcome back, Lotus of Siam! And we are reminded of an old Thai proverb, “Don’t borrow another’s nose to breathe with.” We don’t entirely know what that means, but it was the best Thai proverb we could come up with on short notice, other than “Frog in a coconut shell.”

So, yeah, the nose thing.

8 thoughts on “Lotus of Siam Restaurant Opens New Location

  1. VegasSlushy

    Claiming any restaurant to be the best of all restaurants in and around the Vegas strip — and there are at least 100 restaurants, I am certain — is as ridiculous as trying to say only one style of pizza is the only style of pizza. It looks foolish to try.

    1. Manybar Goatfish

      But food fights are fun and oh-so-harmless when compared to very stupid past-times like, for example, claiming religious superiority. I don’t lose much sleep over differences in restaurant preference.

    2. Photoncounter

      You have to remember Scott’s brain is soaked with cheap rum. This blog is entertaining and he talks to hear his head rattle on the podcasts all the while delivering valued tidbits of information! However, opinions must be judged by one’s own bias and soberness.

      I tried Roy’s once years ago. It was so memorable I can’t remember why. Happy something different, and spicy, is there to try.

      1. VegasSlushy

        Cheap rum? I can find cheaper on the store shelf than Cappy Morgan. I must be poor, I thought the captain was expensive by comparison.

        1. Photoncounter

          Any rum that tastes so bad you have to mix it it cheap rum. See the light! Ron Zacapa 23 year or better. Two ice cubes, no more. Just sip and smile.

          No headaches! No desire to split tens! Play Keno? Never! Stay at the Rio? Of course not! All irrational thought disappears with the golden glow of Guatemalan perfection.

    3. double.down.now

      I believe Scott may have been referencing an article in Gourmet magazine that picked Lotus of Siam as the Best Thai restaurant in America in the early 2000’s.


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