Look for a Bally’s Rebrand to Horseshoe Las Vegas

Gird your spectacles, there are some twists and turns ahead.

Not too long ago, Caesars Entertainment, owner of Bally’s Las Vegas resort, sold its Bally’s brand to another company, Twin River Worldwide Holdings.

Twin Rivers is now Bally’s Corporation.

We good so far?

The problem is Las Vegas still has a Bally’s casino, and it’s not part of Bally’s.

That look on your face is completely appropriate. Deep breaths.

Bally's Las Vegas

This Bally’s sign doesn’t exist anymore. We told you there would be “twists and turns.”

The solution to this awkward situation: Caesars Entertainment is rumored to be rebranding its Bally’s casino to Horseshoe Las Vegas.

We asked Caesars Entertainment about this rumor, and were told they don’t respond to rumors. Which was technically a response, but let’s not get bogged down with details.

We love the Horseshoe brand because it’s a throwback to an old-timey Vegas when men were men, women were women and cheaters knew if they were caught their hands would be broken, the way Mother Nature intended.

Binion’s used to be Binion’s Horseshoe.

Caesars Entertainment acquired the Horseshoe brand back when it was still called Harrah’s Entertainment.

We warned you to gird.


Never hang a horseshoe with the ends pointing down. All the good luck will fall out.

Caesars (then Harrah’s) took the Horseshoe and World Series of Poker brands, then sold Binion’s off.

Which brings us full circle to Bally’s.

We refuse to further complicate this saga by mentioning the fact there’s a Bally Entertainment (formerly Bally Manufacturing) that makes slot machines and has nothing to do with Bally’s (formerly Twin River) or Bally’s (the Caesars Entertainment casino).

We also won’t get into the fact Bally’s was once MGM Grand. It’s awkward.

It’s worth noting we shared some chatter back in June 2019 that Bally’s would at some point end up the location of the World Series of Poker (it’s current home, the Rio, was sold in 2019). How awesome would it be to have the World Series of Poker at the Horseshoe. Poker fan and Vegas historian brains would ‘splode.

So, when is Caesars Entertainment likely to rebrand Bally’s? Who knows? We are not a mind reader. It’s an unconfirmed rumor. We first heard the rumor from our friends at the 360 Vegas podcast, but have since heard it from two independent sources.

Interestingly, Twin River (now Bally’s) is rumored to be poking around in Las Vegas to potentially buy a Strip casino. We don’t get the feeling it will be Bally’s, ironically.

Bally's lobby lounge

This lounge at Bally’s is sort of horseshoe-shaped. Coincidence?

It would be awesome to see Bally’s become Horseshoe. Bally’s never really had all that much character, but Horseshoe is charming and kind of represents value and a good gamble. The Strip could use a good gamble.

There are currently five Horseshoe casinos: Horseshoe Baltimore, Horseshoe Hammond, Horseshoe Bossier City, Horseshoe Council Bluffs and Horseshoe Tunica. The one in Las Vegas will be the best Horseshoe, because Las Vegas.

We’ll let you know if we hear more about Horseshoe Las Vegas becoming a thing.

Of course, all bets are off if Caesars Entertainment sells Bally’s. One of the cool things about buying a casino is you get to name it. Well, that and the super quick cocktail service.

In the meantime, you can see some of the Horseshoe signage at the Neon Museum downtown.

Binion's Horseshoe sign

Binion’s didn’t listen to our advice about hanging a horseshoe right side up. Which might explain why it’s not Binion’s Horseshoe anymore.

We’ve said it many time, but the only constant in Las Vegas is change. That, and drunk couples fighting and ugly crying in public. But mostly change.

15 thoughts on “Look for a Bally’s Rebrand to Horseshoe Las Vegas

  1. Chad Rodick

    Let’s just hope someone else don’t buy Bally’s if they end up selling it. As it seems we love to name things after dead people like “The Drew”!!!! Can we get a old Vegas casino name back but not the Sahara as they like to cause issues. What I’m trying to say is if someone indeed buys the property please name it like Riveria. That would be cool to see a comeback

    1. Dean

      If they rebrand to Horseshoe, I hope they bring back the cheap late night steak dinner that the Horseshoe used to have downtown!

      1. William Wingo

        I remember the original Horseshoe basement steak special. It was great, and the price was right. They said the beef came from Benny Binion’s ranch in Montana.
        If they revived it these days at a new Horseshoe, you’d probably pay to park, hike half a mile in from the deck past time-share hawkers and 6-5 Blackjack tables, and then get a 4.5% “convenience-ambiance-franchise recovery fee” added to your check. Bon Appetit….

  2. Jaxon

    I have been saying that Caesars needs to rebrand Bally’s to Horseshoe for awhile. Let’s hope they do this

  3. Dave Rabinowitz

    Hey I’ve got an idea…Why don’t they change it to Harry Reid Casino and leave the airport alone!

    1. Michael Alexakis

      I realize owning the libs is the Holy Grail, the Big Kahuna, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but this naming of the airport “issue” makes small potato’s blush… Harry Reid in 2009/2010 literally saved MGM Mirage from the graveyard of bankruptcy and hedge fund vultures, I don’t care much for City Center as it stands, but imagine City Center as a hulk of steel like Fountainblue or The Drew. Imagine tens of thousands of less jobs in the Las Vegas Valley. Harry Reid annoyed libs, he annoyed cons, he annoyed people who get clocked in the eye by exercise equipment. But he did step up huge for Las Vegas, he threw his 145 pounds of weight at banks and emirs and pulled the city I love up from the depths. I do not care about the naming of the airport, but at least lets give Harry Reid some credit, when Reid was going out on a limb to save jobs in the area he represents, many were denouncing his efforts and apparently rooting for a fire sale on assets…

  4. dc

    Rebrand it to anything but Horseshoe, it’s 2021 for goodness sakes. . Not a modern or classic name. If I was from out of town and looking to book a room, I would pass on this because the name suggest an old, run down property. At least names like The Sands, Desert Inn and Aladdin are recognizable to people.

  5. Rich Johnson

    The Horseshoe Baltimore has the best Vegas vibe of any non-Vegas casino I’ve seen – which, admittedly, is not that many. It’s a stand-alone casino a short walk to the stadiums where the Ravens and Orioles play. I know, because I would park at Horseshoe for free, toss a 20 and my players’ card into a slot machine, lose it, enjoy the day in downtown Baltimore than hit M&T Bank Stadium for a Thursday night Ravens game. And go to both the Giada and Gordon Ramsay restaurants.

    All that’s a long-winded, off-track way of saying: yeah, bring the Horseshoe name back to Vegas!

    1. JP

      Wow you are getting a different vibe from Horseshoe Baltimore than I got when I used to go there. I will admit when it opened it was a very nice casino, now that place is a dump and that was even pre-Covid which has just made it worse. The Vegas vibe to me is gambling, drinking, and having a good time. In Horseshoe Baltimore I get the vibe most of the clientele aren’t going to be able to pay their rent that month because they gambled it away, and very few people there look like they are having fun. Giada was the most underwhelming place I have ever eaten, I don’t usually like to pay $30 for a microwave frozen dinner of lasagna. I’m not against bringing the Horseshoe name back to Vegas but hopefully it is nothing like the one in Baltimore.

  6. Michael Alexakis

    This property was built decades ago, any “re-branding” will be limited in scope as it is being done by a corporation that cuts urinal cakes by 35% to save a few dimes… Brands were and are a thing, but they are a way bigger thing when they are stand alone like Virgin and Resorts World are going to be. The Mirage is an example of this, when it was fresh it was the shiznit, when Wynn sold it the beginning of the end clock started ticking. Same with Bellagio, The Venetian is now on this track. Las Vegas needs more Derek Stevens, and less ghosts of Gary Loveman and Kirk Kerkorian if you ask me, which you did not…

  7. BST

    I always associate the name “Horseshoe”with Binions even though I know that’s gone for years .
    Last week we were in Vegas and went Downtown to have lunch at Binions Cafe because it’s something we have done for many years , it would have been nice when they had to be closed they would of a least put in new carpet , but didn’t expect it. I still like to go there though but wouldn’t stay .

  8. Jaxon

    Rebrand Bally’s as Horseshoe, rework the ENTIRE property (moving the pool to where the Grand Bazaar Shops are to start), and just have 1 vehicle entrance (on Flamingo), and move the Bazaar Shops to the lower level and rear of the property (currently Sports Book and whatever the shops are called). The building design is almost 50 years old, reimagine the entire property, but keep the basic footprint. By moving the shopping area to the rear of the property, it would be a great opportunity to build something on the vacant land behind Bally’s/Paris/Planet


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