Longtime LVCVA Boss Rossi Ralenkotter Rumored to Be Out

In one of the most boring stories, ever, unless you’re hardcore into Las Vegas, we’re hearing longtime CEO Rossi Ralenkotter is out at the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) after 45 years at the organization. He became CEO of the LVCVA in 2004.

Yeah, it’s still sort of boring even if you’re hardcore into Las Vegas. But scoop is scoop.

Rossi Ralenkotter has been at the helm of the LVCVA for a very long time, and his departure will mark the end of an era in Las Vegas.

Rossi Ralenkotter

There’s a chance that without Rossi Ralenkotter, you might never have visited Las Vegas. Not really, but just play along.

The LVCVA is a governmental agency and the “official destination marketing organization of Las Vegas.” The agency is funded by a hotel room tax.

Let’s just say the LVCVA is very well-funded. For example, it recently approved a $101.5 million advertising budget. Through the LVCVA’s longtime partnership with marketing agency R&R Partners, those ad dollars are spent on efforts like the recently-unveiled “Vegas Moments” campaign, below.

Rumors are the LVCVA has reached the end of its collective rope related to Ralenkotter’s recent scandals, chronicled relentlessly by the Las Vegas Review-Journal (more on that in a minute).

In one alleged scandal (not alleged that he did it, alleged that it’s a scandal), Ralenkotter used LVCVA security officers to drive him around town.

Most recently, Ralenkotter was accused of using $17,152 in airline gift cards given to the LVCVA for personal trips.


The LVCVA is so forward-thinking, it crosses its Gs.

Earth-shattering revelations, these are not.

Still, expect the Las Vegas Review-Journal to gleefully confirm our story and trumpet Rossi Ralenkotter’s departure from the LVCVA. We’re betting it gets space on the front page.

That’s because the Las Vegas Review-Journal is owned by bajillionaire Sheldon Adelson. Adelson’s Las Vegas Sands Co. operates the Sands Expo and Convention Center, a venue which competes with the LVCVA-operated Las Vegas Convention Center.

Ah, the glorious Las Vegas drama.

Sands Expo sign

Sheldon Adelson is a tad litigious, so we’ll just forego a funny caption this time.

We feel just horrible stealing the Review-Journal’s thunder by being the first to report this news. Just horrible.

There’s no denying the impact Rossi Ralenkotter has had on tourism in Las Vegas. Should rumors of his departure from the LVCVA prove to be true, it will be a very visible, symbolic shift in the organization.

The LVCVA has avoided taking the hit for 10 consecutive months of drops in Las Vegas visitation (“Monte Carlo is rebranding to Park MGM!”), but casino owners are no doubt looking at the LVCVA to shake things up and get those numbers back on track.

Rossi Ralenkotter has been a fixture in Las Vegas for decades, and has helped shape the world’s perception of our town. Here’s hoping he’ll get some well-deserved, Vegas-style hoopla on his way out.

6 thoughts on “Longtime LVCVA Boss Rossi Ralenkotter Rumored to Be Out

  1. Abe

    First allegation, so what, no biggie. Second isn’t quite as innocent as you seem to make it. He is essentially stealing 17k of funds from the LVCA. Any other Joe Schmoe at any other organization would be canned for this and an executive would most likely be reprimanded somehow. Maybe I’m wrong or maybe it’s the accountant in me making these assumptions, idk. Anyway, more importantly, 10 months of visitation decreases are new to me. My visitation number is up and according to some internet commenters, Vegas is doing quite well. Surprised to hear this

  2. Timothy

    Um excuse me, it’s not the LVCVA’s fault for 10 months of visitor declines, it’s the RESORTS fault for running people away with all these exorbitant fees
    Resorts just don’t get it, THEY are the reason for the drops, no one else.

  3. Jeff in OKC

    Ralenkotter is one of the “R” in the “R & R Partners” agency. He is so entrenched in the power of Nevada that nothing could “run” him out. He was a Republican kingmaker when Steve Wynn was trying to build the Mirage, and Sheldon Adelson owned an electronics trade show.

  4. jackie

    OMWWW i just cried over that commercial. How SWEET whether u support or not. They show a smaller clip on tv.


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