Little Darlings Strip Club Makes Dramatic Play for Asian Tourists

The love affair between Las Vegas casinos and Asian gamblers has been well-documented.

For example, Chinese travelers stay longer in Las Vegas than other international gamblers and when they’re here, they spend more (about $3,200 per person, per trip). Recently, the Bellagio even went so far as to mount a multi-million dollar theatrical production to woo Asian tourists.

Now, a Las Vegas strip club has made an ingenious move to attract Asian customers. Little Darlings, an all-nude strip club just off The Strip, has altered its name (or at least its signage) to appeal to Chinese tourists.

Little Darlings strip club

In Chinese, the name Ling can mean “spirit” or “chime,” either of which would make a solid stripper name, come to think of it.

Las Vegas seems to have an insatiable appetite for big spenders from Asia, so this move by Little Darlings comes as no surprise to seasoned Sin City observers.

The jury’s still out about whether Little Darlings plans to permanently change its name to “Little Lings,” and some question whether such blatant marketing gimmicks will have their intended effect.

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6 thoughts on “Little Darlings Strip Club Makes Dramatic Play for Asian Tourists

  1. Oscar

    My wife and I were in Vegas last month, staying at Bally’s. We noticed a higher number of Asians tourists as compared to the previous two years or so. I’m not complaining as they are generally very well behaved and respectful of others. There were many in attendance at the Jubilee show but the odd thing is that it was hard to coax applause out of them. I wonder it applause is frowned on in their culture?

    1. wysiwyg100

      I always say that there are more Asians in Las Vegas than in Asia, and that’s a good thing, because they keep the town in business. They DO love the Jubilee show at Bally’s. I play the slots in the area where they line up for the show and the audience seems to be predominantly Asian. One time a couple asked me to snap their picture with the Jubilee sign in the background.

  2. Alex

    This article made zero sense to me until I saw the photo caption. Unfortunately, I don’t have great vision, so I had to manually enlarge the text to read it. Kind of a hassle…although not the end of the world. Still, I’d recommend keeping the salient points as part of the main text.


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