Lego Reveals Tweaked Las Vegas Set

Lego has unveiled its revamped Las Vegas set, including the replacement of Mandalay Bay following the shooting of Oct. 1, 2017.

A previous version of the Las Vegas Skyline Lego set (referred to as “Lego Architecture 21047 Las Vegas” by Lego aficionados) featured the Mandalay Bay as part of the skyline, but the set was redesigned to avoid sensitivities around the shooting.

Mandalay Bay has been replaced by Bellagio.

Lego Las Vegas set

If you thought stepping on a Lego was painful before, try stepping on the Stratosphere.

It’s worth noting the Bellagio is assembled using something Lego nerds call the SNOT technique. You might think that’s something we made up, but it’s SNOT.

We’ll wait.

SNOT stands for “Studs Not On Top.” And we are, apparently, 12.

The Las Vegas Lego set is expected to sell for about $40, with nearly 500 pieces.

The Las Vegas Lego set features the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign, Luxor, Wynn, Stratosphere and Fremont Street Experience.

Lego Architecture Las Vegas

In our day job, we work at Fremont Street Experience, and we personally helped write a portion of the booklet that accompanies the set. Please, no autographs.

Images of the new Las Vegas Lego were shared by Find a review of the new set at It got a “good” rating (three out of five). Ouch.

The set definitely would be better received if it included a miniature strip club. Just saying.

Here’s a look at the initial version of the set.

Lego Las Vegas architecture

Mandalay Bay and Bellagio are owned by the same company, MGM Resorts, so it’s a wash.

The replacement of Mandalay Bay for Bellagio is understandable, but the set feels out of whack. Presumably, rejiggering the design to put the hotels in their real-life order would’ve been too troublesome or expensive.

You can bet there was a heated debate at Lego about whether to replace Wynn Las Vegas following revelations about its former CEO, Steve Wynn. Making toys is a lot more complicated than you’d think.

The Las Vegas Skyline Lego set will be available in the U.S. on Sep. 1, 2018, and we’ll probably be among the first to buy it.

Because Las Vegas.

8 thoughts on “Lego Reveals Tweaked Las Vegas Set

  1. Andrew

    Colossal BS. I’ve had a pre order on the old one and of course it was changed to this, told them they can keep it. Now with Bellagio and Wynn we have to hotels from the sex offender.

  2. Linda Jones

    I agree. They should’ve put it in proper order. Maybe the designers have never been to Vegas. I’ll buy it anyway cuz I’m a Vegas junkie.

  3. EnuffBull

    If you can’t build Vegas or any other pop culture item with just the basic lego blocks, you are just buying premade puzzles or model kits. NOW ALL YOU KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN!!!

  4. DuLac55

    It probably should have included the Bellagio from the beginning. I think MGM Grand is probably more iconic looking and would be pretty sweet in legos with the green color. Take out Wynn…add MGM Grand and Caesars Palace. Not sure why it ever had Mandalay Bay to begin with…probably just the gold color.


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