Lego Las Vegas Skyline Goes on Sale

Lego has released its much-anticipated Las Vegas skyline set, easily the most interesting edition of its Architecture series.

Lego Las Vegas Architecture

We’ve never been so excited to experience severe foot injuries.

The new Lego Architecture Las Vegas set has 501 pieces (shout-out to all our fellow OCD sufferers) and sells for $39.99 on Amazon.

The Las Vegas skyline set features a number of immediately recognizable buildings, including Bellagio, Luxor, Encore, Stratosphere and the Fremont Street Experience.

The set also boasts a miniature “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign.

Lego Las Vegas Architecture

Fun fact: We work at Fremont Street Experience as our day job, so we wrote that portion of the booklet which accompanies the Las Vegas skyline Lego set. You should buy it, anyway.

As we’ve shared previously, Bellagio wasn’t originally in the set, but replaced Mandalay Bay following the tragedy of Oct. 1, 2017.

Another adjustment was made to the Las Vegas Lego set in that an early version of the collection identified Encore as Wynn. It’s believed that switch was made in the aftermath of Steve Wynn’s sexual harassment scandal.

Hey, it wouldn’t be a Las Vegas Lego set without a little drama.

Here’s a look at the set being assembled, for whatever reason.

The swap-out of Mandalay Bay for Bellagio means the set is somewhat out of whack in terms of geography, but at least the thing has been released.

We’ve ordered ours, so order yours, and expect an update with photos of our completed Las Vegas skyline sometime in 2022. We are a blog, not an AFOL.

Yes, there’s a name for Lego fanatics. AFOL stands for “Adult Fan of Lego.” Apparently, that means we’re an AFOLV.

We’ll wait.

5 thoughts on “Lego Las Vegas Skyline Goes on Sale

  1. Billy Vital

    Monetizing your blog just a little bit? Not surprised. It ain’t free to host this crap, that much I know. And at least you’re not pandering for karma donations every damn week and offering exclusive online chats for people who pay for simplistic banter and opinion.

    1. Scott Roeben Post author

      People pay for that stuff? Yeah, I might try these links once in awhile, but it would have to be things I’m talking about, anyway. Books, maybe? I don’t have the patience or attention span for generating revenue. I want to spent it making snark.

  2. Paul

    Easy enough to fix the geography. I saw the set down at the Fashion Show Mall Lego Store. Just flip the positioning of Bellagio and Luxor. Done. (It’s just on a flat base, so it shouldn’t be difficult

  3. Greg M

    The box is much smaller than I had imagined (about the size of and Ipad box.) There are 6 bags of parts. The parts are not divided into groups (luxor in one bag, encore in another). The manual is all pictures, it’s about a quarter inch thick and makes Ikea instructions look great. The largest single part is about 5 inches by .5 inches. Most of the other peices are no larger than an inch square, with many in the range of .5 by .25 inches. Here I go….


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