“Le Reve” to Close Permanently at Wynn Las Vegas

The inside word is the popular show at Wynn Las Vegas, “Le Reve,” will close permanently.

“Le Reve” is water-based, Cirque-style show (no association with Cirque du Soleil) and has been closed for several months due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Le Reve Wynn Las Vegas

Performers in “Le Reve” had dozens of holes drilled in their shoes to let the water drain out.

We quite enjoyed “Le Reve,” and the closure of the show is yet another blow to the Las Vegas entertainment community.

“Le Reve” means “The Dream” in French, but the COVID-19 crisis has become a nightmare for Las Vegas theatrical productions, including their casts and crews.

The show employed about 90 performers (all SCUBA-qualified) prior to the shutdown, as well as 140 technical staff members, including a team of about 16 divers (who spent the entire show submerged).

The “Le Reve” theater features a 1.1 million gallon water tank.

Le Reve closed

Up to 1,000 towels were used each day at “Le Reve.”

“Le Reve” opened at Wynn Las Vegas in May 2005, but it’s been “re-imagined” a time or two since then.

Le Reve Wynn Las Vegas

Sorry, no snark this time. Even our photo captions are bummed about this.

The future of the $75 million “Le Reve” theater space is, well, fluid.

Here’s a look at “Le Reve” in 2015.

We received this statement from Wynn Las Vegas: “As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent physical distancing requirements for which an end-date cannot be predicted, but are necessary to keep our guests safe, we have been forced to close the award-winning show ‘Le Reve — The Dream’ at Wynn Las Vegas. ‘Le Reve’ has performed more than 6,000 shows since it was launched in 2005 and has been voted ‘Best Production Show’ in Las Vegas for nine consecutive years, a record number, by the Southern Nevada Concierge Association.”

16 thoughts on ““Le Reve” to Close Permanently at Wynn Las Vegas

  1. Darlene Miller

    My daughter and I have seen this show from the first review to the latest one at least two times each it was the highlight our trips to the Wynn it was a feat of performances by the the whole cast sooo very talented am very very sad to here of it closing this was a Masterpiece of story telling………I could go on Thank you Wynn🤧😯😣😥 Such a bummer

  2. Hilda Gold

    I am really really saddened to hear if it will close. It is by far my favorite show on the strip is so excellent I want to see it a second time. Please re-open in the future

  3. Anthony Pien

    Bring back the show. Simple is that. It’s the worse decision for Wynn to lose this one. Maybe the only one left worthy of going in the world.

  4. Ian

    Fantastic production. The kind of show that only exists in Vegas due to the infrastructure required. A real shame.

    1. Reading Rainbow

      Yep, this is a show that can’t tour, so you have to see it in Vegas. And it was spectacular. So glad I got to see it.

  5. Reading Rainbow

    “All the evidence shows that social distancing or not doesn’t matter.”

    Highly doubt that, but congratulations on reading all the evidence. All of it. Even if have trouble comprehending it.

  6. dreamland

    The performance is nothing like any dream that I’ve ever had, but I’d willingly trade “almost” any of mine for that one. It’s a keeper.

  7. La Reve was great!

    This was a great show! My only recommendation was to sit back at least 5 rows or more. I did not and still enjoyed it! I wanted to see it again. What a shame!! I would like to think they will bring it back one day! This show was 100x times better than “O” and less money.

  8. happy hour 101

    From Kats column in the RJ last Friday–Louanne Madorna, the casting director at Wynn Las Vegas on the closing of LeReve says “I’ve been looking at the long-term repercussions, and if audiences will be coming back to Las Vegas, I was downtown last week, and was wondering if this clientele in the city right now is going to come to a show.”

    Uh, er, um–that’s quite an observation. I get her drift but it’s a bit surprising she went there.

    1. Chez

      Since foreigners aren’t visiting Vegas she is subtly referring to the non-tipping “mericans that are currently gracing the streets of Vegas

  9. Hunter

    Given how much I pay for the content…

    Now that you’re doing VV FT, shouldn’t we be hearing more of that ice clinking? We need that patented storytelling!

    And have your wife co-host, and laugh mindlessly, and fumble in agreement with you. It’s adorable.

    You want a karma donation?

    1. Chuck M.

      Your podcast should talk about pets that fart. That’s what makes for Vegas discussion. I learned that yesterday, and it didn’t cost me a $500 donation.

    2. Scott Roeben Post author

      I know! There’s a lot going on! Appreciate the words of encouragement, though. Which I’m pretty sure that was. “)


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