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Rao’s Confirms It Will Close at Caesars Palace

Just two days after we shared word Rao’s will be closing at Caesars Palace, the rumor was officially confirmed by Rao’s.

The Italian restaurant’s last day of service will be Nov. 28, 2021.

Rao’s is closing after 15 years on the Las Vegas Strip.

That’s the way the meatball tumbles. Or something.

The owners of Rao’s seemed to leave the door open for finding another location.

In a statement, co-owners Frank Pellegrino Jr. and Ron Straci said, “As we prepare to close these doors for the final time, we are filled with a variety of emotions and will always look back and cherish the memories made within these walls. While our future in Las Vegas is not yet decided, we are very excited about the possibilities of what lies ahead.”

Rao’s has been a fixture on The Strip longer than a good number of the people reading this sentence have been alive.

The announcement of the closure of Rao’s appears to further support insider information the space will be occupied by Peter Luger Steak House. Read more.

Look for more changes in the Caesars Palace restaurant line-up soon.

Rumor: Peter Luger Steak House to Bump Rao’s Italian Restaurant at Caesars Palace

While Caesars Entertainment hasn’t confirmed it’s getting a Peter Luger Steak House, we’ve heard more details and it’s not pretty for Rao’s fans.

Our source says the new steakhouse will move into the space currently occupied by Rao’s Italian restaurant.

Everyone knows bad news can be softened by holiday decorations.

These restaurant line-up changes haven’t been officially announced and no timeline is available for when these changes might happen.

Rao’s opened at Caesars Palace in 2006.

The restaurant’s original New York City location opened in 1896.

The restaurant’s beloved Hollywood location is set to close as well, although the owner of Rao’s says that’s a relocation. That restaurant has been operation for about eight years.

Should Rao’s close at Caesars Palace as rumored, it’s unknown if the restaurant would seek to find another location.

Roa's Las Vegas meatballs

Take advantage of those Rao’s meatballs while you can.

These moves are part of a larger restaurant shake-up at Caesars Entertainment resorts in Las Vegas.

Martorano’s is leaving Paris (with a Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg concept replacing it), Buca di Beppo and Tequila Taqueria have closed at Bally’s, with no announced replacements.

The closed Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill is being replaced with a Walk-On’s sports bar and restaurant.

There’s also a rumor Gordon Ramsay will bring an Italian concept to the former Flavors buffet space.

As we’ve shared previously, there’s another rumor Bazaar Meat is coming to Caesars Palace, but again, there’s been no confirmation or official announcement.

If Peter Luger Steak and Bazaar Meat end up at Caesars Palace, that seems to put the fate of Old Homestead in question.

There’s more, but the space in our brain we devote to restaurant news is currently above allowable capacity.

When these restaurant moves become official-official, we’ll pass it along with a heaping helping of snark and a side of WTF.

Update (10/7/21): Rao’s has confirmed it will close November 28, 2021.

Today’s example of a scoop confirmation we take no joy in.

Three Angry Wives Pub Closes Out West

A popular pub, Three Angry Wives, has closed.

The pub is in the west part of Las Vegas, in the Summerlin area, which means you probably never went there, but quite a few locals did.

Three Angry Wives has been a fixture at its Summerlin location, about 15 minutes west of the Las Vegas Strip, since 2003. The original location was in Henderson.

We understand they weren’t really angry, but Three Slightly Annoyed Wives didn’t have the same ring to it.

We’ve been told one of the owners of Three Angry Wives, Sean Higgins, passed away last year. Apparently, his brothers Mike and Kevin Higgins (the “angry wives” are the spouses of the brothers), decided not to renew their lease.

There are rumors of some glorious drama around Three Angry Wives, including a contentious relationship (described as “bad blood”) with the shopping center where it’s located, Boca Park.

For years, Three Angry Wives hosted St. Patrick’s Day events in its parking lot, but that apparently fell by the wayside as friction with Boca Park intensified.

We enjoyed our visits to Three Angry Wives despite the prevalence of sports.

Whenever a bar closes in Las Vegas (especially after nearly two decades), an angel loses its wings, but hearing a new bar will open in the same spot means an angel will get its wings, so it’s sort of a wash.

We trust the Three Angry Wives crew will find new gigs, and Boca Park will do something about the Starbucks cluster of cars that frequently blocks access to the Three Angry Wives parking lot.

Update (10/8/21): A new sign says the venue will reopen as The Rustic House.

We love new.

The good folks at Rustic House were even kind enough to share a rendering of the new facade.

We shall enthusiastically rustic here.

The Web site is short on details, but we’ll keep an eye on it.

Mulberry Street Pizzeria Opens, Plus Random Resorts World Updates

The newest Las Vegas resort, Resorts World, now has a pizza place, Mulberry Street Pizzeria.

Mulberry Street Pizzeria opened on Sep. 17, 2021, but we only recently visited because we are very busy and important.

Resorts World pizzeria

We’re trying to look at the pizza restaurant, but can’t stop looking at the “O Bag” sign. How did we miss the earlier version, “D Bag”? Nobody tells us anything.

Mulberry Street Pizzeria is billed as a “Beverly Hills institution,” the original location opened in 1991.

The focus at Mulberry is New York pizza, and it was pretty good.

We tried a classic slice of pepperoni, as well as a Sicilian monster.

Mulberry Pizzeria Vegas

The slices won’t win any awards, but will effectively handle your drunchies.

New York pizza has a thin crust, and we refer to it as “wet” (otherwise known as “soggy”) pizza, suitable for folding. It’s flavorful, but we like more dough.

There was a lot of dough in the Sicilian slice. Again, pretty good pie.

Mulberry Pizzeria Vegas

It’s not just a slice, it’s a meal. Probably for two.

The restaurant is adorned with movie posters signed by friends of Mulberry’s owner, Richie Palmer.

That autographed pic of the “Sopranos” had better be bolted down.

Mulberry Street Pizzeria also serves bigass cookies. Again, pretty good.

Should’ve included a manhole cover for scale.

The prices at Mulberry are about what you’d expect on the Las Vegas Strip.

Putting “fresh” by certain things is a double-edged sword, in our humble opinion.

Vegas has lots of great pizza, so it’s tough to hit one out of the park given the competition. Mulberry Street Pizzeria is a viable option if you’re not in the mood for the mostly-Asian food court at Resorts World.

Good-not-great could still work given the lack of Italian food competition at Resorts World. We’d personally liked Mozz in the aforementioned food court. Try the chicken parm sandwich.

We’ll try the lasagna pizza next time.

Oh, and for whatever reason, nobody at Resorts World seems to have ice. Mulberry’s didn’t, and warm soda can tank a dining experience for us.

The food court restaurants at Resorts World don’t have ice, either. It’s so weird and one of the reasons we don’t visit the resort as often as we otherwise might, to be honest.

The restaurant is located near Zouk Nightclub, not far from the massive video globe in a promenade called The District (internally referred to as “The Spine”). Mulberry Street Pizzeria is one of the most easily accessible restaurants by foot from Las Vegas Boulevard. Perhaps you’ve heard of it.

“Zouk” translates as “don’t rely on photo captions for information, use Google.”

That’s one of the Resorts World updates mentioned in the headline of this story, by the way.

Zouk Nightclub is now open.

Mulberry is also near the Stardust sign, recently removed and returned with a new base to deter asshattery. The sign is now flanked by cacti as an additional security measure.

Attention drunk people: Do not mess with our sign replicas, thanks.

In the mood for more random Resorts World updates, we asked rhetorically?

There’s a new piece of art near Mulberry pizzeria. It’s called “Sexy Robot,” by Hajime Sorayama.

Las Vegas often gets a bad rap for having terrible art, and this is further proof that reputation is fully warranted.

Speaking of art, the crayon dog in Resorts World’s high limit lounge has moved.

Something about how certain breeds of dogs are now fashion accessories, or whatever.

Here’s more about the art at Resorts World.

While Resorts World appeared to be moving toward paid parking, we were glad to see signs saying parking remains free.

We try not to play favorites, but free parking is our favorite kind.

On the way in from the parking garage, we spotted construction of the resort’s theater entrance underway.

It’s curtains for the posters featuring all the Resorts World headliners.

While not exactly an update, we got to finally drink and play at the very fancy lounge, Gatsby’s.

Two words describe the decor of Gatsby’s: Balls. That may seem like one word, but balls tend to come in pairs.

We enjoyed it a lot.

There’s video poker, great drinks and friendly service.

The bar uses the “red light, green light” drink monitoring system, so keep playing to get those comped drinks.

Drink monitoring is so prevalent now, we have difficulty mustering any outrage. Also, bartenders seem to like it, so there’s that.

The vibe at Gatsby’s was wonderful, but we hear the venue has a more energetic (translation: much louder) atmosphere after 10:00 p.m.

In Vegas lounges, $20 is the new $12. It’s the experience.

Our biggest gripe had to do with comfort. The bar at Gatsby’s is beautiful, but brutal on the knees. This is probably due to the fact in a bar like this, video poker players aren’t the highest priority. Just a heads up if you plan to check it out.

Today’s think you didn’t expect to see. Our knee.

There’s a lot more going on at Resorts World, so we’ll keep you in the loop as time and liver condition allow.

Ice scarcity aside, we’re a big fan of Resorts World, and it’s a must-visit the next time you’re in Las Vegas.

Highlights include the artwork (there’s a lot of it, and most of it’s better than the sexy robot), the high limit room, pool complex and the massive video screen on the side of the hotel tower.

Drew Brees and Harrah’s Confirm Walk-On’s Scoop

We don’t entirely know who Drew Brees is, but we love him.

That’s because he took some time out of his busy schedule to confirm our scoop his Walk-On’s sports bar and restaurant is coming to Harrah’s Las Vegas in early 2022.

We’re confident enough in our masculinity to say Drew Brees is adorable. Also, not comfortable on-camera, making him even more adorable.

Confirmation of the news we first shared back in August was passed along via a video on the official Harrah’s Twitter account.

Brees starts his announcement video by saying, “Word’s out, so we thought we’d make it official.”

Sorry, Drew Brees, but it’s hard to keep a secret in Las Vegas.

To Brees’ credit, it doesn’t appear he’s mad we ruined his surprise.

The video also features the founder, co-owner and CEO of Walk-On’s, Brandon Landry.

Landry appears to be a goofball, which bodes well for the success of this sports-friendly restaurant in Las Vegas. We are a big fan of goofballery.

It hasn’t been confirmed by Harrah’s, but Walk-On’s Sports Bixtreaux will move into the space formerly home to Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill.

“Bistreaux” is French for “place to consume grub.”

We would tell you more about the histroy of Walk-On’s, but that’s why they invented the Internet. Well, that and porn.

A news release about the new restaurant says, “The location will offer guests a taste of Louisiana classics with diverse, made-from-scratch dishes including Crawfish Etouffee, Duck and Andouille Gumbo and Krispy Kreme Donut Bread Pudding, as well as game day classics like burgers and everyday favorites like salads, wraps, and more. The restaurant will also be the first-ever Walk-On’s to feature a breakfast menu, offering current staple items like Voodoo Shrimp and Grits, Beignets, and their popular signature cocktail, the Mad Mary.”

The restaurant will have more than 60 TVs. It’s the law.

Walk-On’s seems a good fit at Harrah’s as it continues to transition toward becoming a convention hotel.

The location will make it the first venue conventioneers encounter as they make their way to Harrah’s from the new Caesars Forum conference center.

DTAS (“dudes talking about sports”) is a huge trend in Las Vegas at the moment, and Walk-On’s seems to be a place where that is likely to happen.

Big thanks to Drew Brees, former American football quarterback who played in the NFL for 20 seasons (thanks, Wikipedia!), for confirming our scoop and welcome to Las Vegas.

Burger Bar to Reopen With New Operator After Behind-the-Scenes Drama

There’s no drama like restaurant drama, and the drama around the closure of the popular Burger Bar at the Shoppes at Mandalay Place is extra juicy.

We’ll start with the good news: We hear the restaurant will soon reopen with the same name. Burger Bar, in case that weren’t readily apparent.

A source close to the situation says the restaurant will be taken over by Andi Jubani, owner of Casanova at Venetian.

The new executive chef of Burger Bar will be Luciano Pellegrini.

Closed Burger Bar, sad. Closed Burger Bar with a wedding party standing in front of it, slightly less sad.

Hubert Keller’s Burger Bar closed in Jan. 2021 to the dismay of longtime fans.

Another Keller venue at Mandalay Bay closed as well, Fleur. Fleur reopened July 26, 2021, under the management of MGM Resorts.

The closures of these successful restaurants came as a surprise to many, including us, and we claim to know everything.

Apparently, negotiations for lease renewals had been taking place months prior to the closures.

MGM Resorts and Keller couldn’t find common ground, and apparently MGM Resorts’ Chief Hospitality Officer Ari Kastrati said what amounts to, “Our way or the highway.”

Keller chose the highway.

Kastrati has a history with Jubani, so it sounds like the Burger Bar deal is done.

Full disclosure. This isn’t a Burger Bar burger. It’s just a generic photo of a burger to keep our words from slapping together.

We’re told Jubani is in talks to take over a number of other outlets at MGM Resorts casinos in Las Vegas.

The reopening of Burger Bar will involve a substantial investment to refresh the restaurant.

It remains to be seen if Jubani and Pellegrini can keep the quality and popularity of Burger Bar going.

Casanova at Venetian is well regarded, and Pellegrini has a strong pedigree, mostly in the Italian realm, including being named “Best Chef in the Southwest” by the James Beard Foundation in 2004.

As this news hasn’t been officially announced or confirmed yet, there’s no timeline for the reopening of Burger Bar.

Stay tuned for more.