We Told You Las Vegas Would Host the Super Bowl in 2024

Ignore our drunken Tweets at your own risk! We told you Las Vegas would host the Super Bowl in 2024, and it appears confirmation of our inside skinny is now in the works.

Allegiant Stadium

We’ve got a shiny new stadium, we need to break it in!

It’s being reported the NFL has announced New Orleans will host the Super Bowl in 2025, not 2024 as originally planned, due to a scheduling conflict with Mardi Gras.

There’s no such conflict in Las Vegas, as Sin City is a better Mardi Gras every day of the year.

Everyone’s excitedly sharing this Super Bowl schedule shake-up like it’s new, but we shared it way back in August.

Super Bowl

Some booms are bigger than others. Confirmation pending.

The final decision about Las Vegas hosting Super Bowl LVIII in 2024 hasn’t been announced, but give it a minute. We know people.

In other sports news, something about blah, blah something, something about Las Vegas hosting some NCAA events or whatever, blah.

There was a bunch of stuff about sports nobody cares about (bowling, golf, soccer and hockey), and one about Las Vegas hosting an NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Regional at T-Mobile Arena in 2023. Read more if you must.

This is noteworthy because this was the first time Las Vegas was allowed to submit bids for these events. Prior to May 2019, the NCAA wouldn’t allow states with sports betting to host its events. Thanks, Supreme Court!

That’s our annual sports blog post, and we only really did it to brag about our epic Super Bowl scoop.

You do you, sportsball fans!

2 thoughts on “We Told You Las Vegas Would Host the Super Bowl in 2024

  1. Mike Alexakis

    Billions of dollars, much of it public taxpayer money, and a bright shiny stadium will indeed net you a Super Bowl… We just built a new stadium here in Los Angeles, we are getting the Super Bowl too. But our stadium was built without a nickel of taxpayer money, only a few local Inglewood tax breaks to our WalMart multi-billionaire… Beware of the Raiders, they are gypsies, when the veneer wears off they might bolt to another town for more goodies, its what they do, they dont care because they are popular wherever they go. They tried to get public money to build a stadium in Oakland and Los Angeles to no avail… A Super Bowl in Las Vegas will be epic no doubt…

  2. Adam

    Not true at all. The Raiders continued to move because the LA Coliseum Commission failed to live up to the parameters of its deal. Similar situation in Oakland. The Raiders are here for the long haul and will get multiple Super Bowls (and the Pro Bowl when it returns).


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