Las Vegas Strip’s First Spanish Language Show, “Ilusion Mental,” to Open at Planet Hollywood

Well, it’s about time.

Given the 41 million Spanish-speakers in the U.S. alone, and multitudes of Spanish-speaking Las Vegas visitors from other countries, it’s about time The Strip had a Spanish language show.

“Ilusion Mental,” featuring Santiago Michel, opens at Sin City Theater inside Planet Hollywood on Dec. 28, 2017.

Santiago Michel

Santiago Michel knows what you’re thinking, and has alerted the authorities accordingly.

“Ilusion Mental” is, as the name implies, a mentalism show.

Mentalism, or “mind reading,” isn’t for everyone (including this blog) due to the fact mind-reading doesn’t actually exist, but it’s perhaps helpful to think of it as a magic show and everyone loves a Las Vegas magic show.

Besides, Spanish!

Ilusion Mental

If you speak Spanish, you’re freaking out right now.

The show features Santiago Michel, a 24-year-old, charismatic performer who has performed in more than 10 countries.

Here’s a look at Michel in action.

The 65-minute show is family-friendly and takes place Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Tickets are $49.99.

Find out more about Santiago Michel at his official site. Welcome to Las Vegas, Santiago.

Fun fact: Las Vegas is a Spanish term meaning, “I hope you brought your morning after pill.”

7 thoughts on “Las Vegas Strip’s First Spanish Language Show, “Ilusion Mental,” to Open at Planet Hollywood

  1. Manybar Goatfish

    Funny how the rank and file are so eager to discount mind reading as a real thing, but leave open the possibility of religious miracles. Maybe it’s ALL in the mind? The Shamans had it right all along.

  2. Photoncounter

    Denny Lee Magic store (the one on Dean Martin has closed but the one in Rossville, MD is still open) has many books and videos of “mentalism”. To call it magic is a stretch but since most shows utilize random words chosen from a random book ($200 a set at a magic store…) by a random audience member and said book is a prop, I guess a mentalism show is on the fringes of a “magic” show. The “mentalist” is an entertainer and performer like all magicians, hypnotists and illusionists and doesn’t have supernatural skills (shocked?).

    Performing in Spanish for those native in the language is great! I wish him well and having been in those small showrooms I bet the rent isn’t that high so it won’t take a huge audience every night to keep the show going. There’s a huge Spanish population in Las Vegas, Southern California and Arizona to draw from as well as many visitors. Too many shows come and go too quickly. Let’s hope for the sake of entertainment that this stays around and starts a trend!

  3. VegasSlushy

    Todo esto es muy emocionante, pero dado el hecho de que no hablo español, hay muy pocas posibilidades de que vea este espectáculo. Pero, ¿habrá “partes de dama” en exhibición? Si es así, mi nivel de interés subió un 1000 por ciento.

  4. Todd Sterling

    Why not do both English and Spanish, seems to me he is limiting his own clientele. There are lots of people that come to Vegas that don’t speak Spanish. Thursday nights shows could be English, you know something like that


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