Las Vegas Sign Gets Pink Bulbs for Breast Cancer Awareness

The iconic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign will be in the pink during October as a way to raise awareness about Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The sign’s usual yellow bulbs have been swapped out with pinkish ones.

Like a Las Vegas hook-up, it's probably better in the dark.

Like many Las Vegas hook-ups, it’s probably better in the dark.

Mucking with the Las Vegas sign has become the go-to way for Las Vegas politicians bereft of fresh ideas to say they’ve done something to raise awareness about something, with minimal cost and effort. In this case, it’s actually a worthwhile cause, so they get a pass.

We get it, they're pink bulbs.

The Las Vegas sign has 89 bulbs around its outer edge. Yes, this blog has too much free time.

The bulbs on the sign were recently turned multi-colored for Las Vegas Pride, a celebration supporting the LGBT community.

At one point, the bulbs and sign front went purple (pictured below) to raise awareness about bullying.

You, too, can have a photo of the Las Vegas sign without power lines in the background, if you have an hour to kill in Photoshop.

You, too, can have a photo of the Las Vegas sign without power lines in the background, if you have an hour to kill in Photoshop.

If you’ve ever had a hankering to own one of the bulbs on the Las Vegas sign, there’s a site for that.

The Las Vegas sign was designed by Betty Willis in 1959. It’s located just south of Mandalay Bay on Las Vegas Boulevard. Interestingly, the Las Vegas sign isn’t within the city limits of Las Vegas. It’s in Paradise, Las Vegas, like most of the Las Vegas Strip.

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  • Three Slice Toaster

    Is there anyone on the planet who isn’t “aware” of breast cancer yet? How about instead of raising money for “awareness” and “the cure” we raise money for prevention. You know, something that might make a difference, instead of just padding the pockets of the big pharmaceutical companies that quietly fund these activities behind the scenes.

    • vitalvegas

      You tell ’em!

  • Aaron

    Man, I have such mixed emotions about tinkering with the look of the Las Vegas sign. While I support the causes that they alter the sign for, I just put myself in the shoes of the tourists that want to snap a pic with the iconic sign in its original glory.

    And when I say causes, that does not include that whole “Camp Vegas” campaign. There was no excuse to touch the sign for that.

    • vitalvegas

      Completely agree. This is small picture thinking. People come from around the world and want a photo with the unmucked-with sign. Ditto the dopey costumes they put on Caesar.