All the Las Vegas Shows That Have Closed in 2016 (Or Will)

With the announcement “Rock of Ages” at Rio Las Vegas will close, we’re reminded once again how brutal 2016 has been for Las Vegas shows.

Jubilee Las Vegas showgirl

“Jubilee” was the last classic showgirl production in Las Vegas. It closed in February 2016 and put tens of thousands of rhinestones out of work.

To help keep track of the ongoing carnage, we figured it was time to compile a list of all the Las
Vegas shows that have either closed, or will close, in 2016.

1. “Jersey Boys” at Paris
2. “Puppet Up” at Venetian
3. Paul Zerdin’s “Mouthing Off” at Planet Hollywood
4. Dirk Arthur’s “Wild Magic” at Westgate
5. “Jubilee” at Bally’s Las Vegas
6. Frankie Moreno’s “Under the Influence” at Planet Hollywood
7. “Zarkana” at Aria
8. Matt Goss at Caesars Palace
9. “Raiding the Rock Vault” at Tropicana
10. Jan Rouven’s “Illusions” at Tropicana (long story)
11. “Twisted Vegas” at Westgate
12. The Improv at Harrah’s
13. “Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding” at Bally’s Las Vegas
14. Zowie Bowie at Downtown Grand
15. “One Epic Night” at The Plaza
16. “Yes, You Can’t” at El Cortez
17. “Spoofical the Musical” at Planet Hollywood
18. Michael Monge at Encore
19. “Cherry Boom Boom” at Tropicana
20. “53X” at Paris Las Vegas
21. “Band of Magicians” at Tropicana
22. “Country Superstars” at Hooters Las Vegas
23. Gordie Brown at Golden Nugget
24. “Everybody: The Boy Band Review” at Planet Hollywood
25. “Million Dollar Quartet” at Harrah’s
26. “Shotspeare” at Planet Hollywood
27. “Men of Steele” at Tommy Wind Theater
28. “Showstoppers” at Wynn
29. “Rock of Ages” at Rio Las Vegas
30. “Clint Holmes: Between the Lines” at Palazzo

Alarming, isn’t it?

Based upon our nearly 10 minutes of Captain Morgan-fueled research, we’ve concluded 2016 has had the most shows close in the history of Las Vegas!

Las Vegas shows Jersey Boys

“Jersey Boys” was a great show, but in Vegas, everything runs its course.

In the world of Las Vegas shows, only the strong survive.

The good news is each closed show also represents another new entertainment offerings in the works. (Except in the case of “Zarkana,” where meeting space is the only thing in works. Sad trombone.)

Twisted Vegas

“Twisted Vegas” closed after just 70 performances at Westgate, or approximately 65 too many.

If we’ve forgotten anything, please let us know. We’ll update our list of “All the Las Vegas Shows That Have Closed in 2016 (or Will)” if there are any more casualties.

21 thoughts on “All the Las Vegas Shows That Have Closed in 2016 (Or Will)

  1. Oscar

    The Venetian seems to have the worst luck in keeping a popular show on site. Seems their shows are there a few months and move on or are cut out right.

  2. DSchwartz99lv

    Scott. Do you think there is any reason or coincidence on why all of theses show are just going dead?
    BTW, I saw Gordie Brown yesterday! There weren’t a lot of people there, which might give a reason why he’s closing, but he was very funny, especially his Sammy Davis Jr. impression!


    Agree with Rooster. I think the younger the Vegas crowd gets the less of these smaller, “old Vegas-esque” shows will be able to survive. What you’ll have more of is larger venues like Axis and the Park Theater cranking out residencies from 90’s and 00’s acts, ad nauseum.

    The MTV crowd don’t relate to showgirls and impressionists and magicians because they haven’t seen them anywhere else. They HAVE seen Backstreet Boys and Britney, so that’s what we’ll be stuck with.

    Wouldn’t even be surprised to start seeing more of the lesser Cirque shows closing down in the next few years.

  4. Scott Johnson

    Everything old in new again. Vegas started with headliners, and with the residencies, is returning to them. It ain’t the Rat Pack, and Britney probably isn’t going to be down shooting craps like Frank, but when Mariah hops in to the DJ booth at the club it will still get people talking.

  5. Funkhouser

    I think Vegas is an ever changing cycle. I think the Broadway show era is coming to a close. One that started in 2006ish. We had Phantom, Mama Mia the likes. Vegas is just done. Cirque was new and is now old. I think the current Headliner phase will run it’s course in another 5 years. What’s next?! I think more intimate variety arts / acrobatic shows like Absinthe could grow in popularity if some well produced original shows get their chance (Think Vegas Nocture). It’s could be that the next generation of Vegas visitor is more into arts that have social interaction or small screen entertainment. Regardless I don’t see the trend changing at least not in the immediate future.

  6. Moe

    Not even one Broadway-style show left? *ahem*…Menopause The Musical is the longest running book musical in the history of Las Vegas (going into year 11 and nearing 5,000 performances). MTM enjoyed a successful off-Broadway run. It is the only professional Equity (AEA) show left (besides BAZ) and is an international hit (14+ years).

  7. AccessVegas

    I think lumping Zowie Bowie into the list is stretching things. It was only a summer run that closed early, and Chris is doing a new show at Caesars, still doing South Point, and still doing Red Rock. I want to be Chris Phillips when I grow up!

      1. AccessVegas

        Not anymore. He just got married and wants kids. Ouch. Where was the poster child for never growing up despite middle age!


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