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Hell-Ton of Resorts World Scoop, A Peek Inside and Opening Date Rumors

Resorts World is giving Las Vegas (and the world) something to look forward to in 2021, and we’ve got tons of exclusive scoop, including a peek inside this impressive new megaresort.

There’s a lot of buzz about a potential opening date for Resorts World. We should know, we started it.

An inside source at Resorts World says the resort is scheduled to open May 14, 2021.

Here’s an exclusive look inside our shiny new toy on The Strip.

Resorts World peek

Nothing can compare to that new casino smell!

We reached out to Resorts World about the rumored opening date, but haven’t heard back yet.

From what we’ve heard from those with inside knowledge of the project, there’s no way the entire resort opens fully in May. Buzzkill.

That doesn’t mean Resorts World couldn’t do a partial, or phased, opening on May 14. Circa Las Vegas, for example, had a split opening. The casino opened Oct. 2020 while the hotel opened in Dec. 2020.

Expect work on Resorts World to continue through the summer.

That means if Resorts World opens on May 14, it’s likely just the casino (the most important part of a casino resort) and a few other amenities will be available at launch, with others to follow.

Here’s another photo inside the under-construction Resorts World.

Resorts World peek

Who brings you the juicy? Related: Why do we have to make everything awkward?

This sign has sparked some great conversation on the Twitters!

Of course, Vegas fans immediately mentioned the font used on the sign is very familiar.

Fans of other Strip casinos mentioned they were reminded of signage from Wynn, Venetian and Bellagio.

The items on the sign warrant a deeper dive, including some new details we’ve ferreted out.

Nothing’s been officially confirmed by Resorts World, but our sources are pretty confident.

Let’s work our way through the sign, shan’t we?

Resorts World sign font

Have at it, font nerds.

So, what’s The Spine?

Well, we understand that’s the name of the retail shopping area of the resort. It’s the part that extends from the main structure toward Las Vegas Blvd. At the end of The Spine is the nightclub, Zouk.

Resorts World directions

Circus Circus should totally do a rendering where Resorts World is grayed out. Feud!

At first, we thought The Spine might be a lounge, then we could’ve lobbied to have the name changed to LumBar.

Because our marketing genius knows no bounds, that’s why.

Resorts World is being tight-lipped about its retail offerings, but give us a minute.

Working our way down the sign, there’s the Las Vegas Loop. That’s the resort’s station for the underground transportation system from Elon Musk. Here’s a look at the proposed station at Resorts World.

Resorts World tunnel station

Self-driving Teslas are the new rideshare.

The sign’s reference to “Crockfords Gaming” is the casino’s high limit area, with tables and slot machines, according to our source.

Crockfords is just one of the hotel brands under Resorts World’s roof. (It’s sort of like Four Seasons at Mandalay Bay or Nobu at Caesars Palace.)

Resorts World will also boast Hilton and Conrad. Yes, all within the same resort. There will be a quiz.

Resorts World entrances

In this Resorts World model, you can see three different entrances for each of the hotel brands—Hilton, Conrad and Crockfords.

Next up, Dawg House. We’re pretty sure this venue hasn’t been announced yet. Oopsie.

We hear this is going to be like Nashville Live, which we’ve never heard of, but it’s a venue that will have live music, food and drink. Think Gilley’s.

Dawg House comes from Steve Ford, one of the partners in Loser’s bar. Vegas fans know that name as it has a location at MGM Grand.

Bonus scoop: Dawg House will be home to the resort’s sports book. That’s probably why the sign says the sports book is in the same direction as Dawg House.

There’s some question as to who will run the sports book. We hear it was supposed to be Draft Kings, but there was some drama, so they’re probably not going to be it.

The final item on the sign is the Theatre. Very fancy spelling!

The only scoop we have about the “theatre” is Celine might have a residency there. Also unconfirmed.

Celine Dion Resorts World

We made a graphic. It has to happen.

That’s it for the sign, but that doesn’t mean we’re done with the scoop. Do you know this blog at all?

Apparently, Resorts World has been holding out on us, as we absolutely love the name of a new restaurant planned for the resort: “Sun’s Out! Buns Out!”

Absolute gold, and confirmation Las Vegas is healing.

It sounds like “Sun’s Out! Buns Out!” will be visually similar to Eggslut at Cosmopolitan, except unlike Eggslut, it will actually be good.

We’ve also heard the resort’s $4.2 million Japanese restaurant, Umi Umi, is getting a name change.

There is also expected to be a five-star Chinese restaurant, Silk, and an associated lounge, Silk Road. Fun fact: Another Silk Road restaurant closed at Vdara in 2011.

Also expect there to be a lounge from Clique Hospitality in the mix. Clique runs a number of venues in Las Vegas, including Clique Lounge at Cosmopolitan and Tailgate Social at Palace Station.

There’s already buzz about Resorts World’s center bar, with stalactite-like protrusions and other eye-popping features.

Still to be announced is a quick-serve deli just off the resort’s poker room.

Guests at Resorts World can also look forward to an Asian-themed food court (we doubt they’ll call it a food court, internally it’s referred to as an “Urban Food Street”) that will run along the majority (roughly 80%) of the south side of the hotel’s casino floor.

The food court will reportedly be managed by Lim Keong Hui, son of Genting Group Chairman Lim Kok Thay. Genting, based in Malaysia, owns Resorts World. Lim Keong Hui will also run the resort’s nightclub, the aforementioned Zouk.

Resorts World nightclub

Resorts World is swinging for the fences with Zouk. Please hold us.

The massive food court is inspired by a Hong Kong urban street market with a variety of carts and kiosks. (Try not to think about Lucky Dragon or Kind Heaven or F.A.M.E., thanks.)

There will apparently be a speakeasy, along with a 10-foot-tall lucky cat at the center of the space. Resorts World, we don’t ask for much, but please throw us the lucky cat rendering. There used to be a lucky cat at Cosmopolitan and it was adorable.

Lucky cat Cosmopolitan

Cosmo’s lucky cat was nine feet tall and could predict the future. We can’t wait to see the one at Resorts World.

That’s about all the scoop we’ve got bandwidth for today, but you can bet we’ll be keeping an eye on Resorts World as the opening approaches this summer.

It’s going to be sensory overload, and it’s a great time for Las Vegas to deliver its trademark over-the-top OMFG again.

No pressure, Resorts World.

Update (2/19/21): Let’s add this juicy item to our list of scoop. We’ve heard Resorts World has signed residency deals with Tiesto and Zedd for its Zouk nightclub. A Resorts World rep says, “No residents have been confirmed for Zouk at this time.”

Update (2/22/21): We heard back from a Resorts World rep, who said, “No new news on an opening date. We’re still on track for this summer, but have not selected an official opening date at this time as we’re watching the market closely.” So you’re telling us there’s a chance.

Update (3/7/21): Naturally, Resorts World confirmed our scoop about Clique. The lounge will be called Gatsby’s Cocktail Lounge.

Wynn Room Renovations Previewed Inside Wynn at Home Store at Wynn Plaza

Wynn fans can now get an in-person look at the decor which will populate the resort’s upcoming hotel room renovation at Wynn Las Vegas.

The Wynn at Home store in Wynn Plaza now boasts furniture, artwork, decorative accessories and other items which will be rolled out in the room renovation slated for 2022.

Word of the store’s recent “transformation” was shared via an internal communication by Todd Lenahan, President and Chief Creative Officer of Wynn Design & Development.

Then again, it’s us, so is any “internal communication” really “internal”?

Wynn at Home shop

Everything you see will be used in Wynn’s upcoming room renovations and is also for sale. Admit it, your house could use a little Wynn.

Those who pop in at the Wynn at Home store can see photos of what the new Wynn rooms and suites will look like, too.

The room overhaul was delayed due to the pandemic.

Wynn renovations 2022

Wynn’s rooms are getting some work done.

The store is more than just a preview of things to come, of course.

Guests can purchase the items on display, and can get things like Wynn robes (comfy AF) and even Wynn’s signature fragrance to tide them over until their next Wynn visit.

Wynn fragrance

Wynn’s signature fragrance is named after our favorite Prince song, Asian Rain.

Lenahan says, “In the store, before the redesign, we presented a lot of the in-room products that are found in our hotel rooms, such as our bedding and some of our bath amenities. With this new design, we’ve introduced a whole new layer of products and elements that tell the story about the renovation for the Wynn Las Vegas tower in 2022.”

Lenahan makes the point all the items in the Wynn at Home store are custom and exclusive to Wynn Las Vegas, the furnishings aren’t available at any other retailer in the world.

Wynn room renovation

Being around Wynn resort stuff just makes you feel fancier.

Lenahan continues, “You’ll see that the rooms have greater layers than we’ve had in the past. They’re rich, they’re textural, they’re every bit as colorful, but in a way that feels more like a fantastic residence than it feels like a hotel room.”

Some of the items on display will be in all the new Wynn rooms, some will be utilized only in villas and suites.

We are not an interior design person, but we pretty much loved everything on display in the Wynn at Home shop.

Todd Lenahan had big Berlutis to fill when he inherited the Wynn design gig from superstar designer Roger Thomas. Thomas, longtime collaborator of disgraced former casino mogul Steve Wynn, retired at the end of 2019.

In our layperson’s humble opinion, Todd Lenahan is kicking ass and taking swatches. Or something.

Wynn room renovation

Dude’s right. It feels more like home than a hotel room. Unless you have a Todd Lenahan, then your home is probably pretty awesome.

It’s worth noting guests can use their Wynn Rewards comp dollars to make purchases at the Wynn at Home store.

There’s a new program in the works called Shop Wynn Rewards. This program allows customers to use their comp dollars to purchase a variety of products. We got a sneak preview of what’s in the works.

Wynn Rewards comp dollars

Comp dollars are like real money only you get them from gambling rather than having a job.

The Wynn at Home store is open 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

When we stopped by, it was very quiet at Wynn Plaza (one of the reasons Wynn Resorts parking is free, at least for the time being).

Wynn Plaza has rearranged some of its art, including swapping out its Smiling King Bear sculpture (the thought was it was blocking the view of the mall from potential customers) with the $3 million Arrows and Flower Neon Sign.

Wynn Plaza art

A sign says, “Pricing upon request,” so this neon beauty is for sale. Keep an eye out for it.

Wynn Plaza has under-performed since it opened (with half the anticipated number of tenants) in 2018, and we suspect the lack of international travelers has caused the situation to worsen in recent months.

Which is a shame, because Wynn Plaza is stunning, opulent and immaculate. While you’re there, we guarantee you’ll see things you never knew existed. You probably can’t afford anything, but that’s hardly the point.

This place is far too awesome to be this empty, so put Wynn Plaza and the Wynn at Home store on your Vegas must-do list.

Here’s more from the Wynn at Home store.

Gamblers General Store Moves to New Location

A longtime go-to shop for gambling-related products in downtown Las Vegas, Gamblers General Store, has pulled up stakes and moved to a new location.

Thankfully, the store has only move about 180 feet from its former location, so customers shouldn’t have too much trouble locating it.

Here’s a look a the new digs.

Gamblers General Store

Two words: Dice table felt. Take it home. Learn the game. Get back to Vegas and stick it to The Man. Not to be confused with the “stickman.” Different thing.

The new address for Gamblers General Store is 727 S. Main St., Las Vegas, NV 89101.

From what we hear, the rent got too high at the former location, so the business made a move.

Here’s a hastily-assembled video for a look inside.

At the former location, there were several attempts at a restaurant inside the store’s footprint, but the most recent (and most promising), Dough Dough’s Hawaiian Cafe, tanked.

The restaurant closed “temporarily,” but the operators never came back. It appears no restaurant is in the cards for the new Gamblers General Store location.

Gamblers General Store

If you like gambling, this is the place for you. If not, WTF is wrong with you?

Gamblers General Store has been in operation since 1984. The store boasts 15,000 gambling products, including not only cards, dice and chips, but also items with awesome names like “lammers.”

Beyond the retail shop, the company’s makes some bank with personalized custom chips. Gamblers General Store has made chips for TV shows and movies, including “The Sopranos,” “Ocean’s 11” and even “Casino.” Both Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman and former Mayor Oscar Goodman get their promotional chips from Gamblers General Store, and that’s endorsement enough for us.

Our home is pretty much a hoarder’s paradise for items we’ve gotten from the Gamblers General Store, so check it out if you’re in the neighborhood.

Learn more at the official Web site.

Sprinkles Cupcakes to Close at Linq Promenade

The flagship location of Sprinkles Cupcakes is set to close at Linq promenade on July 5, 2019.

Sprinkles has been a fixture at the Linq shopping district since it opened in 2014. To its credit, Sprinkles lasted longer than many of the mall’s original tenants.

Sprinkles cupcakes

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because frosting.

According to a notice posted at Sprinkles, the store will expand to “two new locations on The Strip this fall.”

Sprinkles closed

Always look on the bright side of life. Thanks to James T. for the pic.

Sprinkles made headlines for its cupcake ATM. The Sprinkles cupcake ATM was touted as the world’s first.

Cupcake ATM

Cupcakes, direct to your face.

Sprinkles opened its original location in Beverly Hills in 2005. The company has more than 30 locations across the country.

The company was founded by Candace Nelson, who we took a photo of in 2014, because we’ve taken a photo of virtually everything.

Candace Nelson

We’re a big fan of scoop.

Yes, they served ice cream, too. And cookies. But it was really about the cupcakes.

While we didn’t visit Sprinkles too often, we’re a little sad to see it go. Because whenever a cupcake store closes, an angel loses its moobs. Or something.

Speaking of moobs.

Oh, sure. Now, you’re drooling. If you’d visited more, there would still be a Sprinkles at Linq!

It seems the Linq promenade has already found a replacement for Sprinkles, Icebar. Icebar opens in November 2019. Visit the official site.


It’s hard to be broken up about liquor replacing baked goods, sorry.

Sprinkles is being tight-lipped about the two new Vegas locations, but we trust we’ll see the return of these master bakers soon.

Oh, like we were going to get through an entire story without a single “master baker” reference. Do you know this blog at all?

Update (7/7/19): Word on the street is Sprinkles has struck deals with MGM Resorts, and the most likely candidates for future Sprinkles locations are Aria and MGM Grand (Park MGM is also a contender). For the record, Sprinkles has officially said “no comment.” Cupcake scoop for the win.

What’s Next: Gift Shop at Excalibur Rolls Out Surge Pricing

It seems like we’re often the bearer of bad news, but somebody has to do it.

A guest of Excalibur has informed us the resort’s 24/7 gift and sundry shop is now using surge pricing. We stopped by to confirm, and it’s true.

Surge pricing, of course, is most closely associated with Uber, the rideshare service. At times when demand is highest, Uber bumps up their prices.

We’ve shared some Las Vegas restaurants and bars use surge pricing, but we’ve never heard about it happening at a hotel gift shop.

Excalibur 24/7 store

The last time we were at 24/7, we were admiring the tiaras. No, really.

There are virtually no prices on the items in Excalibur’s 24/7 sundry shop, including on things like toothpaste, sunscreen, bottled water, Pepto and snacks.

Guests are only informed of prices when they check out. Surprise!

We asked a cashier, “How do customers know how much things cost?” She replied, “They ask me and I tell them.”

No, really.

surge pricing Las Vegas

Enjoy gambling? That’s what you’re doing when you purchase these items, because you have no idea what they cost until check-out.

Employees at the store communicated to one customer prices are based upon demand, specifically, hotel occupancy. The higher the occupancy, the higher the prices.

From what we can tell, this reeks of bean counters (commonly referred to as “consultants”) and MGM 2020. MGM Resorts owns Excalibur, by the way.

MGM 2020 is a massive cost-saving initiative. The plan is supposed to save the company $200 million by 2020 and another $100 million by 2021. Dozens of top executives have left the company, and hundreds of managers and directors were recently laid off, with 1,000 more to be let go in the weeks to come. Read more.

We’ve also shared machines will be replacing service bartenders as part of MGM 2020.

MGM Resorts has been scrutinizing every aspect of its business to increase profits, and we suspect they’ve done market research showing tourists don’t particularly care if their sundry store dental floss is $3 or $4 when they’re on vacation. If they don’t seem to care, why commit yourself to the lower price when demand goes up? (Related: If people still play triple zero roulette, why not make it even more of a thing?)


Has anyone ever actually seen a sundry?

While incredibly annoying, we can’t really fault MGM Resorts for trying to increase revenue and profit, but there’s just something that seems wrong about surge pricing.

It feels like being nickel-and-dimed.

Resort convenience stores have always been a bit of a price gouge, and it compounds the frustration not knowing what you’ll be paying until you check out.

We’ve been beating the drum that visitor perceptions about nickel-and-diming are changing visitation patterns, and in combination with increased competition across the country, Las Vegas casinos are suffering.

It’s unknown if other gift shops at other MGM casinos will being implementing surge pricing (hint: they will).

Update (5/20/19): We’re hearing surge pricing is now common at resort gift shops both at MGM Resorts hotels and Caesars Entertainment. Two hotels mentioned specifically were Flamingo and Rio.

In Vegas at the moment, analytics drive everything. MGM Resorts has said MGM 2020 will include “key investments in technology” which will “lay the groundwork for the company’s digital transformation to drive revenue growth.”

Excalibur surge pricing

The name of this store could be 27/4 or 274, you just don’t know. Visual metaphors for the win!

Surge pricing is all about collecting data and determining what the market will bear, then adjusting prices based upon demand. “Dynamic pricing” is how MGM Resorts referred to this pricing in an earnings call.

It may be smart business, but it’s likely to be perceived as just another way Las Vegas is squeezing every penny from visitors.

There are glimmers of hope, of course. Wynn and Encore recently announced they’re rolling back paid parking (no validation needed). Other Las Vegas resorts are offering room packages that drop dreaded resort fees.

We’d love to hear your thoughts, and if you find yourself in a casino gift shop with surge pricing, let us know.

Wynn Plaza Shopping Complex Opens Sans Hoopla

After months of keeping us in suspense, Wynn Las Vegas has opened its Wynn Plaza shopping promenade with virtually no fanfare.

The 70,000-square-foot Wynn Plaza made its under-the-radar debut on Oct. 11, 2018.

It’s a beauty.

Wynn Plaza

Wynn Plaza has been teasing us for months, now we finally get to be all up inside it.

Wynn Plaza boasts a new must-see piece of artwork, Smiling King Bear by Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel.

Smiling King Bear is 16 feet tall and is done in the artist’s signature prismatic style, which is definitely something we didn’t just copy and paste from a news release.

Wynn Plaza

Do not try this at home. We just told you the thing is 16 feet tall.

While Wynn Plaza is slated to have about 25 tenants, it’s worth noting the shopping center opened with about half that number. We trust that’s the reason for months of delays, and the aforementioned lack of flair around the mall launch.

Remember, Wynn Plaza is part of Wynn Las Vegas.

Back in the day, the former CEO would’ve not only insisted all the stores be in place when the mall opened, he’d have arranged for fireworks or a parade or something over-the top to mark the occasion.

Back when Steve Wynn opened Mirage, there was an erupting volcano.

When he opened Bellagio, there were dancing fountains.

When he opened Wynn Las Vegas, the whole world was watching.

But times have changed. Steve Wynn is no longer at the helm of Wynn Las Vegas due to a cavalcade of sexual misconduct allegations, and not only that, Wynn Plaza isn’t even the sole owner of Wynn Las Vegas.

Wynn Resorts sold half (49.9%) the ownership of Wynn Plaza (and other retail space at Wynn and Encore) to Crown Acquisitions in late 2016.

Wynn Plaza

Vegas is so cool, even our shopping malls are a feast for the eyes.

Does the co-ownership or half occupancy explain why there was no celebration around the opening of Wynn Plaza? Who knows. We’re not even entirely sure we care. It’s shopping.

Still, we love shiny new things in Las Vegas, and Wynn Plaza is certainly that.

Wynn Plaza

There’s even a nod to the Parasol Up and Parasol Down bars inside Wynn. We have no idea if it’s a nod, but using the word “nod” serves to make us sound smarter.

Beyond the multi-colored bear, there’s another piece of high-profile art at the other end of the mall, Arrows and Flower Neon Sign by Takashi Murakami and Virgil Abloh.

Takashi Murakami is known, of course, for revitalizing traditional narratives of transcendence and enlightenment. The Internet, it seems, has a lifesaving news release for every occasion.

Wynn Plaza

Three million bucks! With that, you could get upwards of six handbags at Wynn Plaza.

The security guard said the artwork is valued at $3 million. We are clearly in the wrong line of work.

Did we mention it moves?

There are currently two dining options at Wynn Plaza, the highly-regarded Cipriani and Urth Caffe.

Wynn Plaza

Urth Caffe is a top, Cipriani is a bottom.

We can’t wait to give Cipriani restaurant and bar a try, not only because of the warm, welcoming decor, but also because they didn’t kick us out for taking photos of the place.

Wynn Plaza Cipriani

There’s a lot to love about Cipriani, and we didn’t even look at a menu.

Urth Caffe looks appealing as well, and not just because it has a metric ass-ton of desserts on display.

Wynn Plaza

Urth is described as a “European-style coffee shop,” which we assume means it doesn’t shave its legs.

We weren’t kidding about the desserts.

Wynn Plaza

When you’re wealthy, you can just order the calories to not adhere to your thighs.

Wynn Plaza has a number of luxury brands, approximately zero of which we’re the target audience of. To make things even more awkward, no one that shops at Wynn Plaza would ever end a sentence with a preposition.

Wynn Plaza also has an indoor cycling center, SoulCycle. Which is just sort of weird. Partially because it’s in a mall. But also because it sounds like people may voluntarily exercise.

The folks at Wynn Plaza have obviously taken a lot of time and care in both designing the space (credit for that goes to longtime Steve Wynn collaborator Roger Thomas) and selecting tenants.

Here’s an interview with the Wynn Las Vegas retail guy.

While we’re not a shopping person (we own a total of one blazer), we suspect affluent shoppers will appreciate the stunning design of Wynn Plaza as well as the brands offered, a number of which are new to Las Vegas.

Wynn Plaza

It’s not that Celine, but the brand confusion could work in the store’s favor.

Despite the fact half of the stores aren’t open yet, things should pick up moving into the holiday season, and Wynn Plaza is well worth a stop.

Eventually, people are going to notice if you only have one blazer.

Wynn Plaza

[img src=]2380
[img src=]2120
[img src=]1880
[img src=]2210
[img src=]1860
[img src=]1620
[img src=]1580
[img src=]1560
[img src=]1600
[img src=]1860
[img src=]1780
[img src=]1640
[img src=]1730
[img src=]1680
[img src=]1450
[img src=]1650
[img src=]1730
[img src=]1500
[img src=]1380
[img src=]1510
[img src=]1740
[img src=]3120