Las Vegas Performers Join Forces to Support Nonprofit Win-Win Entertainment at “Headliners Bash”

Las Vegas entertainers from up and down The Strip came out in force to support a local charity, Win-Win Entertainment, on Nov. 22, 2013.

Kristef Brothers

You know, Vegas.

Win-Win Entertainment is the brainchild of Quad headliner Jeff Civillico, whose “Comedy in Action” is one of our favorite family-friendly shows in Las Vegas.

Win-Win Entertainment connects Strip performers with charities, providing assistance with entertainment and other logistics to help nonprofits with their own fundraising efforts. Civillico describes the organization as “a charity’s charity.”

Jeff Civillico, second from left, goofs around with members of the "Million Dollar Quartet" cast.

Jeff Civillico, second from left, goofs around with members of the “Million Dollar Quartet” cast.

The Win-Win Headliners Bash at The Quad featured a powerhouse line-up of Sin City performers.

Among those who performed were Frankie Moreno (Stratosphere headliner, pictured below) and Travis Cloer, who plays Frankie Valli in “Jersey Boys” at Paris Las Vegas.

Stud quotient, filled. Frankie Moreno performs at The Stratosphere.

Stud quotient, filled. Frankie Moreno performs at The Stratosphere.

A stand-out moment of the show came when Paris headliner Taylor Hicks took the stage. This guy is off-the-charts talented, and if you think you know what he can do from his win on “American Idol,” better think again.

Taylor Hicks just grabbed the top spot on our list of "Shows We Want to See in Las Vegas."

Taylor Hicks just grabbed the top spot on our list of “Shows We Want to See in Las Vegas.”

But the star power didn’t end there. Also appearing in the fundraiser were “Recycled Percussion” (who appear at The Quad) and several cast members from “Million Dollar Quartet” at Harrah’s.

Felice Garcia,"Million Dollar Quartet"

Felice Garcia, the female lead of “Million Dollar Quartet.” You’re welcome.

Did you think we were done? The Headliners Bash audience was also treated to segments by comedy-balance artists The Kristef Brothers, a Shania Twain tribute artist from “Divas Las Vegas” at The Quad, and a song or two from the cast of Human Nature (performing at The Venetian). It was the first time Human Nature had performed on the stage since their move to Venetian after a successful run at The Quad.

Human Nature, complete with mustaches in honor of Movember.

Human Nature, complete with mustaches in honor of “Movember,” an effort which raises awareness about men’s health issues.

Garnering the longest standing ovation of the night was Véronic DiCaire, who headlines in “Véronic Voices” at Bally’s Las Vegas. The woman hit notes that haven’t even technically been invented yet.

Véronic DiCaire

When singing impressionist Véronic DiCaire performs, you get 10 shows in one.

Another of our favorite Strip performers, Mac King, added some magic and levity to the proceedings. He does one trick we’ve seen 140 times and still have no clue how it’s done. He holds an empty handkerchief in front of him (“It’s not empty!”), then asks a random person in the audience to shout out their favorite drink. This night, it was a Budweiser. Of course, under the handkerchief is a bottle of the beer. A real bottle, that specific brand, with actual beer. We’ll figure it out someday.

Mac King

Please stop making us feel stupid, comedy-magician Mac King. Thanks.

The show was hosted by Las Vegas fixture Clint Holmes and his wife, Kelly Clinton-Holmes.

Clint and Brenda Holmes are adorable.

Clint and Brenda Holmes are adorable. You can tell from the look.

Win-Win Entertainment founder Jeff Civillico kept a low profile at the Headliners Bash, but did perform some juggling with glowing clubs and balls. If you look closely, you can see he expertly threw his clubs in the shape of a flamingo, a shout-out to Flamingo Las Vegas, right next door to The Quad. Which we’re sure he did intentionally.

Jeff Civillico

Use your imagination. This was the best photo we could get in the dark.

It was awesome seeing so many Las Vegas entertainers, and hundreds of supporters, coming out to help the community. Find out more about Win-Win Entertainment, and congrats to our buddy Jeff Civillico and everyone involved with this worthwhile charity.

Enjoy more photos, including at least two more of actress and singer Felice Garcia. Because we’re thorough like that.

Win-Win Headliners Bash

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  • John Herman

    Maybe I missed some sort of sophisticated joke but Clint Holmes’ wife is Kelly Clinton.

    • vitalvegas

      Nope, no joke. We screwed up. Thanks for the correction!