Las Vegas North Premium Outlets to Charge for Parking

Yes, we even break Las Vegas shopping mall news.

The Las Vegas North Premium Outlets mall will begin charging for parking on March 27, 2018.

Las Vegas North Outlet Malls paid parking

Remember guys, don’t tell your significant other you hate shopping. Tell them you’re taking a stand against paid parking policies!

The move follows in the footsteps of Las Vegas casinos, despite people actually being interested in casinos.

Here’s a letter from the mall’s management company, Simon Property Group, that spells out some of the details of the new paid parking policies at Las Vegas North Premium Outlets.

North Premium Outlets Las Vegas paid parking

Tenants be like, “How is this helping me, again?”

Nevada residents will continue to park free, as will employees of the mall and tour buses.

The cost of parking will be flat $5.

The 40-acre Las Vegas North Premium Outlets has about 175 designer and name-brand outlet stores. The mall touts the fact the stores offer savings of 25% to 65% off. Notable outlets include Coach, Kate Spade New York, Michael Kors, Neiman Marcus Last Call Studio, Nike, Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th, Tory Burch and others.

The mall opened in August 2003.

For better or worse, the dam has broken in Las Vegas when it comes to paid parking. And, by that, we mean “worse,” of course.

It’s likely Las Vegas North Premium Outlets is testing the waters with its new paid parking policy, with an eye toward evaluating the impact on tenants.

We continue to hold out hope that if businesses are negatively impacted by charging for parking, they’ll roll those fees back.

We’re delusional like that.

26 thoughts on “Las Vegas North Premium Outlets to Charge for Parking

  1. AccessVegas

    One of the reasons some visitors rent a car is to include a stop at the outlet mall. And think about the drive-in visitors from California who might hit it (and have a trunk to fill up with stuff they buy). This is spitting in the face of both of them.

    1. Angela

      $5 isn’t going to kill these drive ins from CA. Everywhere I go in Southern CA they charge to park. Ever stay at a hotel near the beach? Get ready to spend $30 a night for the privilege of parking your car at the hotel you’re staying in. We are just returning the favor.

  2. VegasSlushy

    This is very, very interesting.

    As has been said before, if you build in a landlocked, high-density district, like a major downtown, you have to pay for parking, as there’s not nearly enough to go around.

    I’ve never been to this outlet mall. But it ain’t downtown, I know that. (Kinda close, so I’m told, unless I’m confusing it with another outlet mall.) They obviously didn’t need to charge for parking for all these years, and I doubt the demand is so great that people are turned away because they can’t get a parking spot. If that is correct, then this should be a very, very interesting test.

    I suspect that, just like strip casino parking fees, people will grumble and continue to do what they are use to, even if it costs $5 to park. No, retail revenue won’t increase as a result of this, but will it decrease enough to impact the operations of the outlet mall? Will profits drop enough that tenants will opt out rather than stay and accept the minor incremental drop in year-over-year sales? I’m doubtful, but I’d like to see it.

    What’s next, our grocery store deciding that it isn’t making enough to offset the cost of a parking lot, and charging for us to park there, too?

  3. Funkhouser

    I think this is gonna impact people in the surrounding states the most. If it was me, my attitude would be F’em. If I had any excuse to not make a pop in at this outlet mall, this just gave me an extra one. This is a case of fleecing the customer to line the pockets of the property owner.

  4. Tommy Vercetti

    This sucks…now I have to pay to go see and touch merchandise before buying it for cheaper price on amazon….lame

    1. TheSameLames

      I’ve never really understood people who plan to go “shopping” while on vacation. I mean, I understand it in some cases…like people traveling from a place where certain stores aren’t available or something like that. But other than that…why waste your time and traveling money on shopping at the same stores that you have close to home? Actually, I prefer to go shopping BEFORE I go on a trip…then, I have great clothes for my trip.

      1. Vegas Todd

        Good point. Basically the only “shopping” that I do in Las Vegas when I’m at the blackjack table and the dealer pays me in a commemorative $5 chip.
        (yes, I collect)

  5. Mike L

    Paying for the privilege of giving them money? No way. If I were a tenant there, I’d see this as an opportunity to break the lease and high tail it out of there. Foot traffic is about to go way down. What a stupid management decision.

  6. Doug Bergman

    This is a head scratcher. There are plenty of other car accessible shopportunities in las Vegas as well as California and Utah, and this place blows even with free parking imho. That said, it sometimes gets very crowded so maybe this will relieve some of the congestion. But it can’t possibly be busy on weekdays
    My wife has occasionally shopped there while I took my son to the Children’s museum down the street, which I assume still has free parking. I hope the museum doesn’t have to pull a Caesars and start charging to keep the shopping riff Raff out.

  7. Diskobolus

    I was just there a couple weeks ago. I refuse to pay for parking just for the privilege of shopping at an outlet.

    So, my parking space is freed up. Another customer can have an enhanced experience by paying $5.

    I know it’s only a matter of time until Fashion Show mall pulls this enhanced experience parking crap. When that time comes, adios muchachos.

  8. IndyJeffrey

    With the exception of “…improve the overall parking experience.” I have no problem with any of this. I’d like to see a “spend $50 at the mall and get a validation”

    Vote with your pocketbook — don’t go if you don’t want to pay. I’d never pay.

  9. Adam

    Los Angeles does this S and I refuse to be a part of it. I won’t darken the doorstep of any shopping mall that charges parking. Especially when the superior South Coast Plaza in Orange County of all places, has ample, free parking. This might be one that comes back to bite them.

    The casinos seem like they can get back money they lose by charging more for other amenities. I’m not sure the Nike outlet is going to see a cut of this parking money (my conjecture is it won’t), but they could lose business.

    I like going to the mall if I’m a bit early driving out from California. It’s a fun time to blow a few hours if you arrive at 11 a.m. or whatnot. Now I’ll just drive up to downtown Summerlin (wait, does it charge for parking, too?) or maybe just stop in Primm. I can’t be the only one who feels this way.

  10. Strkr

    Well between all of the parking fees and gas and just general hassle, it certainly is making Uber/Lyft more of an obvious choice rather than renting a car in Vegas

  11. Rebecc

    What a shame !
    Come to spend our money in shops and be charged just to park our car, it’s pitiful.
    There have very big car parks so what is the reason to do that?
    Don’t waste your time and go on another place which respects foreigners
    There are shops everywhere in Vegas
    Just check on Internet

  12. Tiberio Cordeiro

    We just git back from Vegas. On the way back from golf we were going to drop in anf grab a bite to eat at the Cheesecake Factory and do some shopping.
    On principle, I saw the money grab and decide to say no, I won’t support this money grab. Went back to the hotel on the strip.
    What a stupid policy.

  13. Anna

    It’s only $5, but there are many other outlets malls that don’t charge for parking. I can buy a cup of cappuccino at starbucks for $5. Locals don’t have to pay, but tourists have to??? Im boycotting this outlet mall.

  14. DKA

    The cost to park is now $7.00 Not worth the cost unless a person is going to spend a lot. It makes the items purchased at the outlet cost more.

  15. Joanne F

    We drove around looking at parking options and were shocked at the $8.00 parking fee! We decided it negated the savings we might have had if we were to shop there for the ONE item we were looking for. Sorry Under Armour. We’ll be going elsewhere.


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