Las Vegas Looking Like Site of First Atari Hotel

According to our well-placed sources, it seems Las Vegas is now set to be the first home of an Atari Hotel.

Back in January 2020, plans were announced for eight Atari Hotels across the U.S., with the first slated for Phoenix. You know, the one in Arizona. Please try and keep up.

Now, we hear Las Vegas will leapfrog over Phoenix to get the first Atari Hotel. As it should be. Because Las Vegas.

Atari Hotel Las Vegas

We just leveled up in our pants.

Additional, less relevant, Atari Hotels are scheduled for Denver, Chicago, Austin, Seattle, San Francisco and San Jose.

When the chain of hotels was originally announced, it didn’t get a lot of buzz because there were relatively few details about financing and location. That’s still the case.

What we do know is Atari has partnered with GSD Group, touted as “a leading innovation and strategy agency, led by founder Shelly Murphy and partner Napoleon Smith III.”

Smith was a producer of the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” reboot, so he may have his finger on the demographic drawn to a video game-themed hotel.

Atari Las Vegas

Fun fact: Atari was named after a word used in a game called Go, popular in Japan.

Smith said in a news release, “When creating this brand new hotel concept, we knew Atari would be the perfect way to give guests the ‘nostalgic and retro meets modern’ look and feel we were going for. Let’s face it, how cool will it be to stay inside an Atari?”

He’s not wrong. Imagine grabbing a bite in the Space Invaders Cafe, dancing the night away at Pong Nightclub, catching some rays at the Q*bert Dayclub, shopping at Pac-Man Promenade or getting a facial at Frogger Baths & Spa.

Timing and execution, of course, are everything.

In contention for understatement of the year: It’s a very weird time to be developing a Las Vegas hotel right now.

Atari is a well-known and beloved brand, so it could have an edge others wouldn’t.

Still, while gaming (eSports gaming, not gambling gaming) is wildly popular, it’s unclear if that would translate into hotel business.

Example: The 2019 revenue from the snack bar at Luxor’s eSports arena was approximately what a typical gambler places on red in any given roulette spin.

That said, we like new and shiny things in Las Vegas, and an Atari Hotel would certainly qualify.

Also, a retro brand could draw older guests with more disposable income. That mixture of middle-aged Asteroids fans and their “Call of Duty” offspring could end up being a magical and profitable combination for Atari.

We actually took 15 seconds to try and confirm our rumor Las Vegas is now the location for the first Atari Hotel, but we haven’t heard back.

While we won’t bet money on this project coming to fruition, we’re now actively rooting for it given Las Vegas could be the first Atari Hotel outpost.

12 thoughts on “Las Vegas Looking Like Site of First Atari Hotel


    While I am also happy to see new (real) things come to Vegas, I grew up an Atari kid, and I’m not sure I see the draw. Just because I’m gen X I’m supposed to want to stay at an Atari-themed hotel? I feel like my tastes have changed a tad since I was 12 years old. And modern gamers, most of them wouldn’t know Pong if it bit them on the ankle.

    This seems to me like one of those, “let’s throw this fairly bad idea out there in the media and see if sticks to enough walls to get financing”. Filing this one away with Bleutech and the Drew.

  2. Donkey K.

    Yeah, I don’t get it either. As a video game player of the ’80s, Atari was the name for the first half of the decade. Nintendo did well with its Donkey Kong and subsequent arcade machines, but it didn’t have the name brand recognition of Atari. The home gaming system was the most notable player in the game, and Atari was miles ahead of Intellivision, Colecovision and any other company that tried to get its foot in the door, until Nintendo created its first home gaming system. Atari had its 7800 technology, but Atari was MySpace, Nintendo was Facebook. Game, set and match.

    So, given the huge nostalgic value of Atari, and it’s prominence in the first half of the ’80s, it’s not a terrible idea, but why not license a nerd hotel to one of the modern platforms. I assume it’s cheaper to license Atari and its intellectual property.

    At the end of the day, it’s a marketing gimmick and a nostalgic decor. What’s Atari really known for? Pong, Asteroids, Centipede, Breakout and Tempest are probably the biggest games they actually developed. Oh boy, a Tempest-themed hotel room!

    It’s a lame idea. Fun, but lame.

    1. stan

      I agree. Nintendo Hotel and Casino would be better. Could you imagine playing the slot machine from SMB 2? That would be money in the bank.

  3. Mark

    This kind of makes me kind of sad for myself, I actually have some information about Atari. Over three years ago I noticed Atari was developing a reboot of their gaming platform, I signed up for their email list and gave some thought about buying into their Gofund me presale. (Months passed) Three years ago they sent me a series of emails because Atari was supposed to launch the retro-but-new gaming system for Christmas, Hurry up and buy the presale now! it never came to fruition. Over the next few months I got multiple update emails. Generally speaking, it’s coming soon… we promise.

    Then they hired what appeared to be a professional executive/project manager. I know because they sent an email out about it. Work seems to have been progressing for about two years.

    My final chapter of the Atari saga (not Sega). About four months ago they sent me a new email. Atari was entering into crypto currency and starting an online casino. I looked at their website and thought, I might buy some crypto tokens if they got it up and running. I hope you are sitting down because this is shocking. The online casino is still not open but they are preselling crypto tokens.

    Perhaps they could combine the Atari hotel with the Beverly Hillbillies hotel/casino, with the WWE hotel/casino… and then they can bring in everyone on the LA to Vegas bullet train.

    1. Donkey K.

      You know Atari better than me, clearly. Interesting stuff about their recent history.

      It seems like all the Atari name is good for these days is licensing it for T-shirts and retro gaming systems where you plug and play a bunch of classic 2600 games. That was a cute fad.

  4. Mike Alexakis

    Missile Command owes me years, I was addicted, a couple of times I “turned it over”, the owner of the arcade had to unplug it to get it to re-set, it would not stop giving me more free play…

  5. Josh

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