Las Vegas Is Now Smizing Capital of the World

Las Vegas has always been known for its “service first” attitude, now casino and restaurant workers face a challenge nobody could’ve predicted: Guests can’t see their smiles.

Following the COVID-19 shutdown, casino and restaurant employees have to wear masks. That includes the folks we interact with most at casinos, including cocktail waitresses, servers and bartenders, among others.

How are casino staffers overcoming this dilemma? They’re doing what they do best, they’re smiling and taking it in stride.

Behold, the power of “smizing.”

Las Vegas smizing

Thankfully, not the buzzkill we anticipated.

From our first visit to a reopened restaurant, we noticed immediately we could tell if servers were smiling just by their eyes, also known as “smizing.”

“Smizing,” or “smiling with your eyes,” was popularized by model and TV host Tyra Banks.

Vegas may not have invented “smizing,” but our service industry employees have perfected it.

Smizing Las Vegas

Ellis Island is as welcome as ever.

Many wondered what affect masks would have on the Las Vegas experience. Would they spoil the vibe? Would they deter gamblers from hitting the tables?

Apparently, not so much.

Waitress smizing

Wolfgang Puck’s new Players Locker is wall-to-wall smizing.

Demand for hotel rooms has been stronger than expected since casinos reopened on June 4, 2020, and casino employees, especially, have managed to make customers feel welcome despite masks.

That even includes the town’s iconic showgirls.

Showgirl smizing

We can’t mask our mixed feelings about this. Thanks to Caesars Entertainment for the photo.

We’ve been all over town, and “smizing” is in full effect everywhere.


Sometimes, it’s difficult to tell if someone’s smizing, but we sort of don’t care.

Interacting with your favorite dealer or restaurant server in a mask can be disconcerting at first, but after five minutes or so, it becomes a non-issue.

Waitress mask

We never gave eyes enough credit.

You still get the banter, the attitude, the friendliness, along with the knowledge this isn’t permanent.

Las Vegas finds a way.

Vegas smizing

Ahern Hotel isn’t really even a thing yet, but smizing is.

The current over/under on how long employees will have to wear masks is 60 days.

Legions of service industry employees seem to be acclimating to the mandated safety protocols just fine, knowing their inconvenience is serving a larger purpose. Among other things, face coverings let guests know health is top-of-mind.

Masks are also a visual cue casinos are doing everything they can to assure a safe place for travelers to stay and play.

Waiter smizing

Dudes can smize, too, in case you wondered.

Let’s all hope this “new temporary” is as fleeting as a poker player’s bad beat.

We need to see those smiles again, because Las Vegas isn’t quite the same without them.

30 thoughts on “Las Vegas Is Now Smizing Capital of the World

  1. Tim D.

    Over/under 60. Yeah, I have wondered how long this mask charade will last. Flu season is over, let’s stop pretending we’re all going to die.

    Video I saw from one of the lame YouTubers showed most visitors ain’t wearin’ the mask. When the flu hype is played out in a month, masks will come off. Vegas will be Vegas again, even if somebody gets the flu.

  2. sea change

    A cute story (with great pics) about “smizing,” and

    “Demand for hotel rooms has been stronger than expected since casinos reopened June 4, 2020, and casino employees, especially, have managed to make customers feel welcome despite masks.”

    June 4, 5, 6, 7. It took four days to come up with this?

    Where’s the euphoria?


  3. Nevada4U

    “Masks let guests know health is top of mind.” Too bad the requirement to wear a mask wasn’t extended to guests too. Never mind the yahoos that simply don’t care. Whether for 30 days or 60 days, it would show how serious Nevada is about reopening optimally and carefully, without disregarding the hard work and the pain of the shutdown we are just exciting from.

  4. Eric Blair

    “… along with the knowledge this isn’t permanent.” Oh yeah? Wanna bet? Governmental overlords don’t give up power easily. I get the sense that the restrictions around the country aren’t going to be fully lifted until there is a hundred percent effective vaccine, which means masks will be around ………..forever.

    1. JP

      Yes those “governmental overlords” making people wear masks just because they can. You conspiracy nuts crack me up.

  5. Mike Alexakis

    It’s great to see those photos, makes me miss Las Vegas badly, but all the video I saw of this last weekend precludes the wife and I of visiting for quite some time, the guests showed zero sense of social distance and precious little consideration of others by their face covering aversions… Wishing away a virus is not an option for me and my family, we will go when its proven safe. I have always considered that since I am not addicted to gambling, I end up with better results as a poker player, I look for other players on tilt from gambling addiction, patience is a strength. Be safe out there, the virus is not political, but the push to get back to “normal” sure has been hijacked by politics, and set back because of it. A thousand plus dead a day is nothing to try and sweep under the rug…

    1. James K

      You could always disguise the the gambling as a protest, then the virus concerns would suddenly vanish.

  6. NotADoctor

    “A thousand plus dead a day is nothing to try and sweep under the rug…”

    You know what would save more lives than this scamdemic crockdown? Keep people away from doctors. Medical malpractice kills 685-1000 people every day. You want to save lives, start with them.

    The reason for the temperature checks at casinos is not to make it safe, it’s to get people used to access control so that eventually you will be barred entry if you do not have proof of the vaccine. Can an infected person with no fever walk right through the checkpoint, you bet. It’s useless for safety but it gets people used to having to go through “security” just like at the airport… or prison.

    1. Mike Alexakis

      Hey Doctor No, it makes exactly zero sense that they allow guests to cavort around without face coverings while they plot to bar guests in the future… You anti-vaxxers make up hilarious stories yes, but this one that suggests corporations are plotting to limit the amount of cash they suck out of visitors is not going to stick around for too long. I will believe your tripe when Bill Gates mans the temperature checks himself…

      1. O2

        The anti-vaxxer label is the perfect guise for fear of needles. Every year when they’re giving free flu shots at work, it’s always the people with the BIGGEST TRUCKS (if you know what I mean) who decline the vaccination because of some asinine story they invented years ago and are sticking to it. I finally figured it out when I began matching the anti-vaxxers with their vehicles.

          1. matthew roberts

            Because you should definitely trust people you don’t know on YouTube before licensed and regulated medical research

          2. Bigger Brother

            Unlike medical professionals, the government doesn’t control who spills the truth on YouTube.

            OR DOES IT?

      2. NotADoctor

        The casino’s are just as greedy as ever, don’t worry. They are doing what the gaming commission requires. This wasn’t the casino’s idea and I’d bet they would just as soon not do it.

        So tell me then what is the point of a temperature check when a fully contagious person can easily get through with no fever? It gives people a false sense of security which is dangerous in itself.

        If the barriers come down and free access is granted to all again then I will be more than happy to admit I’m wrong, but until that time comes expect resistance to this useless and dangerous idea.

        1. Mike Alexakis

          You should be able to glean from my original post that I consider the temperature checks and lax face covering policies as a bar to my entry, temperature checks by themselves give me no comfort, obviously people without fevers spread the virus around… My beef is that masks are not required of everyone, and that social distancing is not being enforced stringently. I guess both of us will wait this out, for different reasons, be safe, this virus can certainly kill…

      3. Oh boy!!

        Sounds like you just won’t go. Ahhh what a shame. This “thing” is over and ridiculous. Relax! Nobody is sneezing on you. Obviously by the videos… nobody cares and nobody should and IF you do…. then you’re choice stay home. It’s my choice to not wear a mask and it’s the choice of the casino to make mandatory masks for everyone. Everyone gets a choice!!! I love it!!! Stop playing god!!! Let people live.

        1. Cristobal

          Shouldn’t you be at the casino now? Or did you manage to sneak that denigrating comment in during a dealer shuffle?

  7. NotADoctor

    “Because you should definitely trust people you don’t know on YouTube before licensed and regulated medical research”

    I don’t trust a group of people who are killing 685-1000 people every day through their mistakes. I don’t expect you to know this, but if you research it you will find that most doctors don’t know jack about the vaccines they are injecting. The medical training on vaccines for doctors and nurses amounts to them saying, it’s safe, don’t worry about it.

    1. all is well

      In case you don’t know already, research and falling for vitamin advertisement scams aren’t the same thing.

      1. NotADoctor

        In case you don’t know, having an opinion and having knowledge aren’t the same thing.

        If you go to the link above you will find some first hand testimony of nurses who explain what little training they went through for vaccines.

        The me too movement got everyone to pay attention to the victims of sexual harassment, what does it take to get people to pay attention to the vaccine injured?

  8. Janjira Williams

    I got to wear mask for all shifts. I hope the guests can feel my smile. I’m happy to see business in Vegas again.

  9. Steven

    Fun article besides all the banter going on in the comments. The employees don’t have a choice in wearing these and glad they are making the best of it.

  10. Brandon Outfall

    I’ve been honing my scowzing and snarzing skills lest strangers mistakenly underestimate my unapproachability.


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