Las Vegas Gets New Pro Sports Team, Vegas Knight Hawks

Despite out best efforts, Las Vegas is getting another professional sports team, the Vegas Knight

It’s indoor football, so don’t get too excited.

Shout-out to Sylvester Stallone and everyone who has no idea why that deserves a shout-out.

If the Vegas Knight Hawks name sounds familiar, that’s because the Las Vegas hockey team is called the Vegas Golden Knights.

Both teams are owned by gazillionaire Bill Foley.

The Vegas Knight Hawks will play at the under-construction Dollar Loan Center, proof positive
some naming rights deals aren’t worth it, no matter how much revenue is generated.

On the bright side, predatory lending now has an upside: More places to play sports!

The Dollar Loan Center is located in Henderson, Nevada, so we’re not even sure we’re obligated to report this news as being Vegas-related, but we’ll just play along.

The Dollar Loan Center will also be home to the Henderson Silver Knights, another professional
hockey team that plays in the AHL (American Hockey League), a league for players who dream every night about playing in NHL. Are we doing sports analysis right?

Bill Foley (pictured below) also owns the Henderson Silver Knights.

Bill Foley

Raiders owner Mark Davis has done a lot for Vegas sports, but Bill Foley did it without taxpayer money, so he wins.

The announcement of the Vegas Knight Hawks was accompanied by a glorious brand description, obviously written by someone who’s taken more than a few checks to the head.

Chill on the brand story, bro, it’s sports.

The Vegas Knight Hawks’ first head coach will be Mike Davis. He has some solid credentials, and also worked for five years with the Arena Football League where he was the General Manager of the Omaha Beef. We are not making this up.

The Arena Football League filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and went out of business in 2019,
leading to the obvious question, “Where’s the beef?”

That joke would’ve slayed in 1984.

Indoor football has a long and glorious history of not being particularly popular or successful.

It’s fun to read about the history of indoor football, as long as you aren’t too particular about how the word “fun” is defined.

It’s hard to imagine Las Vegas having any additional demand for sports, but Bill Foley seems
to have good instincts about such things. Nobody thought hockey would succeed in Las Vegas, and it’s now a definite thing for locals. Tourists really could not care less, but still.

If the Vegas Golden Knights fail, we understand Bill Foley proactively trademarked another team
name, the Vegas Folds.

Ha, we kid because we love! Ha, we also kid about kidding!

Here’s an interesting tidbit: IFL players get about $300 per game, with a $25 bonus if they’re on the winning team.

That, folks, is how you turn a profit with indoor football.

Shout-out to George Costanza.

Season tickets start at just $10. We trust that’s a per game price, although it’s indoor football, so.

It may come as a surprise we are not personally a sports person, but we would never begrudge someone a pursuit that gives them joy. Unless it gives someone joy to use paper straws. We begrudge the hell out of that.

Join us in welcoming the Vegas Knight Hawks to Las Vegas.

May their sidelines be thickly padded, their goalposts baby-sized, their inbounds one-footed and their concussions mild.

8 thoughts on “Las Vegas Gets New Pro Sports Team, Vegas Knight Hawks

  1. Mowogo

    I figure the way the team can turn a profit is by offering games at odd times to accommodate the sports books sponsoring the team

  2. Gary B.

    Not being a fan of indoor football, I can’t speak much about the sport. At some point there was Arena Football, and even some “minor league” teams playing the game. I’m old enough to remember indoor soccer being big in the ’80s. It seems that is long gone, but what do I know. Maybe it does exist. Soccer seems a little slow and dull to me. Indoor soccer was a lot more fun. But yeah, it bastardizes the sport.

    Football didn’t seem to be hurting for fans when somebody cooked up the concept of arena football. It’s goofy and high scoring. I never sensed it livened up the game in the same way indoor soccer did.

    The fact a billion teams came and went in arena leagues thru the years, and the big kahuna went belly up, suggested it was a gimmick worth forgetting. Yet here comes a new league. Crazy.

    Even Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley weren’t enough to keep arena football afloat. Perhaps the well is dry.

    But hey, if you build an arena, and can make a few thousand dollars a night running arena football games in Las Vegas, it’s better than nothing.

    By the way, the claim that tourists couldn’t care less about NHL hockey is incorrect. I’d agree, most won’t care. But there’s most definitely a group of tourists who plan trips to Vegas based upon when their preferred hockey team is in town to play the Gold Knights. A drop in the tourist bucket, but part of the Knights’ wild success is interest in games by fans of the opposing team.

  3. A. Fauci

    I’ve done my research, and yes, arena football had a decent following in smaller cities across the nation once upon a time, and in some major cities, yet failed in other major markets. Fans in Columbus, Ohio, were devastated when the AFL folded. in 2019.

    Sources: Google

  4. keith

    The name Omaha Beef reminds me of a defunct hockey development team from the ECHL based out of Macon, GA… yep you guessed it… the Macon Whoopie.

  5. Michael Alexakis

    Good sports writing, except for the sentence “nobody predicted hockey was going to be such a success”, I think the vast majority of savvy sports fans were aware years before the Golden Knights that Las Vegas was ripe for a major sports franchise. I think a more accurate depiction would be to note that nobody expected the Golden Knights to be a winning franchise so soon. When the Oakland A’s become the Las Vegas A’s, I expect it to be epic, expensive, electric, and indoors… The first team to win a championship in Las Vegas will be immortal…

  6. mikethebike

    The Indoor Football League is good summer entertainment. The players aren’t paid much (around $250 a game) and so you know they aren’t playing for the money but for the love of the game. I know that Vegas has not had the best history of the local teams (Las Vegas Sting, Gladiators and the undercapitalized Outlaws) but hopefully having them play in Henderson will be a blessing as the Knight Hawks won’t get lost in the shuffle of all of the entertainment opportunities in Las Vegas.

  7. Luis Bowman

    The Vegas Knight Hawks are a truly professional indoor football team based in Henderson, Nevada, a suburb of Las Vegas. The team is the latest sports industry addition to a market of 2.2 million that is already crowded with both team sports and annual events.


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