Las Vegas Gets First Strip Club to Accept Bitcoin

A new strip club in Las Vegas, The Legends Room, will be the first in Sin City, and possibly the world, to accept Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a digital currency understood by approximately four people, total.

The Legends Room strip club (sorry, “gentlemen’s cabaret”) opens in April 2017, and announced it will accept Bitcoin in addition to traditional forms of payment for its services.

Legends bitcoin

The Legends Room will accept not only Bitcoin, but 29 other equally baffling cryptocurrencies.

The club, located at 4416 Paradise Road, near the Hard Rock Hotel (a partner in The Legends Room), is the site of the former Club Paradise. Club Paradise closed after being embroiled in a credit card fraud scandal.

A visit to the official Legends Room site sheds no light on how the whole Bitcoin experience will work. A news release states the club’s memberships are “recorded using blockchain technology.”

We have personally read the club’s news release 141 times, and are still confounded by the cavalcade of terms like “Winklevoss ETF,” “fractional ownership,” “active aftermarket” and “liquidity opportunities.”

We’re sort of just here for the lap dances.

Bitcoin Las Vegas

How to purchase Bitcoin: 1) Create a Bitcoin wallet (like a Bitcoin bank account). 2) Find a Bitcoin ATM. 3) Scan your hand. 4) Become confused. 5) Ask the Internet for help.

Kudos to The Legends Room for being the first strip club to accept Bitcoin, or perhaps more accurately, Titcoin™. Admit it, we’ve shown extraordinary restraint and maturity not using that term before now.

In the name of giving you the exhaustive investigative journalism you so richly deserve, we’ll have to drag our prized 0.31725361 Bitcoin (currently valued at $402.76) to The Legends Room when it opens. Naturally, we’ll need to brush up on our strip club slang first.

While The Legends Room can claim it’s the first strip club to accept Bitcoin, it’s not the first adult-oriented business in Las Vegas to do so. Back in May 2014, the Bunnies of Las Vegas escort service was the first business of its kind to accept Bitcoin.

Talk about liquidity opportunities.

4 thoughts on “Las Vegas Gets First Strip Club to Accept Bitcoin

  1. RustyHammer

    Count me among the old farts who doesn’t get why Bitcoin is a thing. Of course I’ve never understood why you go to a club and spend $100 or more to watch naked women dance in front of you, then walk out with your hand in your panties and no woman to go home (or the hotel) to. Porn is so much easier.

    1. Photoncounter

      Practice makes pervert! That’s why!

      Ended up at Club Paradise a long time ago, bunch of cohorts thought it would be fun. They charged me $10 for a bottle of water! A bitcoin probaly will cover two beers and a lap dance now.


      1. sandwich

        hahaha, $1250 for two beers and a lap dance? You’re nuts. 0.002BTC for a beer at worst, and probably like 0.2-0.5BTC for a lap dance.


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