Las Vegas Ferris Wheel Opens, Takes Our Breath Away

It’s been two years in the making, but the High Roller Ferris wheel in Las Vegas has officially opened to the public, and this spectacular attraction promises to change the way we see the Las Vegas Strip forever.

High Roller Ferris wheel

You thought we were kidding?

Caesars Entertainment provided a couple of days of free rides to employees and members of the public, presumably to work out any kinks in the process of welcoming guests to the High Roller. We didn’t notice any kinks during our visit, so whatever they did worked.

There were throngs of people in The Linq shopping and entertainment district, many drawn by the 550-foot tall observation wheel.

Tickets are now available online. How much to ride, you’re asking? Finally, we know for sure. Prices have initially been set at $24.95 for daytime rides and $34.95 for rides at night. Hint: Splurge and go at night! Even better, sunset!

Las Vegas Ferris wheel

Express Pass: Ride any time, one day, skip the line. One- and Three-Day Flex Passes let you ride one time during a one or three-day window. Group rates start at $23.95 per person.

The High Roller will be open 365 days a year.

The whole High Roller operation appears to have been thoroughly thought through, so the waits are short, and guests are provided with various diversions (like artwork and video presentations) while they wait.

High Roller welcome

This mural shows off the High Roller and all the Caesars Entertainment hotels in Vegas. Note “The Quad” doesn’t appear because the hotel is going to be given another name soon. Mark our words!

While guests can’t bring outside drinks onto the High Roller, they can bring along drinks purchased at the bar inside the attraction’s “wheelhouse.” Hey, this giant-ass wheel isn’t going to pay for itself.

The bar was hopping!

High Roller bar

Cocktails were in the $9 range, so not outrageous for The Strip.

It should be noted that the High Roller Ferris wheel doesn’t have restrooms in its passenger capsules. The ride takes 30 minutes, so make sure to look for this sign before you get onto the ride!

High Roller wheel

You’re welcome.

Loading up passengers into the wheel’s cabins is an interesting feat.

The wheel doesn’t stop revolving, but moves very slowly (.89 feet per second, to be exact) so riders have the chance to enter the passenger capsules on one side while riders finishing their ride exit on the other side.

Las Vegas Ferris wheel

There’s a net, so don’t freak out.

Yeah, it’s complicated, so here’s a magnificently slapped-together video that might illuminate the process, as well as giving some sense of the incredible views from the High Roller.

The views from the High Roller are sure to take your breath away. If you love the Las Vegas Strip, it’s like seeing it for the first time all over again.

Las Vegas Ferris wheel

Those of us with a thing about heights are allowed to have a minor freak-out at this juncture, but it passes.

A ride on the High Roller is a great way to get a peek at The Linq itself.

Linq Las Vegas

That’s pretty much the whole Linq district, right down there. The Linq sits between The Quad and Flamingo Las Vegas. Yes, it’s basically an alleyway, but a very fancy one.

Our only gripe about our whole High Roller experience had very little to do with the High Roller and a lot to do with other human beings. Please, if you ride the High Roller, don’t be a window hog. We had about 30 people in our “pod,” and two delightfully oblivious people stood right in the best spot at the window and never moved an inch during the entire half-hour ride. Yes, there are 360-degree views, but certain spots are just plain better. Rude. We’re thinking these passenger pods should have been built with a eject button.

Las Vegas Ferris wheel

The high point of the ride is, you know, the high point of the ride.

The High Roller ride is silky smooth, and the whole time you’re in this engineering wonder is a tad surreal. Because the wheel’s rim is so thin, when you stand at the sides of the passenger capsule, it’s as if you’re floating in midair.

As many surmised, there are a few minutes at the beginning and end of the ride where you’re mainly looking at the backs of buildings, but that’s maybe 10 of the 30 minutes. Otherwise, you’re getting a stunning view of the world’s most beautiful city, all in a cozy, party atmosphere.

High Roller Ferris wheel

Sometimes, one’s love of the new overcomes one’s fear of the heights. Not referring to anyone specific here, of course.

Here’s a look at the history of the High Roller observation wheel, and we’ve got all the juicy facts you could ever need about this jaw-dropping new attraction on The Strip.

Our photo gallery may provide a small taste of what the High Roller Ferris wheel experience is like. But there’s only one real way to know. Hey, if we made it, anyone can make it. What are you waiting for?

High Roller Ferris Wheel Opens in Las Vegas

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6 thoughts on “Las Vegas Ferris Wheel Opens, Takes Our Breath Away

  1. Kim

    Well it’s good to know even heights wusses can get over their fear. I’m a heights wuss yet strangely intrigued and interested in taking on a ride on this thing.

  2. skeptic555

    Im not sure I get the difference between the one day and three day “flex” pricing. I get the “skip the line” thing. I get the day and night prices. But why would you buy a one day “flex” rather than just buying, you know, when you want to go? I take it the “Flex” does not include “skip the line” so what are you getting for the added cost? The ability to walk past it over and over and over until the line looks short enough? and for an extra $10 you can do that for 3 days straight? What am I missing in that pricing?

    Also, you mentioned around 30 people in your pod, and I remember reading they fit 40. Was 30 crowded? Was that as many as could hop on as it moved thru the station? Was 30 a good number, other than the unmoving window hog issue? Were there people in the pid that were unable to get a window spot at all?

    Pardon all the questions, but this is all very exciting!

    1. skeptic555

      OK, the ticket site wasnt loading for me before, and now it is. So, I take it if your only availability is for, say, 7pm, and 7pm tickets are sold out, you could pay the extra money and still go at 7 under the “flex” ticket.

  3. Matt S.

    Awesome pics & vids. I’ve been waiting what seems like forever for this thing to get rolling. Pretty amazing. I just hope I can schedule my next trip to Vegas sooner than originally planned!


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