Las Vegas Club Demolition Update: Rubble Happens

The demolition of downtown’s Las Vegas Club continues at a brisk pace.

Crews and their toys have virtually finished off the casino level of the former Las Vegas Club.

Las Vegas Club demolition

Soon, the Las Vegas Club will re-emerge as a new resort. Sort of like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, but in this case the butterfly is wearing tassels. Hey, it’s Vegas.

See our complete, borderline obsessive, coverage of the Las Vegas Club demolition.

The street-facing facades of the Las Vegas Club and Glitter Gulch strip club are being kept in place to assist with dust suppression, as well as for as aesthetic reasons. The facade of Mermaids casino was supposed to stay up as well, but the excavator guy had a little too much coffee that day. That’s our technical explanation, as we know less about demolitions than sports, which we didn’t actually think was possible.

North American Dismantling Corp., out of Michigan, has now turned it attention to the Las Vegas Club’s parking structure.

Here’s a look at the Las Vegas Club demolition site, mainly because it’s less expensive than therapy.

Workers are using a massive excavator to cut through the Las Vegas Club’s parking garage like butter, but it’s not the biggest excavator that will be used during the demolition.

Soon, a record-breaking excavator, with a reach of 182 feet, will be delivered on a fleet of trucks. It’s the longest reach excavator in the country and we’re giddy about seeing it in action.

Las Vegas Club demolition

It’s like cutting into a layer cake, but with rebar instead of frosting. Or something.

Starting in September, the shorter of the two Las Vegas Club hotel towers is slated to come down first, followed by the taller.

After a bit of clean-up, the entire 18 Fremont block will be ready for construction of a new resort from Derek and Greg Stevens (also out of Michigan, by the way), owners of The D and Golden Gate.

Demolition of the Las Vegas Club and 18 Fremont block should be completed by the end of 2017, at which point we’ll have a massive void in our lives which we hope to fill with Captain Morgan and age-inappropriate women.

Hey, you do therapy your way and we’ll do it our way.

20 thoughts on “Las Vegas Club Demolition Update: Rubble Happens

  1. BlueLantern

    I assume constuction will begin soon after demolition is complete. I know the fancy new resort without a name is slated to open in a couple of years…. at least I think I know that, so one would presume that construction will commence sooner rather than later. Is there a construction timetable that I don’t remember?

    1. JeffinOKC

      I’m guessing there isn’t asbestos everywhere. IIRC, most of the tower and parking garage construction was done after 1980. I think that is after the asbestos is bad cutoff.

  2. Photoncounter

    Not interested in crappy Captain Morgan (I’m a Ron Zacapa fan!) but if you fill the void with age inappropriate women with low standards…. just tell us when!

    Nice shots as usual!

  3. 60gregma .

    I was trying to figure out the footprint of the real estate the Stevens brothers are working with, so I pulled up Google maps satellite view and see that they will be working in pretty much the same relative space as the The Cal. What I found interesting is the graffiti on the rooftops of the buildings on this block. Is/was that rooftop graffiti a thing? The top of one of the LVC towers has “atmosphere” scrolled across it and one of the Granite Gaming buildings has a nametag (Hello, my name is:) on it. Is this stuff for real or did I find some sort of Google “Easter Egg”?

    1. JeffinOKC

      I recall Scott saying the rooftops were done up for the Life is Beautiful festival a couple years ago. Or something like that.

  4. Coop

    Once again…impressive drone footage. When are you entering the obstacle course races…Wait maybe thats a sport. Never mind.


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