Las Vegas Club Casino Closes August 19, But It’s Sort of Already Closed

The Las Vegas Club in downtown Las Vegas will close at midnight on Aug. 19, 2015.

News of the closure day and time comes after it was announced last week the casino has been sold to Derek and Greg Stevens, owners of The D Las Vegas and Golden Gate. (Until recently, the Stevens brothers were majority owners of Golden Gate, but now own it entirely.)

Las Vegas Club

The stage is set for a major shift downtown. Where we work. Because we’re lucky as a baby in a room full of nipples.

The Las Vegas Club’s rooms and restaurants have been closed for some time.

Now, the casino has shut down its table games and cocktail service, including its casino bar. In effect, the casino has closed before it’s officially closed, although the Las Vegas Club will apparently have its slot machines and casino cage operating until the bitter end.

Las Vegas Club

The Las Vegas Club was purchased for $40 million, or slightly less than we spend on Captain Morgan in a given month.

Once the casino closes, the new owners are expected to do an extensive assessment of the Las Vegas Club’s structures, including its hotel towers.

A major overhaul is anticipated and the hotel-casino, including a name and a party pit called the Vital Vixen Party Pit. Unless that last part is just wishful thinking.

Las Vegas Club

There’s nothing sadder than an empty bar. Although, “a bar we’re not currently bellied up to” runs a close second.

The relatively unexpected sale and quick closure of Las Vegas Club means those who may have fond memories of the casino won’t be able to take part in a time-honored tradition, gathering for a final round of drinks and a final spin of the dice. Or whatever you do with those things.

Las Vegas Club

A sizable portion of the Las Vegas Club is devoted to a gift shop. Folks in the store say they’ll stay open for a month, even after the casino closes.

There’s a chance visitors will gather at the casino’s outdoor bar (pictured below) leading up to the closure, but it’s unlikely the scene will be even remotely like the closing days of casinos like Riviera (we were there), Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall (we were there), O’Sheas (we were there) or Sahara (we can’t be everywhere).

Las Vegas Club

Perhaps we should try and remember Las Vegas Club the way it was. Better yet, the way it was before the way it was.

We took what is possibly our last stroll through the Las Vegas Club, and as with any casino closing, we got a little weepy remembering great times with friends and dealers and bartenders at the once-lively downtown fixture.

Here’s some video of the Las Vegas Club for posterity.

Enjoy some photos from the final days of Las Vegas Club. And if you get weepy on your keyboard or mobile device (unlikely but possible), we are not legally responsible for any damage.

Las Vegas Club Casino Closes

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6 thoughts on “Las Vegas Club Casino Closes August 19, But It’s Sort of Already Closed

  1. ElectricGypsy

    Like you, I was there for the closing of the Riv earlier this year, and by chance I was there for the closing of O’Sheas three years prior. Not bad considering I live in Minnesota.

    Unlike the Riv’s closing, the LVC isn’t being imploded, and the building was all but closed even before its sale was announced, so I guess there’s little point in making a big production out of its closure and trying to capitalize on nostalgic gamblers.

  2. boulder steve

    Only thing good about the place was the $2 Coronas. Thanks Derek for putting the Las Vegas Club out of its misery.

  3. Bill B

    Even though for the last few years the Vegas Club had been run down, ignored & all but abandoned by the owners, it’s still sad. The staff made the place. they worked hard under terrible conditions & never allowed their problems to effect the customers. I know some of these great people have been employed there for over 20 years. They were told just 24 hours before the sale they were out!
    I sincerely hope they truly are given decent employment in the Plaza by PlayLV.

      1. Bill B

        Scott is correct but how certain workers can be let go because they are members of union seems very wrong, especially as most of them worked in the LVC for decades. Is that legal?


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