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This Las Vegas Blog Has Always Had a Face for Radio

We hate having to talk about ourselves (ahem), but in Life, sometimes, you just have to do things you hate.

Recently, we were invited to do our first radio interview at the helm of, and because you have an almost unlimited amount of free time due to living in an industrialized society, we’re pretty sure you’d love to listen to it. We can make that happen!

No, we don’t have a time machine. Although, if we did, we would use it to travel back in time to Oct. 3, 2003 and distract Montecore the misunderstood tiger with some beef jerky or something, but that is neither here nor there.

We do, however, have a link to an archived version of our radio interview with Nevada Broadcasting Hall of Famer, Ira David Sternberg (pictured below).

We appreciate Ira’s infinite patience with our giving it to The Man.

Even if you don’t listen to our particular interview, we’d encourage you to listen to other shows wherein Sternberg interviews Las Vegas luminaries, performers and plain old fascinating people. (Obviously, we stick out like a sore thumb.)

Among his many accomplishments, Sternberg was the Director of Public Relations at the Tropicana from 1986-1997, but we still like him, anyway.

In case you’ve just been skimming, here’s the link to our interview again.

“Talk About Las Vegas” airs on Thursdays on KUNV 91.5, “a broadcast service of the University of Nevada.” The show is also streamed on

Thanks for letting us use your fancy-schmancy radio studio, UNLV.

About our interview, Ira David Sternberg said, “You are one of the most interesting people we’ve interviewed in my decades of professional broadcasting. Unless, of course, you’re just making up this quote to make yourself look good.”

We honestly have no idea what would make someone say that. Probably.