Las Vegas 51s Renamed Las Vegas Aviators

The Las Vegas 51s minor league baseball team has a new name, the Las Vegas Aviators.

The team was purchased by the Howard Hughes Corporation in March 2017.

Along with the announcement of the team’s name change, the company also unveiled a new logo.

Las Vegas Aviators logo

Just screams baseball, doesn’t it? And possibly Ant-Man. But mostly baseball.

While the Internet was underwhelmed by the logo, let’s face it, the Howard Hughes Corporation has a bajillion dollars and doesn’t need the Internet’s approval.

The Aviators are set to play in a shiny new stadium about 15 minutes west of the Las Vegas Strip, in the master planned community of Summerlin. Which, we should say, was a genius thing to call it, because just calling it a “community” wouldn’t have helped the marketing department one iota.

The new Aviators stadium, called the Las Vegas Ballpark, is set for completion in April 2019.

Upon reflection, they probably should’ve called it the Master Planned Las Vegas Ballpark. Because marketing.

According to a news release, the team’s name change pays homage to the company’s namesake, Howard Hughes.

Howard Hughes, of course, was a noted business magnate, pilot, film director, racist and crazy person. No, really, super racist.

Among his many accomplishments, Howard Hughes is credited with helping turn Las Vegas from a den of inequity run by organized crime to a den of inequity run by bean counters.

Hughes owned six Las Vegas casinos: Desert Inn, Castaways, Frontier, Sands, Silver Slipper and Landmark. Howard Hughes had an uncanny ability to choose casinos which would someday no longer exist.

There’s no word yet on what the Aviator’s mascot will be, so here’s our suggestion.

Las Vegas Aviators mascot

Note: If they don’t use “Wowie Howie” as a mascot name, cannabis is now legal in Las Vegas. Just saying.

The Las Vegas Aviators name was presumably chosen from “hundreds of names submitted by the general public.” David R. Weinreb, CEO of The Howard Hughes Corporation, said, “The Aviators was a popular name nominated by many Southern Nevadans.”

Back in Howard Hughes’ heyday, that assertion would’ve been described as “malarkey.” Or possibly “bunk.” Or even “hooey.” Adorable, nevertheless.

Still, it was time Las Vegas’ Triple-A baseball team got a makeover.

There’s been an inexplicable explosion of interest in sports in Las Vegas recently, including rumors of efforts to bring a Major League Baseball team to Sin City. We should know, they were our rumors.

Adios, Las Vegas 51s. Hello, Las Vegas Aviators.

Please get the hot dogs right.

8 thoughts on “Las Vegas 51s Renamed Las Vegas Aviators

  1. Dean

    I’ll still go to games but won’t buy any merchandise. That logo is hideous and so is the color scheme. Someone should get fired for approving that artwork.

    1. Cubs

      I agree 1000%!!!
      I have been going to the 51s games since 2004. My son and I went to each and every game. We were proud to wear the teams logo. Now, I would never buy or wear any of it. I think it looks so ridiculous. Frankly I wouldnt wear it if it was given to me. What is it anyways??? It seems Vegas cant get any of our teams names right like the hockey team. I was so excited about having one here until they named a Siver State team after The Golden State… California.
      When can someone get it right or as you said…fired???

      My guess would have been the Siver State Ballers” for a name. Maybe some logo fun for the kids… Not this crap.
      Wow. I didnt think I could already be this disappointed. I guess when it comes down to it…its all about money for them not baseball and the fans. Somethings are better left unchanged or if changed have some thought behind it. Hopfully the team wont strike out as BIG as their logo and name.

  2. Pax

    Why do you think that “Aviators” was a name suggested by the public? They had a team naming contest and I (for one) submitted that name as a suggestion. It’s kind of an obvious choice.

    1. Pax

      Sorry, that should read:

      Why do you doubt that “Aviators” was a name suggested by the public? They had a team naming contest and I (for one) submitted that name as a suggestion. It’s kind of an obvious choice.

  3. Vegas Insight

    I liked the use of the alien for a logo and the name 51s. Call me crazy, but I like team nicknames that are a bit odd, particularly when you’re talking about minor league sports. But I didn’t get to name the team, otherwise I’d have named it the Las Vegas Diamond Kings. They’d be the Kings, for short, and the logo would pay homage to a certain red playing card in a 52-card deck. Oh well.

  4. Bret McGough

    It would have been hard to come up with a worse logo. I have not talked to one friend or relative who has liked it and I haven’t seen one positive comment anywhere.

  5. Jeff in OKC

    Forgive me for being late and throwing in a little obvious history-the Summerlin area is in about 40 square miles that Howard Hughes bought in the early 1950s. Summerlin was Hughes father’s mother’s maiden name. Hughes was a daring pilot and aviation pioneer during the early 20th century.

    One thing I have noticed during the internet age is that every sports name or logo is disliked when it is first unveiled. Every, single, one.


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