JW Marriott Las Vegas Blvd. To Open in October 2023

It’s been quiet at the former Drew Las Vegas, formerly Fontainebleau Las Vegas.

The long-abandoned blue monster was recently purchased by Koch Real Estate Investments, in partnership with Fontainebleau Development, for $350 million.

Since the sale, nobody’s really been clear about what the place should be called. Except Marriott, apparently.

Marriott says with great confidence on its official Web site the new name of the Fontainebleau (or The Drew) will be JW Marriott Las Vegas Blvd.

The Drew sold

“JW Marriott” sounds a lot better than “Hulking Blue Monstrosity of Eye Chainsaw.”

The site also says the Las Vegas resort will open in October 2023.

Hope lives.

JW Marriott Las Vegas Blvd. will have more than 3,700 rooms and suites and 500,000-square-feet of meeting and convention space.

Marriott also says “our resort will debut Marriott International’s Edition brand.” They capitalize “Edition,” but we don’t play that.

Edition will have 900-plus rooms and suites located on the higher floors.

The resort will “mark the Las Vegas Strip’s first JW Marriott hotel with multiple retail, spa, nightlife, pool, casino and culinary experiences.”

There’s a JW Marriott Resort & Spa in Summerlin, about 15 minutes west of The Strip.

It’s possible Fontainebleau could still be called Fontainebleau, with JW Marriott as the hotel brand, but we’re going to start calling it JW Marriott LVB because the name has some gravitas and Fontainebleau has a little too much history in Las Vegas. Not the great kind.

The hotel has been sitting idle since 2009.

This time, it’s different, we said with cautious optimism.

Permits are being filed and renewed, and Koch Industries has deep enough pockets to pull this off.

Should it open as announced, JW Marriott LVB is poised to take advantage of the recent $989 million expansion to the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Given the long, WTF-filled history of Fontainebleau Las Vegas, skeptics abound. However, they need look no further than just across the street for an example of a longshot paying off.

The Echelon Place project was abandoned, too, and now the site boasts a shiny new casino resort, the $4.3 billion Resorts World.

JW Marriott Las Vegas Blvd. needs to happen, and with Koch and Marriott attached, we’re penciling in that October 2023 opening date.

Pencil, mind you, but still.

22 thoughts on “JW Marriott Las Vegas Blvd. To Open in October 2023

  1. BST

    Definitely have their work cut out . Hopefully see some activity on the site soon . It’s been a sad eyesore so long . Good luck to them 🙂

  2. Chad

    I can picture it already. With resorts world finally open. Koch real estates won’t let the property sit once again, with conventions coming back, it’s best to finish the eyesore instead of demoing the building. My only question is, wasn’t there a fire that resulted in $10 million in damage? Plus has anyone notice the broken windows on the hotel tower? It has to cost a lot to actually fix the windows & repair what was on fire. So the $3.1 billion to finish the eyesore is a lot. But I truly hope Marriott & Koch can finish the project and get the north side past resorts world alive again.

    1. Bob Kelly

      They had to break some windows to let the heat out. They found out that had they not opened some holes in the building, it would get so hot that the heat would shatter the glass. It was crazy.

  3. Andrea

    If memory serves me well, usually whichever sported the JW Marriot name in Las Vegas always ended belly up in a very short time..

    1. William Wingo

      There are several non-gaming Marriotts in town, including one arguably on the Strip near Mandalay Bay and one on Convention Center Drive, only about a mile South of FontaineDrew and East of Resorts World [1]. But if you’re talking about casino Marriotts, you may be right.
      Considering the well-publicized opening problems of RW, I’ve been saying that RW and FB might end up like a pair of bookends. Just last night it occurred to me that that prediction could be taken two ways: both might both fail–or both might succeed.
      Still, October 2023 is twenty-seven months away, If they’re serious about that date, we should see some major activity there pretty soon.

      1. http://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=36.131835&lon=-115.157350&z=16&m=bh


  4. Boulder Steve

    A lot depends on forces out of the control namely the economy. A recession could put things on hold..again

  5. Michael Alexakis

    If only half the population chooses to get vaccinated, or less as in the case of Nevada, forget about conventions coming back to Las Vegas, and certainly you can forget about gigantic new resorts being built that will require more than just brisk temporary business from Californians driving in for weekends… Show me some metrics that prove me wrong, I would love to be full of crap here, everything I am seeing recently points to looming public health measures having to be taken again, it’s depressing…

    1. Hank

      Great. Yet another theme deficient nondescript luxury glass ‘resort’ that could be dropped into any metro area. I hope this fails, and I have zero issue saying that considering it’s a Koch project.

    2. Axl87

      Get those masks out again because things are turning. The no-mask honor system doesn’t work when many people have no honor. What a joke.
      How about the casinos announce a policy of spot-checking – if you don’t have a mask then you may be asked for proof of vaccination. If you can’t produce it you’re asked to leave immediately. It’s not that difficult. Unfortunately some people want it both ways – no mask and no vaccine. Selfishness

      1. Doug

        Just 2 1/2 years into the future. Hopefully it has a better (eventual) opening weekend than its Hilton comoetitor, a/k/a Resorts World, located up the block. Another huge convention hotel. Yaaawwwwnnnnn….wake me when it’s finally done.

  6. Jackson

    JW Marriott and Edition are two separate brands. This property will contain multiple brands in the same manner that Resorts World is split into three (Hilton) brands.

    According to the linked website, the JW Marriott will have 3,700 rooms on the lower floors. The Edition will have 900+ rooms on the top floors.

    Eventually, Marriott will split out each hotel onto separate pages on the website. But, that’s not really necessary until reservations are opened.

    Also, don’t read too much into names at this point. I’ve worked in hospitality for decades. In the early stages, it’s very common to use rather generic names to identify hotels under development. They need to add the hotel to the Marriott system in order to enable group sales. Some convention groups book 5 years in advance.

    I’d bet that “Las Vegas Blvd” will get modified (perhaps multiple times) before opening. “The Las Vegas Edition” might end up being the official name of the second hotel, as that is the naming convention for that brand.

  7. Adam

    This will open about the same time that construction is finished on the ALL-NET ARENA planned for next door. So yeah, never.

  8. Jack

    Thank the Lord they dropped the name “The Drew”

    What an awful name ! I understand the man wanting to honor his deceased son Andrew but the name was just terrible as a hotel name !

  9. Patricia Simmonds

    Can’t wait I’ve been watching this place since 2010 I keep telling my husband I want to stay there when it’s open. We go to Vegas every year I hope I’m able in 2023.

  10. Chris C

    Good lord that sounds so boring. Oh well maybe it will appeal to the convention crowds. It does have a hell of a location though.


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