Tasty-As-Hell Jared’s Old-Fashioned Hot Dogs and Hamburgers Opens at Pawn Plaza

Pawn Plaza has been shuffling its deck of shops, with most of its restaurants closing in recent months. Now, it’s doubling down on classic American fare in the form of Jared’s Old-Fashioned Hot Dogs & Hamburgers.

Jared's Hot Dogs & Hamburgers

Hungry? Oh, you will be.

Jared’s has taken up residence where Smoke’s Poutinerie used to be, right next to the closed Inna Gadda di Pizza. The delicious Rita’s Italian Ice also closed as well, but the owner of Jared’s, Jared DeBehnke, is undeterred.

If anything’s going to succeed at Pawn Plaza, we’d put our money on Jared’s Old-Fashioned Hot Dogs & Hamburgers.

Fair prices. Scrumptious, fresh, tried-and-true favorites. Quick, friendly service. That’s a recipe for kicking ass in our book.

Jared's Old-Fashioned Hot Dogs and Hamburgers

Just like at the Downtown Container Park, Pawn Plaza’s shops occupy shipping containers.

The hot dogs at Jared’s are sourced out of a farm in Wyoming, but DeBehnke won’t spill about which one. We have our team of investigators on the case, though, because we’re calling these bad boys the best hot dogs in Las Vegas at the moment.

Jared's hot dogs and hamburgers

Our tastes are simple, and Jared’s knocks it out of the ballpark, frankly.

The hot dogs are 100% beef with a natural casing, and the chili is top-notch. There’s no cheese sauce, it’s grated fresh daily.

Jared's Pawn Plaza

Loved the chili, and we aren’t a chili person.

The burgers are excellent as well, and that’s saying a lot in a town where there are so many stellar hamburger joints.

The burgers are a third-of-a-pound, never frozen and the selection of a dozen or so toppings are included in the price. We enjoyed the mushrooms and onions, despite the fact we tend to like our burgers naked. Like our truth.

Jared's Pawn Plaza

Beyond the meats, we’re a big fan of the buns on both the burgers and the dogs. So much so, we’re currently licking our computer monitor.

Anything you’re able to get that you can dip into Jared’s Sauce, do.

It rocked our onion rings, but we suspect it would also be fantastic on the fries or tater tots, too. It’s a little bit honey mustard, a little BBQ. We’d put it right up there with the signature sauces at Chick-fil-A or Raising Cane’s.

Jared's Pawn Plaza

Yes, we made a Jared’s Sauce joke. Thank you for the courtesy laugh, Jared.

If Jared DeBehnke looks familiar, it’s because not only is his face on the signage, he’s the same guy who owns the Slingshot rental stand at Pawn Plaza.

When DeBehnke saw the space become available, he jumped a the chance to give a restaurant a go, and we’re happy he did, as it’s going into our lunchtime rotation.

Hear our interview with Jared DeBehnke on episode 41 of the highly-overrated Vital Vegas Podcast.

Jared's Pawn Plaza

Simple, yet all the bases are covered. Yes, that’s two sports analogies in one blog post. Hint: We’re drunk.

At the moment, Jared’s Old Fashioned Hot Dogs & Hamburgers has limited hours, during the aforementioned lunchtime, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. We suspect those hours will be expanded once positive word-of-mouth starts to spread.

For now, the only competition for Jared’s is the solid Rick’s Rollin Smoke BBQ & Tavern. The prices at Jared’s are roughly half of what Rick’s Rollin Smoke charges. Then again, Jared’s doesn’t have hooch.

Jared's Pawn Plaza

At Jared’s, it’s not about ambiance. You can’t slather mustard all over ambiance. At least not legally.

Here’s hoping the quality and prices at Jared’s Old-Fashioned Hot Dogs & Hamburgers help it thrive as Pawn Plaza sorts out its line-up of shops and restaurants.

Jared's Old-Fashioned Hot Dogs & Hamburgers

“Tasty-as-hell” apparently wouldn’t fit on the sign.

The throngs of visitors to the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, featured in “Pawn Stars,” provide a steady supply of customers (DeBehnke says they’re getting lots of downtown denizens, too), but in the past, it’s been challenging to get them to stay and spend at Pawn Plaza. We’re thinking Jared’s Old Fashioned Hot Dogs & Hamburgers is a great reason to stick around.

11 thoughts on “Tasty-As-Hell Jared’s Old-Fashioned Hot Dogs and Hamburgers Opens at Pawn Plaza

  1. RustyHammer

    Good food or not, I have never been interested in touring the pawnshop, and every review of it has suggested that my time has been better spent by not stopping by. A few restaurants and shops adjacent to it aren’t going to change my mind. I’m not sure what it would take to get me to stop at Pawn Plaza, but good hot dogs aren’t enough.

    1. Scott Roeben Post author

      I hear ya. There’s a curiosity factor, but guests have to understand the stars of the show don’t work the pawn shop counter anymore. There are lots of sightings, but it’s more about seeing where it all began.

    2. AccessVegas

      Strop listening to out-of-town Vegas “experts” who love to diss it, but have never been there? That would be a good place to start!

      Then, go across the street and up 1/2 block and (Scott, cover your eyes), have a real Cuban-born-rolled cigar at Don Vicente cigar shop. Comfy confines, good people.

      1. RustyHammer

        Every person I’ve heard that disses it is not an expert, just a regular tourist like me who wanted to see that fancy pawnshop they saw on TV. And those people went there to see it themselves. Not one enjoyed the experience enough to recommend seeing it. That says something.

        Why you’d assume the reviews I’ve heard/read are from people who have never been there, I can’t imagine.

    3. NHBill603

      The pawn shop is now basically a T-Shirt and tchotchke stand trying to milk the faithful for cash. They ‘dress the set’ when they film the TV show.

  2. Bouldersteve

    Looks good. People who go to pawn shops are not to looking for gourmet food just good old fashioned american fare at reasonable prices. I think this fits the bill.

  3. red318is

    Something about the name Jared and fast food makes me think of Subway. I don’t think that is an association they want to make.

  4. John New York

    Was at the Plaza 2 weeks ago didn’t really know of the burger joint…we got pizza and Mexican…good stuff..saw Ricks BBQ a little pricey..Chumlees candy store was cool, especially cause he was there meeting and greeting and signing autographs.


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