Insider Vegas Secrets You Really, Really Don’t Want to Know About Las Vegas Hotels

This blog post is not for the faint of heart, because it talks about Las Vegas secrets most people would prefer not to know. This post is for everyone else. Fair warning.

So, every once in awhile you hear about something weird or morbid happening in Las Vegas. But what you might not know is strange, disturbing, morbid things actually happen all the time, you just never hear about those. That’s because a city built on tourism has to sometimes keep things on the down-low.

In the case of Las Vegas, 99% of what happens in hotel-casinos stays in hotel-casinos. Journalists are complicit. Law enforcement is complicit. Hotel employees and management are complicit. Just about everybody’s in on it, because if you freak people out, the thinking goes, they might not visit.

That’s boneheaded thinking, of course. It’s Las Vegas, and in Las Vegas, morbid things are fun and any weirdness just adds to the allure of Sin City. So, here we go. It’s time for some awkward Vegas secrets.

Las Vegas sign

Last chance to just skip this blog post altogether. We have others (781 to be exact).

Las Vegas had more than 40 million visitors in 2014, and guess what: Any number of them died in their hotel rooms, most of natural causes. According to the Clark County coroner’s office, about 1,100 visitors die while in Las Vegas each year. The coroner’s office says 67 percent of those deaths are the result of accidents, 15 percent committed suicide and 11 percent were the victims of homicide. No cause of death could be determined in six percent of the deaths.

That’s not the weird part. What makes it weird is what hotels do when they find someone’s died in their room: They relocate the body. The reason? If a body is discovered by authorities in a hotel room, there’s a mandatory two-week quarantine of that room. That’s two weeks of potential revenue lost by the hotel. So, a few intrepid souls on the hotel staff move the body to a place on the resort grounds where a quarantine isn’t required.

Just try and find a single media story about anyone dying of natural causes in a Las Vegas hotel room, ever. We’ll wait.

Las Vegas hotels aren’t entirely cold-hearted, of course. For example, when a hotel guest dies, it’s standard practice to comp the room. Magnanimous, right?

They don’t tend to be as generous in the case of suicide, however.

When someone offs themself in a Las Vegas hotel, if the suicide results in damage to the hotel’s physical property, they will bill the family and survivors for that damage.

For example, if you shoot yourself to death, and the bullet goes through hotel furniture or the room’s window or TV, the estate of the suicide victim will be billed for the cost of repair or replacement. Imagine the shock of getting that bill!


We knew this hearse photo would come in handy someday.

And, yes, suicides are frequent in Las Vegas hotels, no matter how seldom you hear about them.

Aside from the usual drama in people’s lives, there’s also an element of desperation in a Las Vegas visit for some people. A common scenario is that people come to Las Vegas as a last-ditch effort to turn their remaining assets into a life-changing windfall. When Lady Luck doesn’t smile on them, they often see suicide as their only way out of the hole they’ve dug. Tragic, but anything but uncommon.

Just a tiny fraction of suicides in Las Vegas hotels are reported by the media. That’s how Vegas secrets stay Vegas secrets.

Hotels try to handle suicides discreetly, of course, with hotel team members handling deaths with military precision. Local ambulance companies and funeral parlors are sworn to secrecy. Journalists don’t talk about the deaths because if you cross a Las Vegas hotel company, you’re blacklisted, making your job nearly impossible in a town where hotel-casino public relations departments are the gatekeepers of information and access.

Some of the most gruesome suicides happen off of hotel balconies and parking garages, but the absolute winner in the area of ghastly suicides has to be the Luxor. Why’s that? Well, because if you jump from a balcony or parking garage, you land outside. At Luxor, because of its pyramid design, jumpers jump inside the building, into the casino and reception area. Yeah, horrifying.

We could regale you with endless morbid stories, but often there’s no way to tell if they’re real or urban myths, unless you witness it first hand or know someone who has.

It’s no secret, though, that bodies have been known to surface at the Linq hotel (formerly The Quad) during heavy rains.

That’s because something called the Flamingo Wash crosses the Las Vegas Strip at The Linq, and when it rains, victims (often homeless people who live in the storm drainage tunnels running under the city) end up floating into the casino’s parking garage.

Police car lights

Oh, the stories these police car lights could tell if they weren’t under strict orders to keep things on the QT.

There’s also the story of a Rehab partier dying of natural causes in the Hard Rock’s pool surrounded by hundreds of sun-seekers. In time, guests realized the guy wasn’t just playing a practical joke and lifeguards removed him from the pool. Hotel staff quietly whisked the guy away, greased some palms at the ambulance company and the story was never publicly told.

Not everything we don’t want to know about Las Vegas has to do with death, of course. Sometimes, it’s just plain gross or awkward. Naturally, we’re sharing it!

First, there’s a casino practice that happens at every casino, but which only a few insiders know about. Brace yourself.

Each night, members of the casino’s maintenance staff go from slot machine chair to slot machine chair with a combination of a sponges and paper towels, pressing them down on each seat. They do this to determine which seats have been urinated on by patrons too tired, drunk or lazy to get themselves to the restroom. (This problem happens with table game chairs, too, but much less frequently.) High-powered, industrial-strength devices, called “extractors,” are used to clean and dry the chairs.

Worth noting: When customers inquire with casino staff about their chair being wet, they’ll most often claim someone spilled a drink and offer a replacement chair.

Hey, when we said these are things you don’t want to know, we meant it.

IP Las Vegas

Trust us, this photo would have been hilarious if it were still called the Imperial Palace.

Here’s another Las Vegas hotel truth: Every hotel-casino has security blind spots management would rather nobody know about. We’ve all heard a lot about the incredible surveillance hotels and casinos have, but here’s a true story that’ll make you think twice when staying at your favorite Las Vegas hotel.

A few years ago, a hotel guest at a hotel we won’t name checked in, paying for his room in cash. The next day, housekeeping entered the room to discover everything in the room had been stolen. And we mean everything. Every piece of furniture, fixtures, lamps, TVs, the whole nine yards, including a king-sized bed. Security scrutinized video footage from the hotel hallways, elevators and casino, but even after days of investigation they found not a second of video showing the removal of any of the stolen furniture.

Thefts and robberies in Las Vegas hotel rooms aren’t uncommon, unfortunately, so we recommend using common sense: Don’t leave valuables out in the open, take advantage of the in-room safe and keep your cash on you during your visit.

Another thing you probably don’t want to know about your Las Vegas hotel room? People you don’t know have had sex on absolutely everything in your room. Every piece of furniture. Every counter or table or other flat surface. Every sink and bathtub. Everything. The visual is great, but it’s best not to think of your room as you would your home. Housekeepers are very, very busy in Las Vegas.

Here’s a final Las Vegas secret you may or may not want to know. It involves sex again, so please don’t send a link to this blog post to your grandma.

In every major hotel in Las Vegas, there’s a special bin. It’s large, on wheels. And often, it’s filled to the brim with sex toys left behind by hotel guests. Every week or so, or sometimes more frequently, depending upon the size of the hotel, staffers dispose of the scores of sex toys into hotel trash dumpsters.

Bondage kit

People get their freak on in Vegas. And they often leave some of their freak behind.

From what we know of this practice, the sheer number of sex toys found in rooms and disposed of via these bins is staggering. Visitors come to Vegas looking for a wild time, make their toy purchases at one of the many adult shops in town (many of the hotels have their own sex shops as well), but don’t necessarily want folks back home knowing what they’ve been up so, so they leave the toys in their room.

We’ve even heard people on staff at the hotel take their pick of the toys, presumably sanitizing them before use.

One notable find was a whopping three-foot-long device called something along the lines of the “Moby 3.” We are not making this up. Three feet. Because Vegas, baby.

It’s been so therapeutic purging all these weird Las Vegas facts and stories, so thank you for reading this far. If you have stories of your own, we’d love to hear them in the comments section! Now back to our regularly-scheduled blog posts about Las Vegas restaurants, shows and cocktails. Especially that last thing.

79 thoughts on “Insider Vegas Secrets You Really, Really Don’t Want to Know About Las Vegas Hotels

      1. The_Truth

        Now that you searched Amazon for a large dildo, expect to see dildos in your recommendations for a while. HA!

  1. Rebecca Kennedy

    Hey Scott, how did you find out about the hotel bin of sex toys? And tell me more about….(many of the hotels have their own sex shops as well) ….are they at their hotel, or do they own a shop somewhere in town? Some of this article would be perfect for Halloween!

    But really I’m stuck on those bodies washing up in the Linq! What a picture!

    1. Scott Roeben

      I learned about all those items from first-person accounts! I guess I figured lots of toys were left behind, but until I learned about the bin, I had no idea how many. In the bigger hotels, it’s thousands a year.

      1. boulder steve

        I hope your right about the staffers putting the sex toys in the dumpster. It would be real easy to rinse them off and put them back on the store shelves..GROSS!

      2. kimberly miller

        You are SO right about thousands of sex toys being left a year- it’s unbelievable. Many people go to Vegas for fun…and don’t want to return home with evidence, so they leave them on a nightstand, bathroom, etc. At the properties I worked for, these items were considered unsanitary and were immediately discarded. It’s amazing to me there are hotels that actually keep them in lost and found. While our procedures were were HAD to keep personal items for 30 days in case of a claim, sex toys were exempt due to the fact they could be potentially hazardous material, as it’s well known that toys that may have porous surfaces can leave things you do not want hanging around…hanging around! 🙂

      3. Alberta B.

        My cousin went to a hospital in Las Vegas Nevada on 7/3/2021. She had just gotten out of ICU and placed into a hot room. We texted everyday she was in there. She told me that the hospital staff placed her in a hot room and she was so hot that she was trying to keep her sanity and even ordered a fan. Suddenly her doctor at this government run hospital told her that she needed to be ventilated. She allowed him to ventilate her then after he ventilated her, he put her in a paralytic coma for ten days without family consent. The hospital claimed to have lost her POA papers and said family could only make end of life decisions for her. A paralytic coma is only for people who resist the ventilator, are in cardiac arrest and people with brain injury my cousin had neither of these issues. They would not let us as a family make decisions on behalf of our cousin, they would not even let her only adult child make decisions. They called us ten days after leaving her in a paralytic coma saying she only has forty eight hours to live. Her blood pressure was at 55/34 and they gave her no medication to raise it up, they didn’t even resuscitate her when she signed papers to do so. They wouldn’t even resuscitate her when her only adult child asked her to do so. A bunch of foreign nurses said no. After my Cousin died on 8//3/2021. This particular hospital checked no autopsy although her adult daughter said she wanted one. The foreign nurse snatched the form that the daughter signed and checked yes she wanted an autopsy and checked no. My cousin’s husband is still currently in that same hospital and he can gesture yes and no when asked do you want to go home, do you know who I am. His other doctor showed the doctor this and the doctor said he is incapacitated, he’s delirious and won’t release him from the hospital. The authorities won’t help. lawyers won’t help. The funeral home that has my cousin’s body, a particular funeral home will not even let my Cousin’s only child see her mothers body because the hospital told them not to let her. I smell a cover up in sin city because if my cousin truly died of covid why do they not want an autopsy, if the doctor and foreign nursing staff didn’t murder my Cousin why can’t her only daughter see her, why can’t they explain why my cousin whom they murdered has a big huge cut across her face? It is my opinion that they murdered my Cousin so that they could write her off as a covid death and get paid by the government. No lawyer will touch this case saying that this particular hospital is government run and if we were to win a malpractice lawsuit we’d only get $100,000.00 because they have a cap to cover their behinds. Don’t move to sin city Las Vegas Nevada.

  2. Dreakie

    ‘Imagine the shock of getting that bill!’ … laughed really hard at that lol Thanks for the post, very good to know, everything you stated so far. I stayed once in a hotel on the strip (don’t wanna state the name though), I was really happy cause I found a nice hotel offer for 2 nights, but then I accidentally heard I got the room where ‘they found something incredibly gross’. I wonder if they also meant a toy or something different. I’ll never find out … haha.

  3. Kerr

    On the suicides at Luxor, how can the hotel cover those up? In the lobby, there always dozens of people (hundreds during the day) milling around, shopping, etc. and most don’t work for the hotel. So how can the hotel keep that quiet? They can’t pay off all (or even most) of the witnesses.

    How could someone empty out an entire hotel room without anyone seeing anything? That sounds like an inside job.

    1. Scott Roeben Post author

      You’d be surprised what the hotels can cover up! The stories sometimes get out, but people tend to not believe them. The room theft was definitely not an inside job. The thieves were just very familiar with security and were really, really sneaky. It was planned, though, as they paid in cash.

    2. Alexa Vectra

      It’s not an “inside job”. The majority of people who witness that sort of thing find it disrespectful to go telling everyone about it, that’s all. The same thing happens when suicides occur in schools, even public schools. It’s for the same reason that newspapers don’t publish stories on these types of deaths, that no witnesses wish to share what they saw, and also that newspapers rarely cover suicide cases anyway unless it’s a famous celebrity like Robin Williams or something. In fact many newspaper companies look down on the notion of printing suicide stories because the public eye looks upon suicide as a “cowardly act”, which really isn’t fair to the memory of the person who died. The hotel’s obviously not going to draw attention to its deaths, but it won’t do some kind of tinfoil hat style cover-up, either.

  4. kimberly miller

    Hi Scott! First off, awesome blog. I’m a new visitor. I used to live in Vegas after being offered a job I couldn’t turn down working for a company I’m sure you know that owns a number of properties on the strip. MAJOR hotels. I am no longer employed, as I opened my own business, so therefore obviously feel no obligation to keep secrets. I’m curious about the info you were given on how deaths are handled. As I was in a managerial position, I often had the heartbreaking job of dealing with them (on multiple properties). I’m particularly confused about the two week quarantine claim. When a death occurred there was a standard procedure. Housekeeping were naturally the employees who discovered them the most. First, we secured the area. While this wasn’t particularly necessary for deaths of natural causes, it was crucial for obvious suicides as in Nevada suicides are considered crime scenes that warrant a full investigation. There’s a very methodical process for dealing with deaths (which includes two employees MUST be in the room at all times, as you don’t want accusations from family that items were stolen). There’s also a whole process of gathering and realizing personal property to families that can be very tricky as we needed an estate certificate to release certain types of belongings (ie; valuables). This could take weeks, months, and sometimes even years. The *only* time there was a procedure for quarantine is if the death was suspected to be caused by a contagious illness/disease, particularly if the deceased was visiting from a foreign country. Besides that, for a natural (I hate to say it, but “mess free” death), it was business/housekeeping as usual with extra sanitation. Suicides are obviously a different story if it was gory, or if the body was decomposing. This was rare, as housekeeping is generally in rooms daily. That required massive cleanup and haz-mat crews. The entire process IS very discreet as you said, as it could cause PR nightmares. Elevators / hallways are secured so guests do not see what is taking place, etc. As for moving the body— that seems VERY odd and nonsensical – not something you could get away with or there would even be a need to do. Putting a corpse in a public area would causes SO many problems and be a worse PR nightmare.

    1. Terry Licia

      Agreed, and like you, could ‘prove it’ but … hey, it IS Vegas, baby! LOL But true that, no ‘quarantine’ — too much CSI? 😉

    2. meed18

      This was the main part of the post that I thought was a little hinky too. The police don’t like people messing with crime scenes and any death scene is considered a crime scene until it is determined that it isn’t. I would bet that if the hotels tried moving bodies out of rooms, they would get an earful from homicide detective supervisors – who have a direct line to MPD administration – people with real pull in town. This isn’t the sort of thing that hotels would do just to save a few bucks. @Kimberly Miller’s explanation of what happens makes much more sense. Not saying you didn’t hear this from someone Scott, just that it sounds like they may have exaggerated.

      1. Nik D.

        oh heck ya… isnt there a law in this whole world to even mess with any incident a crime? And break the law by messing with any scene would probably be almost being of 1st degree murder? Lol, now im over exaggerating ..

    3. Nik D.

      Every word you said is 100% absolute pure, true and i am one who knows you are accurate what you replied. I grew up and still residents too…. tho , if anything starts out of couple sentences from one mouth to another adding to it and there we have it ….a story to be told and heard …lol. but whats crazy is ,how much is really true to ridiculouslly too good to be true then , false and imagination minds that fills the closing to stories we read about… but yet to really know the truth is so scary and can give nightmares to anyone. Its just so sad in other cases of enjoyment of one to having to destroy ones fantasy dream vacation or just one happiness.

  5. Breezy Vegas

    If any of this blog is true, cite your sources. I’ve lived in Las Vegas my entire life and worked in many Casinos. None of this is true. Actually you don’t even have to cite the source, provide me with one undeniable piece of evidence that supports any of those situations.

    1. Scott Roeben

      No. Although, 1,100 people at year die visiting Las Vegas a year, many in hotels. How many of those deaths have you seen reported in the media? These incidents are well-known among hotel-casino employees.

      1. Breezy Vegas

        My point exactly. You have no real facts. Just “blog worthy” false information. I’ve worked Casino Security and I can assure you, there are never any cases past, or future that a body is moved. Forensics would be all over that in a heart beat. They would verify very quickly the body had been moved. “Two week quarantine”? Asinine.

        1. Scott Roeben

          Appreciate your thoughts, but just because you’re not aware of something doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Sources are longtime hotel and casino folks and have no reason to lie.

          1. AgentPink

            I knew a VIP host at one of the MGM properties who once told us that hundreds of suicides occur every year in hotel rooms and that staff is highly trained to have the room clean, wall patched and repainted if necessary and ready for the next 3:00PM check-in. So goes the machine.

          2. Scott Roeben

            Yeah, people don’t hear about the deaths too often, so they tend not to believe there are so many. Often, there’s nothing nefarious going on, but everyone involved knows it’s better for everyone to keep things quiet.

          3. Nicholas Hefflin

            No. It’s about 5% true. I’ve worked security for 9 years now. 6 years in dispatch and 4 writing reports (multiple positions at once). Everything goes through our report system, EVERYTHING. From sleepers to suicides. I bet none of your sources know what our report writing system is even called, or the previous system. Your sources are liars.

          4. bdb Dbd

            Thank You, Im tired of this nonsense. Sure its fun to make myths but its absolutely against the law to move a body from a death scene and Im sure they do standard procedure and move the body through the employee elevator end of story.

          5. Terry Licia

            Maybe pre-1989, a few bodies could’ve been moved but there’s nothing like that happening now, regardless of your ‘first person’ accounts. Nothing is less reliable than ‘eye witnesses’ as you likely already know. 🙂 I mean, why bother? What employee earns so much or so little money that they want to be intimately involved in moving a suicide, especially when protocols exist to keep things moving to AVOID publicity? Nahh … someone has played you, hon. Even if it were a murder, what? Multiple house staff gets paid millions in hush money? HA! Good movie, good novel, but not real life. Not anymore anyway!

        2. Nik D.

          long time folks lol , half & half , partially true facts tho rest is false… exaggerated. scenes are handle in timely proffesionally and discreetly for any , ( i call them drama queens ) to start up something …i believe and observe..

  6. Rad26

    It’s not a “cover up”… there are rules and regulations that the media must follow when it comes to reporting suicide, to avoid sensationalizing it. Please educate yourself.

  7. Kris H

    WOW! This was a very interesting article! Some of it a bit creepy and I think from now on I will buy Lysol and Bleach wipes before entering any hotel room. Lol Thanks for writing a great article!

  8. E Grimm

    Actually, he is telling the truth. I work alongside security in majority of MGM property casinos.. And I’ll tell you right now I’ve heard stories.. And I’ve seen two people commit.. You think Luxor has a lot? (Which yes they did have a suicide there and with people standing around. But people will close off the area and get people back.. They have procedures in place for when this happens, because it does happen.. When Cosmo opened it was #1 for suicides. The young female who died (jumped to her death at ****** ******) the woman who was wanted by the feds jumped from (*********) in broad daylight… Whom I seen.. The gentleman who jumped from ****** garage.. Saw him laying on the ground for a while in broad daylight.. The story about the young man who died on the ******** (I’ve seen the film..) Died… Then his older brother, a year later, jumped from the ******** hotel and casino, all because he felt responsible and couldn’t take it.. I have named more than a few.. No, didn’t reveal the names because I actually work for a company that works with security. No one talks about it but trust me it does and has happen… Sadly some just come here to end it..

    1. Brandy Jean Brandeberry

      I lost someone close December 12th of last year. He died by suicide in the MGM. Nothing was published of his death. Could you tell me how I might be able to find more information? Ive been told a police report may only be obtained by the next of kin. His mother and he were not close. I can not contact her. Any help would be appreciated,

  9. Samuel Mazzini

    Sad ,Suicide is never the answer,life is a fucking game; some people win and some lose ,accept that and you’ll be fine .

  10. Grumpy Mets Fan

    Not sure if anyone will still see this but I had to add a comment about what occurred on my last trip to Luxor. I was sitting in the dining area of the taco restaurant near the show rooms on the atrium level and all of the sudden I heard the loudest boom as if something had crashed and fallen with an insane amount of force. I’ve never heard anything like this inside of a casino. Everyone looked around and the place went silent for a good 15 seconds. Me and the table next to me began speculating that someone had jumped from the upper floors.

    The luxor is no joke when it comes to those low railings and high floors. I stayed on the 26th floor one time and almost lost my lunch when I looked over the railing. I’m not sure what it was that caused the loud boom on my last trip but it definitely wasn’t planned and sure as heck sounded like it weighed the same as a body would if it had fell over. It sounded like it landed near where the chapel and fantasy show room is located.

  11. Richard A Pico

    used to work at a hotel as a security agent (i wont mention names) and bed bugs were discovered in one of the rooms. the hotel emptied the above, below & adjacent rooms of everything–bare, no rugs, just walls and floors. then fumigators arrived. after a day or so, new furniture, beds, etc were re-installed. the kicker is we were sworn to absolute secrecy or be fired forthwth. what was amazing is was how quickly the hotel emptied those rooms of everything. incredible.

    1. Terry Licia

      Thus, was created the great mystery of the emptied room! Shades of Sherlock and “The Adventures of the Speckled Band,” Carr’s “The Hollow Man” and the thousands of other “locked-room” mysteries throughout the ages! Viva Las Vegas! (I just love saying that!)

  12. Richard A Pico

    yeah, as a security agent for a hotel, we handled lots of noise complaints. i saw it all: naked men & women; drunks; dope; firearms; children crying, animal turds. but the worst is arriving to a room and a subject has been on a 7-day drunk, drinking their brains out. not pretty. the room a disaster; body fluids all over…just plain sad…man oh man…

  13. Terry Licia

    Fun, funny article based loosely on the evils of Las Vegas, aka Sin City. Even if Las Vegas has been dressed up in its Sunday school best, underneath there’s still a voluptuous body ready to rumble! Ahhh, the wages of sin are lucrative, fun and oh so very dangerous – occasionally.

  14. R.E. Tard

    I understand that i a body is found in a hotel room, staff fills the bath tub with liquid nitrogen, then the guest is dressed and taken down stars, out the door and placed on a bus bench sitting upright wearing sun glasses. This avoids a lot of paperwork, and bad publicity. Sometimes the guest is carried between two large fellows to a competitor casino, seated at a slot machine and super glued finger to button. If the casino is well air conditioned, the guest may not be discovered for months.

          1. R.E. Tard

            Heather, you forgot to put a period after your wordy essay on your intense feelings for the fictitious character you replied to.
            There is a credible study done on trolls who use abusive language. The study concluded that these trolls were sadistic psychopaths. With only four comments total, you don’t have enough comments to make that assessment. (yet) It has been a pleasure talking to you.

  15. Teresa

    I’m not sure why so many are getting their panties in a bunch. This was a fun article that is most probably true. I would say that moving the bodies today is probably something that isn’t being done, but I’m sure in the past it was very common practice. I have also heard many of the details Scott has shared from reliable sources over the years. This blog post was fun and interesting. I don’t think the point was to publish this in a Las Vegas History book. Get a life folks. Enjoy and move on.

      1. meed18

        Why would they exaggerate? Because an embellished story is more interesting then what really happens.

  16. Troy Swezey

    Yeah pretty weird when we go to the buffet at M, and recall someone killed themselves just outside the entrance in 2015.
    gawker. dot com/las-vegas-man-blames-suicide-on-losing-lifetime-pass-fo-1696053377

  17. mike__ch

    I don’t know how I feel about the conspiracy tone of this article. Vegas isn’t the only tourist city in the world, and in most cities I don’t think a far off visitor dying in a hotel room gets a lot of print either unless they were notable.

    For that matter, Justin Pierce hanging himself in a Bellagio room is one of the most well known celebrity suicides.

    1. Common sense

      Who? Suicides & murders have a lot more negative tone or stigma to them which is why even hospitals don’t like announcing deaths or removing bodies where other people particularly other patients and families of patients might see it sends a bad signal but obviously a hospital can’t just stop & shut down clear out to remove a body for any reason and it’s why they have things like code reds & blues or black etc so they can announce or call specialists to the area to deal with a situation without the rest of the people or patients knowing what’s going on. If you were in the hospital or had family and you were waiting for surgery and it was announced that someone died even an old lady or you saw her body being removed do you think that would make you feel good about what you were going to be going through shortly yourself even if it wasn’t expected to be risky or life threating surgery.

      1. Tracy

        My Son was having his tonsils out at UMC and while we were waiting for hours there was a glassed in room in the preop area and blinds were drawn and every once in a while a nurse would come and go and come to find out she had died just before we got in the room. Ug

  18. Alexa Vectra

    As far as I know, hotels like the one that Jeffery Dahmer murdered a victim in are still in operation, though I could be wrong since I don’t closely follow that sort of thing. Unlike realtors selling a property or car salesmen selling a vehicle, hotels are under no obligation to disclose who has died on the premises, even if it was a graphic death like a suicide or a murder. Hospitality law will often work in their favour, not the guests’. There are hotels where rapes and murders have happened all over the US and Canada, and while some shut down, others don’t. Pretty scary.

  19. Kim

    So, Were staying at the Luxor and last night my sister was sleeping and she woke up because she felt that someone was looking at her, when she opened her eyes, THERE WAS SOMEONE THAT LOOKED LIKE ME STANDING THERE IN FRONT OF HER! She touched me to see if I was by her side sleeping and I was. Not only that, my parents are staying in a different room and the entire room has blood stains, like all over the room. And I’ve benn searching about the haunted hotels here in Vegas, and I don’t doubt, not even a bit, that my hotel its haunted, and that every hotel in vegas has paranormal activity.

  20. Brian Kaiser

    First of all there are passages & elevators even basements for staff, VIPS, celebrities etc to move about without much publicity even in very popular hotels in the middle of the day which is understandable. Sometimes even celebrities want privacy from the hapless fans like R.E tard and others. Kim & her mother Kardashian are probably the rare exceptions. Some office buildings even have these things or stairways for again VIPs or staff etc. A lot of luxury apartments in NYC have staff stairs &/or staff elevators for moving around or for being up furniture when someone movies in or out which need more room then the main elevators who may only have 10 people with a few bags compared to a grand piano. I worked at a outdoor in door concert venue in California that had basements and tunnels so staff or VIPs could come & go if desired without being seen or bothering other people especially high paying ticket holders. During the day I’m sure the majority of rooms are empty so it’s not hard to imagine that it would be easy for security to seal off the floor for “maintence” on an elevator or floor washing. The body even furniture could be then removed from the room down the hall to the staff stairs or elevator down to a basement or something and placed in a car ambulance or storm canal and disposed of. It’s also not hard to imagine a warehouse of extra furniture being near by that could be moved in to replace anything damaged or taken somewhere on site to be fix & then returned.

    As for the public issue its not hard to imagine body removal myth or true that a hotel couldn’t comp rooms or perks to someone who saw something like a jumper and for a person to take the comps for silence. It doesn’t cost the hotel anything like movie theaters and stuff many hotels don’t make the majority of their profits from rooms its from the shows & casinos or malls & concessions stands or food courts they make the bulk of their money which is why they use all those sites for discounts & have lower prices during off peak times. The rooms are just to get you there & stay since the longer you are their the more likely you will spend money & hence why they can comp rooms for people winning a few hundred bucks let alone more or who see something. As others have said many don’t want to be blacklisted and who usually doesn’t enjoy a vacation.

    We had a tunnel at the concert hall for waitresses to deliver food or for security to take troubled customers out I once had to help remove a body of a woman who died of a heart attack in the bathroom by the sinks. We had the police investigate of course but to avoid the shows fans outside dancing and going around buying etc we took her out a back way marked storage & down to the back of house next to the medical center where she was checked again and attempted to revive etc before she was loaded to a coroners van & removed. Her family was removed from the show using the tunnels from the hall where they were informed and taken to the medical center before the body was removed. It’s really not that hard to think possible. Lots of wealth & VIP people don’t always want to see staff or criminals being removed etc. Having seen some horrible things like after suicides or deaths some people want or try to pretend it’s just a bad dream and a “vacation” maybe to another property resort in another location can help do that. Money allows for anything to be possible really. I don’t believe the myths but I do know theirs reasons to have areas only for staff that’s not marked or obvious to the public even if its in a public area.

  21. Adriano

    Watched ghost encounters tonight on the episode on the Apache owned by the binions as well as the horseshoe , which prompted me to search a little more on the net because of Vegas’s horrific past .i had no clue of all the suicides,murders, etc that take place and no truer words were spoken than , ” what happens in Vegas , stays in Vegas” It is a city literally inhabited by demons, i have no problem believing the post of the woman woke up in her hotel room and seeing someone standing near her bed that looked like her husband , who was sound asleep next to her. I can only imagine how creepy the hotel is where the deranged shooter shot and killed all those people from the balcony a few years back . I actually had plans to take my wife and spend some time there as we were going to meet friends who live in San Diego , but plan on staying home and reading my Bible instead.

  22. Sheryl J Hayes-Pupko

    After reading your article, I looked up information on what Mandalay Bay did with the room where a shooter used his suite on the 32nd floor ro kill 58 people at the concert across the street. I learned that Mandalay bay renumbered the floors at the hotel. The 43-story building had an unusual floor numbering system before the shooting. Mandalay Bay elevators showed stops at floors 1 through 34 and 60 through 63. There was no 40 through 59.
    Floors 35 through 39 are managed by the Four Seasons hotel and have a separate elevator.

    The Mandalay Bay elevators will now show floors 1 through 30 and 56 through 63. The Four Seasons kept its floor numbers 35 through 39. The room where the shootings took place still exist for hotel use, but have different numbers.

  23. BRS

    I know for a fact (due to my job) that an oxygen mask and maybe some sun glasses can make even the most dead looking person pass for being alive. or make enough to get them through a public area without question…. At least in my country any way.

  24. Tracy

    Couple of things here Quite a few years ago my Daughters friend jumped from one of the landings at the New York New York. You never heard anything about it

    A friend of mine was unlucky enough to see two difference jumpers from the Stratosphere before they put up netting

    A man who does things for my business used to clean rooms and they said years back the regular maids cleaned up the gore from the suicides, he said it made him feel sick so he quit

    Also this place is haunted
    Off topic a bit but people who live here may have heard of Fox Ridge Park off Warm springs and N. Valle Verde is haunted When my Son was a baby we would have to drive him around to get him to sleep. One night, or early morning I should say, I decided to scare my Hubby so I went and parked on the road next to it, the. Then I told him it was haunted. Joke was on me. I had a Ford Expedition 4wd and when I started my truck and put it in gear it was in 4 low, i did nothing but shut it off and start it back up. I had to pull the owners manual to find out how to get it out of 4wd.

    That’s all folks

  25. Emily

    They don’t share stories for deaths in hotel rooms not to cover them up but to not put peoples business out there. I have worked for hotels and deaths have happened. These stories aren’t common news that
    Should be posted so I call Bull on that part

  26. Mike

    Been in Cable for 22 years. Been to homes and business alike including all the casinos. I was at the DT casino that serves beer one year. I was on the roof with one of their employees. We were doing a survey for a antenna feed. While up there the employee points to a obvious stain in the back alley. He tells me the story of a Naval Officer that came to town and after a night of hookers and booze. jumped off the highest floor.
    One year went to an apartment off of Twain. The two sisters that lived there were housekeeping at another major property. Once I completed my serviced call they wanted to tip me but in beer. They took me to one room and in this room was bottles and cans of all shapes and sizes of booze. Also there was stacks of porn Magazines and VHS and DVDs. But the best was the cardboard box of unopened (and opened) sex toys. They told me they were allowed to take home with them whatever was left behind.


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