In-N-Out Burger Opens at Linq Promenade and All Is Right With the World

More than a year after we first reported In-N-Out Burger was coming to the Las Vegas Strip, it has. The popular fast food restaurant opened for its first day of business at Linq promenade on Jan. 11, 2017.

In-N-Out Linq Las Vegas

The first non-California location of In-N-Out opened in Nevada in 1992. This one’s the prettier, though.

Just another burger joint in Las Vegas? Uh, no.

The popularity of In-N-Out is the stuff of legend in Sin City, with many visitors considering a stop at the restaurant an essential part of their vacation.

In-N-Out Linq Las Vegas

The first and only time you’ll ever see no line at In-N-Out.

Here’s a quick walk-through of the new In-N-Out at the Linq shopping district.

We’d wager the new In-N-Out Burger location will quickly become the chain’s most profitable, and we did our part during our first visit.

In-N-Out Linq promenade

We let them put the fruit and vegetables on it for the photo. Yes, tomatoes are a fruit. Stop fact-checking our photo captions. You’re not our mom.

The staff was predictably young, friendly and impeccably groomed. In-N-Out gets great talent because, unlikely the majority of its fast food chain competition, it pays team members more than mandated minimum wage guidelines. Managers make in excess of $100,00 a year.

Many of the opening night staff members were employees of other out-of-state locations shipped in to assist with the restaurant’s Strip debut.

The food was just plain delicious, as always. Context: Every other burger in the neighborhood is $12, at least.

In-N-Out Linq Vegas

Yes, there’s a bit of a price bump compared to other locations in Las Vegas. Not too surprising given the primo location.

The Strip’s first In-N-Out is located by the mall’s fountains, between Flour & Barley restaurant and Sprinkles Cupcakes. When you’re ready for dessert, check out the cupcake ATM just a few feet away.

Thanks to the Linq for turning off the fountains so we could take a photo with a pretty reflection.

In-N-Out Linq promenade

None of the food served at In-N-Out travels more than 500 miles to any restaurant location. Sorry, east coast, not happening.

The restaurant seats about 150 people inside, and a patio holds another 90 or so. In-N-Out Burger is going to need every seat it can get.

It’s no secret In-N-Out prints bible verses on some of its packaging. Chill out, it’s just a cup.

In-N-Out bible verse

We don’t know who this John guy is, but he makes a kick-ass burger and fries.

In-N-Out’s hours of operation at Linq promenade are Monday through Thursday, 10:30 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.; Friday and Saturday, 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 a.m. and Sunday, 10:30 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.

In-N-Out Las Vegas

Are you listening, Chick-fil-A? Open on Sunday!

In-N-Out joins a host of great dining options at Linq promenade, and is sure to give them a run for their money.

It’s elevated fast food, with reasonable prices and flawless, friendly service, and the restaurant is sure to be a much-needed draw for the mid-Strip mall. It’s been estimated 20 million people walk by the Linq pedestrian mall every year, and now they have an even better reason to stay awhile.

Let’s eat something, already, Animal Style.

In-N-Out Linq Promenade

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12 thoughts on “In-N-Out Burger Opens at Linq Promenade and All Is Right With the World

  1. Rooster

    Wow. An affordable food option on the strip. You normally only see that downtown.

    And yes…shame on you for no double-double.

  2. RustyHammer

    Since I don’t stay on the strip any more, this is of no benefit to me, but count me as one of those folks who hits up In/Out during every Vegas trip.

    The strip location seems like a no-brainer. Surprised it took this long. It’s not like White Castle, which didn’t have a presence in The Meadows.

    Given I have to pay to park along the strip these days, (I am not a 7-diamond genius, so I won’t be “gifted” the privilege of free parking,) there’s even less chance I find my way to the Linq’s In/Out. And that’s fine. I will stick to my off-strip In/Out, which is not the one just down Tropicana from NY NY. In/Out ain’t worth that much hassle.

    And I’m not shocked that you didn’t get a double-double. You gotta maintain that girlish figure… and save those empty calories for your boyfriend, Capt. Morgan.

  3. Rebecca Kennedy

    Great article Scott! So glad they are on the Strip now. And to be in the Linq Promenade is Fantastic! Its my favorite place to be in Vegas! Wonderful to have good fast food on the promenade. And Sprinkles is the best neighbor! Love me some Red Velvet!

  4. Funkhouser_1

    Wow great burgers AND you get to have a spiritual experience as well. Alas they share that boring John 3:16 verse on the shake cups, rather then the MUCH more exciting Genesis 3:16 verse, which goes way better with a burger and fries IMHO.

  5. jesucristo666

    Have no idea what’s so great about in and out burger. Tried it several times and no better than you average burger joint. It’s all hype. It’s red meat and too much of it can lead too cancer, no matter the quality. And french fries are french fries, still greasy and artery clogging.

  6. Bouldersteve

    In and Out is the best fast food hamburger chain no doubt about it. By keeping the menu limited they can provide quality food quickly. Also all are company franchises. better quality control and they pay better than other fast food chains so they get and keep the best employees.All food is cooked to order so it may take longer but its worth it


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