Illicit Video: A Stroll Through The Quad’s New Casino

The ongoing renovations of The Quad, formerly the Imperial Palace, have made it almost unrecognizable. No dragons. No wind chime chandeliers. No Asian influences at all, at least not inside the casino.

There are only a few traces of the Imperial Palace left at all, if you don’t include the rooms, because they’re not expected to be upgraded for awhile (we hear 2014, though).

Let's not dwell on the past.

Some traces are less gone than others. Let’s not dwell on the past, shall we?

The overhaul of the Imperial Palace has been nothing short of spectacular! (Although some people loved the IP as it was. Check out this rave review, possibly the funniest thing we’ve ever seen on the Interwebs.)

Here’s a photo of the exterior of The Quad.

We're easily distracted.

We’re easily distracted.

The casino renovations have really whipped the joint into shape, including an expanded area where O’Sheas used to be.

The former O'Sheas, just without all the sticky.

The former O’Sheas, just without all the sticky.

There’s new carpeting, tile, a new registration area, the new Catalyst Bar, and a new (temporary) spot for the casino’s popular “dealertainers.”

Large sections of the casino are still in the works.

Large sections of the casino are still in the works. More fun to come!

We thought it would be fun to walk the length of The Quad’s revamped casino with a video camera. Of course, unless it’s done with surveillance camera, videotaping in a Las Vegas casino is against the rules. This is a fact we’re put right at the top of our “Things We Don’t Particularly Care About” list.

“Illicit” makes things more exciting, don’t you think? Take a look.

If nothing else, it might help you get your bearings, as it’s still quite a maze inside The Quad.

The Quad has certainly come a long way since it was the Imperial Palace.

Behind the scenes during the IP's renovation. If you look closely, you can see the catwalks where security used to do surveillance.

Behind-the-scenes during the IP’s renovation. If you look closely, you can see the catwalks where security did surveillance back in the day.

Please indulge in some further photographic goodness from The Quad, formerly the Imperial Palace, formerly the Flamingo Capri.

The Quad Las Vegas

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  • John Colson

    Is it just me, or does the new casino look very much like a boring airport terminal ? And whats with the plain white walls ? Man, it looks fugly !

    • vitalvegas

      Art might still be on the way.