How to Park Free at MGM Resorts Casinos in Las Vegas

Just about everyone had a freak-out when MGM Resorts announced it would begin charging for parking at its Las Vegas resorts.

Paid parking has been rolled out at most MGM Resorts casinos in Las Vegas, and the world has not ended, but it’s still an irksome charge most would prefer to avoid.

Paid parking MGM Resorts

You are one or two more sentences away from rendering this question moot.

Thankfully, there’s an easy way one can park free at any MGM Resorts casino. It’s the new M Life Rewards MasterCard.

The new M Life Rewards MasterCard was unveiled when MGM Resorts relaunched its M Life players club as M Life Rewards.

When you get an M Life Rewards MasterCard, you’re automatically upgraded to Pearl tier status. Those who achieve that status can self-park for free at MGM Resorts in Las Vegas.

M Life Rewards Cards tiers

They had us at “no annual fee.”

MGM Resorts owns a metric hell-ton of Las Vegas casinos, and parking fees run about $10 a day, so this perk is a pretty big deal. See specifics about the parking fees at MGM Resorts.

MGM Resorts casinos include Bellagio, Circus Circus, Aria, Excalibur, Luxor, Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand, Mirage, Monte Carlo (soon to be Park MGM) and New York-New York.

MGM Resorts parking kiosk

We’re pretty sure paid parking kiosks are how Skynet got its start.

Free parking is just one of the benefits of snagging an M Life Rewards MasterCard. Cardholders get Rewards Points and Tier Credits for each dollar they spend using the card. Those with Pearl status get priority check-in and buffet line passes.

Oh, and the M Life Rewards MasterCard has no foreign transaction fees, whatever those might actually be.

All the details about the new MGM Resorts credit card can be found at the official site, and don’t say we never did anything for you.

9 thoughts on “How to Park Free at MGM Resorts Casinos in Las Vegas

  1. Roger Terrance

    Here is how I pay to park at the MGM properties? Oh wait, I avoid them so I dont have to pay. Even though I am local and its “free” they still want me to pay with my privacy and scan my ID into a database that will eventually get hacked and get my ID stolen. No thanks

    1. Troy Swezey

      So… I get what you are saying Sir. I agree with you in that I will be avoiding MGM properties when given a choice such as dinner at Mandalay Place restaurant or Capos or SLS and I will easily choose non MGM properties.
      BUT… Sometimes there are shows at HOB that I want to see so…
      On the other hand, so much of your privacy is out the window, especially in Las Vegas. Look around you. There are cameras every where. Cameras you can not see are watching you. Your cell phone is being tracked. Maybe even your car is tracking you and sending data back to the manufacturer without you even knowing it. (That is not fantasy. It happens at Tesla.)
      Heck, you commenting on this blog subjects your info being collected by Discus dot com and who knows what they do with that info and how secure it is.
      So yes, privacy is a big issue but is it really safe after all?

      1. Photoncounter

        But I agree with the original poster. I too try to minimize the loss of my privacy. I don’t want to be voluntold that I have to pay for free parking then get it free… Too much hassle. I want in/out or know exactly what I am paying for. MGM extracts enough money out of people, this is just another attempt to pay down their construction bonds.

        I would rather park for free at SLS and pay for the monorail to see a show at HOB. At least I am making that conscious decision and the money isn’t going to a giant corporation. I vote with my wallet, we all should.

        Regarding privacy, yes, once lost never regained which is why I do not participate in Facebook.

      2. Roger Terrance

        First no show is worth my privacy, I would park elsewhere and walk if need be. Secondly what makes you think I post anything on disquss with my real name or IP.. I can assure you, roger is not my real name so let them collect away. If I could get a fake ID for them to scan every time I went into an MGM property I would, but that sadly is illegal even if the use only is to protect ones privacy.

  2. Shawn Storey

    I just returned from Las Vegas this morning at 1:00am. We were there for 7 days. Twice, I took a ticket, paid for parking before returning to my car only to have the gate lifted by some guy standing by the gate, without even looking at my damn ticket. We had reservations at the Flamingo the full 7 days. We also booked 2 nights during our stay at the Monte Carlo so our kids could enjoy the lazy river. We checked out after one day because of the whole new parking deal. Like I said, I paid $16 before I returned to the car. As I drove up to the gate, up it went without anyone, or anything even looking at my tickets. Late that night, the same thing happened at the Luxor. So it became a game, and a little stressful. Do I pay? Do I not pay? Do I not pay and have to return to the payment machines? I finally said screw this, and we returned back to the Flamingo. We paid for, and yet left a hotel room a day early! I am a Pearl card holder. Nobody even bothered to tell me parking was free for that level of card. I found out about it on the plane on the way home, from another very confused MGM parking hater. My wife and I go to Vegas alot. ALOT. I was there for my Birthday at the end of the May, we were there last week and we are turning on July 25th. ALOT. If you think I am staying at another MGM property anytime soon, guess again.

  3. GT Campbell

    I’ve been visiting Vegas 2-3 times a year since 1996 and for the first time, during my most recent trip to Vegas last week, I avoided parking at and visiting any MGM properties due to the parking fees. The resort fees are bad enough. I refuse to pay to park also when there are other alternatives nearby. I hope enough of us do the same that MGM’s revenues decline and they have to backtrack on the parking fees.

    1. steelmann58

      I totally agree sent them a letter sating this is not right especially for hotel guest that stay at their property

  4. Mike L

    I am in no way affiliated with this card, but since you mentioned the MGM credit card, I think the better choice is the Hyatt credit card for MGM hotels. There is a $75 (I think) annual fee, but it comes with a free night every year that can be used at MGM, NYNY or Monte Carlo (or whatever it’s called now). Also 2 free nights at ANY MGM/Hyatt hotel on signup and Hyatt Platinum status, which they will match to MLife Gold status.


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