Hotel Cloe Planned for Downtown Las Vegas Arts District

This one has flown under the radar, but a new boutique hotel planned for downtown’s Arts District has been dubbed Hotel Cloe.

Details are few at this point, but Hotel Cloe’s Web site describes the hotel as “following a new worldwide trend towards lean-luxury, service-focused, 4-star resorts.”

The four-floor Hotel Cloe will have luxury 74 rooms.

Talk about a tall order, luxurywise. It’s Vegas, after all.

Hotel Cloe Las Vegas

Nope, no renderings, but renderings aren’t a reliable way to judge whether a project will actually exist. Just ask the asshats at Bleutech Park.

The site goes on to say the hotel will have “a cozy, minimal, yet modern aesthetic, programming rich in art and culture, and lush greenery throughout the hotel, bar and restaurant and poolside areas.”

The hotel will “be constructed largely of steel, glass and concrete, with a design-aesthetic that pays homage to the neighborhood.”

As mentioned, the neighborhood in question is the downtown Arts District, also known as 18b. The 18b comes from the original Arts District being 18 blocks.

Links on the Hotel Cloe Web site go to various social media platforms named “18b Hotel,” so we trust that was the working name of the project.

A shame to lose this logo. Bonus points if you see a heavyset guy being crushed by the walls of his hotel room.

That’s about all we know about Hotel Cloe. We’re not sure if it has financing or who’s behind it, other than a blurb on the Web site saying they’re “local designers, builders, architects and entrepreneurs who live in and believe in Downtown Las Vegas.”

We’re pretty sure COVID-19 has thrown a wrench into plans for the new hotel, as the site says, “Coming spring 2020 to the Las Vegas Arts District.” Yeah, not so much.

The site also shares, “Hotel Cloe is set to start construction in the coming weeks.”

In hotel financing circles, that’s what’s referred to as “wiggle room.”

While we won’t be holding our breath on this one, we enjoy sharing things before they’re a thing.

4 thoughts on “Hotel Cloe Planned for Downtown Las Vegas Arts District

  1. Pamela Thomsen

    Hello team VEGAS,

    I love all your updates on my favorite city in the USA.

    I was in LV March 15 and left on the morning of the 17th.
    I usually come 4-5 times a year and this is so awful.

    I am excited to get back and see what is new and exciting in this our
    great entertaining destination.

    I do love updates on my favorite restaurant. Batissta’s Hole in the Wall.
    It would be a travesty if it is taken down by Caesars. It is a gem and the last of the original places where any body who was anybody gathered for great food, super service, excellent ambiance. The larger and more elaborate places haven’t the 10th of the charm that Batissta’s offers its customers.
    Which become family to this establishment once the have the luck to visit it for the first time.
    It becomes the absolute best environment for a fabulous dining experience any visitor can ever imagine.
    And those people will tell their peeps about this place and the clientele will boom and the restaurant will stand for many, many more generations to come.

    Batissta’s IS——-Las Vegas. Every traditionalist and baby boomer will dine here every trip that they make to this great city. You can not forget your first time there. They will bring their children and their children will bring theirs and so on, and so on……

    Thanks again for the letters of update on all that is happening.
    Regards Pamela

  2. Pamela Thomsen

    hello again,
    I got got up Sorry.

    So, yes! Hotel Cloe downtown I can’t wait to see it in completion.

    Every time I am in Las Vegas I try to visit that which was not here on my last trip.
    And guess What? There is never a new hotel, gaming place etc….
    that doesn’t make my trips a bit more enjoyable.

    Thanks and stay safe til’ we meet again.



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