Hooters Casino Could Be Oyo Hotel Las Vegas

Ever hear of Oyo Hotels? If our sources are right, you’re about to.

We’ve learned exclusively Hooters Casino is now under contract with hotel operator Highgate and the company plans to make Hooters Las Vegas an Oyo brand hotel.

Our sources say the Hooters restaurant at Hooters hotel-casino will close after the hotel rebrands. The Hooters restaurant inside the Hooters resort is said to be the most profitable in the company’s entire chain.

Oyo Las Vegas

We’re fairly sure “OYO” stands for “on your own.” Related: Once you see the face, you can’t unsee it.

Highgate Hotels is a real estate investment and hospitality management company, also involved with the Westin and Renaissance hotels in Las Vegas. The company operates more than 100 hotels around the world. Learn more.

Oyo is a rapidly-expanding Indian budget hotel company which recently entered the U.S. market in Dallas, San Antonio and Houston. It now appears the company has its sights set on Las Vegas.

Oyo describes itself as “the world’s fastest growing company and world’s sixth largest chain of operated hotels, homes, managed living and workspaces.”

The company’s portfolio boasts more than 23,000 hotels in 800 cities in 18 countries. Combined, the company has more than 330,000 rooms. See more.

This is the Oyo business model: Oyo partners with existing hotels, rebrands them as Oyo franchises and streamlines booking, pricing and technology services. It then gets a percentage of the hotel’s monthly revenue.

The company reports occupancy increases of 30-40% at Oyo hotels, and revenue increases of as much as 60%, which would be welcomed by the owners of Hooters, of course.

Hooters is owned by Trinity Hotel Investors and operated by Paragon Gaming.

Oyo Hotel Las Vegas

You go, palindrome?

The arrival of Oyo in Las Vegas could bring some drama along with it, as the company’s founder and CEO, 25-year-old Ritesh Agarwal, is not controversy-free. Let’s just say gaming regulators aren’t big fans of controversy. Get details.

Hooters has been known by a lot of names, so if it’s rebranded to Oyo, it’ll join this long list of past names: Paradise, Treasury, Pacifica, Polynesian and Hotel San Remo. There will be a quiz.

Details about these moves at Hooters are scant at the moment, but that’s never stopped us from passing along scoop before!

You’ll hear more when we do.

Update (8/6/19): Here’s our take on Channel 8.

Update (8/17/19): We’re now hearing the Hooters rebrand to Oyo will happen Sep. 16, 2019.

Update (8/23/19): As if we weren’t already unbearable enough, our story has been confirmed. Oyo has acquired Hooters hotel for a reported $135 million and will be rebranded Oyo Hotel & Casino Las Vegas. Highgate will manage the hotel and Paragon Gaming will continue to operate the resort’s casino. Read more.

13 thoughts on “Hooters Casino Could Be Oyo Hotel Las Vegas

  1. alex

    The information here isn’t really correct. OYO Rooms is a hybrid of a booking site and hotel branding company. Their claim of having a portfolio of 23,000 hotels is smoke and mirrors. In that number, they are including Airbnb-style rooms that they have no connection to other than handling the reservation.

    The world’s largest hotel chain is Best Western. They have over 4,100 hotels…almost all of which are franchises. OYO was founded in 2012. If they became legitimately 5 times bigger than Best Western in 6 or 7 years, they’d be the biggest business success story in our lifetimes.

    I hope you’re not bothered by my correction, Scott. I worked in hotels for decades. Without that background, it would be hard to decipher the PR claims on the OYO website and see that they aren’t nearly as impressive as claimed.


    Yeah unless this involves renovating the hell out of the place, rebranding and increasing efficiencies alone just seems like it will be good for the bottom line but not for the consumer.

  3. Lew

    It would seem the…only…reason that property enjoys whatever continued success it has had IS the Hooters brand. As noted, it went through a long list of names prior to Hooters which it has held for a good while. If they strip away (pardon the pun) the Hooters, there would be little draw.

  4. Michael

    I did some quick research on OYO. While the 23,000 hotels may be legit, it appears that the majority are in India (where according to my research there are over 1,784,000 “hotels” as defined by the Ministry of Tourism) and the majority of those are very small (under 30 rooms). It also appears a significant portion of the “portfolio” are made up of Franchises and Lessors.

    Still OYO has been able to raise $1.5 Billion on Venture Capital, which would allow them to acquire properties at an aggressive pace. It would also allow them to operate at a loss in the future while they continue to build out the “brand”.

    It will be interesting to see if they acquire the Hooters Casino and what happens from there. As far as the casino license, they could sublet the casino operation to a third party, similar to what Virgin Hotels is doing with their Las Vegas property known today as the Hard Rock Hotel.

  5. johnjohn

    Only reason it is still open is location, location, location and its “value” option for online booking engines. The property’s customers are mostly 1 time stays. Stay there one time and that was enough. This is what a friend who works there told me. Says that there are a handful of repeat customers but the majority is a 1 time stay. In my opinion, the place has gone way down in the last few years, gotten really bad. I think that they are taking lessons from the MGM on how to gouge the guest. Anyway, hopefully this new owner will actually try and improve the property and make it a place someone would want to visit. It has a great location, easy in easy out as you dodge the homeless beggars surrounding the property.

  6. Tom

    Seems as if when something new comes town there is always skeptical people. I am a hotel owner and I am negotiating with several different franchise.
    OYO is successful because the owners are sick and tired of being robbed by hotel franchise. Hotel franchise gets a percentage of all Hotel Revenue and they also pay loyalty fees but what has recently came into the picture is penalties, Hotel owners are getting penalized constantly so that the hotel franchise can reach a little deeper into the hotel owner’s pockets. Recently a well-known brand penalized the hotel owners if they didn’t sign up so many loyalty members, Hotel owners are sick of being charged all the fees and now overwhelming penalties, the franchise is getting rich and the owners are getting poorer.

    From my understanding, OYO doesn’t have any hidden fees for owners. There is no penalties, no hidden fees, just one flat rate.

  7. Jay D

    Hooters stay away from OYO…we don’t need another foreign merger coming in and taking over the American Hooters Brand Name, built in the USA by USA citizens…just clean up the place its a great location a d those Iconic chicken wings can’t be duplicated when they are done right by Hooters.
    Please find a way other than the OYO(Oi You Ownit) way,

  8. Mike

    When I saw the large red OYO logo my first thought was how well that would look on the Hooter’s girls shirts. The two O’s would be a better placement over strategic areas than the former ‘Hooter’s” lettering on the shirts.
    Just saying…..


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