Here’s When Your Favorite Cirque Shows Reopen in Las Vegas

Las Vegas straight-up isn’t Las Vegas without Cirque du Soleil.

Vegas has been Cirqueless for a long stretch due to the shitshow (sorry, pandemic), but now your favorite shows are making a comeback.

By the time you read this, Blue Man Group will be back at Luxor (June 24), and that’s just for starters.

Yes, Blue Man Group is a Cirque du Soleil show. Please keep up.

Maybe they’re normal and we’re all weird. Just kidding. They’re weird.

Next up is “Mystere.” The popular show reopens at Treasure Island on June 28, 2021.

Can’t wait for the first person searching “Mystere nip slip” on Google to land on our site.

“O” continues its run at Bellagio on July 1, 2021.

Fun fact: “O” has grossed a billion dollars since it opened in 1998.

Las Vegas seems to have an insatiable desire for WTF.

The most awkward of the Cirque shows, “Michael Jackson One,” returns to Mandalay Bay on August 19, 2021.

It’s a wonderful show, and we saw it free, although we don’t know if relying on the kindness of strangers is really the best way to ensure you’ll get a seat. If you have some free time, it’s worth a try. Read more.

Michael Jackson: One

It’s time to put some orthopedic surgeons back to work!

We are relieved to say “Beatles Love” will return as well. We’d heard Cirque was giving this show a long, hard look as it contemplated which shows would or would not come back.

“Beatles Love” is back at Mirage on August 26, 2021.

“Zumanity” wasn’t as lucky. It has permanently closed.

“Le Reve,” often mistakenly identified as a Cirque show (it’s not), isn’t any kind of show now. It, too, permanently closed. We hear the “Le Reve” theater is getting an overhaul and the next production will be waterless.

The only Cirque show we haven’t heard any news about is “Ka.” Cirque reps have suggested the show may return in September or October.

If you have difficulty keeping track of all the Cirque shows in Las Vegas, check out our one-minute guide.

Cirque du Soleil just made a sweet video showing its performers bailing on their pandemic jobs to get back to what they do best, Cirqueulating. Which probably isn’t a word.

Cirque was having a rough go of it even before the pandemic, so it’s great to see these shows opening back up.

There are challenges ahead for Cirque du Soleil, as Las Vegas has more seats than it can possibly fill (hello, Allegiant Stadium), with more coming online all the time (hello, MSG Sphere).

Some suggest Cirque had hit a saturation point in Las Vegas prior to the pandemic. It relies heavily on international customers, and those are in short supply right now. Also, several Cirque shows have played for decades, so the available pool of fresh eyeballs was shrinking over time.

But those red flags are for another time! Now, it’s time to celebrate the return of Cirque du Soleil to the Las Vegas Strip.

Cirque needs to start generating revenue gain, and the same goes for its world-class performers and stage technicians.

Business aspects aside, Las Vegas needs Cirque du Soleil back. In addition to being a major economic player, Cirque is nothing short of the spiritual heart of Las Vegas entertainment. To many around the world, Cirque shows are the embodiment of what Las Vegas spectacle is all about.

Cirque performers are moving miracles in lycra, and without them, how would casino heists happen?

Cirque is back, and Vegas is feeling a lot more like Vegas again.

5 thoughts on “Here’s When Your Favorite Cirque Shows Reopen in Las Vegas

  1. Anthony Curley

    Overall glad they’re coming back but jeez the tickets are overpriced, who needs scalpers at those prices. On a similar vein such a shame the similar format celestia at STRAT has failed to take off due to damned covid the prices were reasonable and it was a good show.

  2. Glen

    You see what happens when the cannabis stores open. lol
    now eveyone sees what the author of fear and loathing in Las Vegas saw and your not even stoned.
    Trust me.

  3. VegasDummy

    Man, I’m really going to miss Le Reve. So glad that I saw it one last time before the pandemic. The theater was small enough that every seat was good, and there was just so much going on around you at times. Loved the opening with the canopy above you getting whisked away.

  4. Johnny Cakes

    I’m a Cirque nut and so I’ll bullet this —

    1. Good riddance to the embarrassing and half @$$’d ZUMANITY. I’m amazed that ran more than a year. I mean if you want to do sexy and titillating DO IT. That free Viagra they gave me with the ticket didn’t help.

    2. Beatles LOVE used to be amazing. Then some moron butchered it and the show went from WOWEE –CKING WOW to IT’S FUN. I’m sure that has resulted in major ticket losses.

    3. KA should have left a long time ago. A complete MESS.

    4. MYSTERE has always seemed OLD AND FADED. That show should do something kinda creative, even for Cirque. It should become the Pirate show that never was. But here’s the cool part — what you’re doing is remodeling the existing show and using as much as the existing cast as possible. You follow me? So new music, new costumes, new light design… but mostly… the same acts reimagined all nautical like.

    Hmm. We need a name. GANGPLANGE? 😉

    1. Kris

      Ka is the most confusing and overrated Cirque show. I think people say its cool because thats what they are supposed to think about it, and so they dont want to be the odd one out – but as pointed out by Johnny its garbage. Please let it be replaced with something esle.


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