Here’s the Scoop on Planet Hollywood’s Reopening Plans

Planet Hollywood has announced it will reopen Oct. 8, 2020, following a months-long closure due to the pandemic.

As has been the pattern of late, Planet Hollywood is taking things slowly, and says its hotel will operate Thursday through Sunday only.

The most important part of Planet Hollywood, the casino, will operate seven days a week.

Planet Hollywood

So many memories. And so many partial memories, which are the best kind, actually.

Dining options will open selectively when Planet Hollywood does.

Guests can seek out sustenance at Gordon Ramsay Burger (formerly BurGR), Strip House, Cafe Hollywood, Earl of Sandwich, Starbucks and, just outside, Chick-fil-A.

Burger Planet Hollywood

One cannot live by burgers alone. The Oreo shake at Burger is a must-try.

Koi will remain temporarily closed, as will P.F. Chang’s, Yolo’s Mexican Grill and the Ringer sports bar.

Our beloved Spice Market Buffet won’t be reopening, and it remains unclear if it ever will.

Spice Market Buffet

We miss our visits to Gluttony Central.

Planet Hollywood’s two popular lounges, Heart Bar and Extra Lounge, will reopen Oct. 8 as well.

The resort’s freshly-rebranded William Hill sports book will be open, along with the resort’s spa.

The adjoining Miracle Mile Shops mall has been open since June 9, 2020.

Worth noting: Self-parking at Planet Hollywood is free, as was the case prior to the shutdown.

Now, all Caesars Entertainment casinos have free parking on The Strip, and we couldn’t be happier typing that sentence.

Crazy Girls statue

“Crazy Girls” may not be back yet, but the butts are, so there’s that.

The reopening of Planet Hollywood is a welcome turn of events. Rumors have been ongoing about a potential sale of Planet Hollywood, with the Seminoles (Hard Rock) being an often-cited suitor.

We’ve also shared industry chatter Twin River has kicked the tires at Planet Hollywood, too.

The announcement by Caesars Entertainment seems to put to bed any uncertainty about whether Planet Hollywood would reopen again under its current ownership. We’d have lost money on that bet.

Planet Hollywood

Welcome back, you beauty.

The reopening of Planet Hollywood is also welcome because the Strip-side walkway that runs along the resort has become a tad sketchy since cleaning crews and security became scarce during the closure.

The general rule: More foot traffic, less WTF.

When Planet Hollywood reopens, we’ll be another step closer to feeling some normalcy in Las Vegas again. The resort is a fixture on The Strip, and it was painful seeing it shuttered.

Let’s Planet Hollywood again.

11 thoughts on “Here’s the Scoop on Planet Hollywood’s Reopening Plans

  1. Tom Riley

    Caesars really needs to do some refurbishing on their properties both Flamingo and planet hollywood need their Exteriors painted badly.

    1. William Wingo

      Don’t count on that any time soon. Deferring or even neglecting maintenance is a time-honored Las Vegas cost-reduction technique. It’s the same at the Rio.

  2. Mike Alexakis

    Seems like a lot of the strip sidewalk has become “sketchy” lately, which is both depressing and astounding if you ask me. A weekend does not go by without reading about something scary happening, I used to walk that at all hours with 100% confidence that the cameras and LV Metro police would protect me. I read that they are increasing the amount of police patrolling the area, which is nice. Criminals are really stupid to choose Nevada and Las Vegas for their putrid activities, they are going to get caught and have the book thrown at them, they will end up doing unpleasant time, the judges are fully aware that visitors need to feel safe or they wont visit. Money is short because of the pandemic, but this problem needs some resources in a big way, and lessons need to be taught, loudly…

    1. James K

      It’s not just a Vegas thing. Crime is up all over the country due to the idiotic defund the police movements. The only people that want the police to be defunded are the criminals. Without a doubt, this is one the most backward thinking movements in history.

      1. Mike Alexakis

        Las Vegas garners headlines and carries outsize importance. The casino/resorts need to get proactive, its their businesses that will suffer. LV Metro is a very professional police force, nobody has “defunded” them one nickel, this whole “defund the police” nonsense has zero to do with the spike in violence. If people continue to make everything political we will go nowhere. What we have is a big problem, it needs attention, it needs resources, its going on right now, politics is a long game, we need short game right now…

        1. Sam44

          Right. Crime seems to be up because most law-abiding people are staying away from LV and other places. What’s left is a higher concentration of people who aren’t so law-abiding and then things happen. It’s the same reason why even in normal times, crimes happen way more often after midnight. Once the criminal element gets diluted again (if our fed government ever takes COVID recovery seriously) things will get better again.

          1. JP

            It isn’t about criminal elements but what makes people turn to crime. Millions of people unemployed with no end in sight, corporations still cutting jobs, the pathetic $1200 one time stimulus has been spent for months, rent and mortgage protections going away if not gone in almost every state, some people that even were able to return to work are so far behind financially they may never come back. A town like Las Vegas that relies on tourism is getting hit even harder than most so you have more people that fall into these categories. When people are backed into a corner financially and have no other recourse, of course crime is going to go up.

  3. Willy S

    Yes and the word is spreading. I have relatives that usually spend the entire month of November in town dropping around $20k for lodging, gaming, dining and entertainment and aren’t coming anywhere near here this year and it’s not because of Covid. Better get this bullshit cleaned up!

  4. Rose

    Governor Sisolak is a good guy and cares about his Nevadans. I live in Las Vegas, and he’s done so much for this state to protect us from the Corona virus.


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