Here’s the Latest on All the Changes at SLS Las Vegas

There’s a metric ass-ton of things going on at SLS Las Vegas, so we thought it a fine time to drop by and poke around. In Vegas, that usually costs extra!

It’s difficult to keep track of all the changes, big and small, happening at SLS. Mainly because we hate taking notes.

One of the most significant changes is a new partnership with Starwood Resorts Worldwide. Starwood will take over the Lux tower at SLS, rebranding it as W Las Vegas.

One of the more visible signs of the arrival of W Las Vegas is a slick new video segment playing on the screen over the hotel’s Center Bar.

SLS Las Vegas bar 3-D video

To get the most of the 3-D effect, stand in the casino between Center Bar and the casino’s main entrance. Or wear some of those dopey 3-D glasses. Your choice.

The animation wizards at SLS Las Vegas have the whole 3-D thing down following successes including an eerie floating face that’s provided this blog with its most popular YouTube video, ever.

Here’s a look at the floating W above Center Bar. We love it even more because it’s designed to look like neon!

What else are they up to at SLS? The high limit room situation at SLS Las Vegas is in a state of flux at the moment. Sorry, rooms.

It seems the casino realized its existing high limit room wasn’t drawing high-end players, and perhaps not for the reason you’d suspect. (SLS has struggled with a challenging location on the north end of The Strip since it opened.)

See, the high limit room was decked out in a predominantly white color scheme.

While a gorgeous space (it was created by highly-regarded artist and designer Philippe Starck, as much of SLS Las Vegas was), those familiar with Asian superstitions know white is associated with death, mourning and bad luck in Chinese culture.

In the words of gaming expert Homer Simpson, “D’oh!”

Beyond the unfortunate color scheme, SLS realized high limit table games players don’t care for the sound of slot machines too much. The existing high limit room had both tables and machines.

As pictured below, SLS has removed all its slots from the original high limit room. We hear there are plans to redecorate the room in another color, probably red (good luck in Asian cultures).

SLS high limit room

White. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

SLS Las Vegas now has a dedicated high limit slot room in the space that once held a Fred Segal He store, near the main casino entrance. All the resort’s Fred Segal shops were closed after SBE Entertainment Group sold its 10 percent stake in the hotel-casino. There will be a quiz.

Here’s a look at the new high limit slot room, which we definitely can’t share a photo of because it’s against the rules to take photos in a casino.

SLS high limit slots

Having hit puberty, the high limit slots at SLS now get a room of their own.

So much ground to cover and so little attention span!

Speaking of ill-advised color schemes. Remember Ku Noodle? The noodle restaurant. This isn’t rocket science.

Any ideas why it never caught on and closed recently? Asian noodle restaurant. Designed by Philippe Starck. Completely white decor. Starting to see a pattern here?

All traces of Ku Noodle have been erased. SLS isn’t messing around. Things that are working get to stay (Cleo and Bazaar Meat), things are aren’t have to go.


The wall formerly known as Ku Noodle.

Elsewhere in the casino, it’s worth noting the casino’s loyalty club desk has moved.


The players club desk appears to have gone fishin’. It hasn’t gone far.

Players club business can now be done at the casino cage.

Rolling right along!

Roam a bit more and you may come across the resort’s retooled sex shop. Gone are the sex toys, and now the space serves as a lounge for guests of the hotel’s Story tower.

SLS Story tower lounge

Blink and you’ll miss it. Thankfully, award-winning Las Vegas blogs never blink.

The new Captain’s Quarters lounge hasn’t been publicized, which makes it one of those “discoverable” areas the Millennials presumably love so much. We aren’t a Millennial, but we discovered it and quite enjoyed the quirky vibe, including the glowing couch action.

SLS Story lounge

Recline on stylish, fixed back sofas from the Fukushima line of furnishings.

The Captain’s Quarters lounge, including a photo booth, is one of the perks of staying in the Story tower (there’s even a friendly staffer who can serve as a personal concierge).

Getting some good ink is a new Story tower promotion where guests who stay two nights or more can raid the room’s minibar for no extra charge.

Here’s what you get with your #MyVegasStory package. Learn more.

SLS Story tower minibar

The holy grail of minibars: No. Additional. Charge.

There’s a large selection of snacks, water and soda, as well as beer, a bottle of vodka and even a bottle of fireball. And several apple-flavored shots. The minibar contents are valued at $200, so not a bad deal.

The minibar is re-stocked every two days, so if you stay four nights, you get to raid the minibar again.

This promotion runs through September 5, 2016, and also includes VIP access to the hotel’s Foxtail Pool and nightclub, as well as free soft drinks at the hotel’s restaurants like Umami Burger and 800 Degrees, the pizza place.

SLS Story room

Story rooms have mirrors over the bed so you can see where all those minibar munchies went.

Rounding out our round-up of things worth noting at SLS Las Vegas is a fairly large construction project that hasn’t gotten much mention but warrants it. Especially if you’re into Las Vegas resort construction porn. Which we hear is a thing. For other people.

Here’s a sweet pic of the construction of a new structure that will become a three-story addition primarily used for meetings and conventions. There will be a pool on top, Wet.

SLS Las Vegas construction

Look at all the erection jokes we’re not making!

The large erection (what, you believe photo captions?) is on the north side of the resort, fairly invisible to passersby on Sahara Boulevard and Las Vegas Boulevard, although it’s easily spotted from the bridge connecting SLS Las Vegas to the Las Vegas Monorail.

That about covers it!

Rumors persist about more changes to come at SLS, including a shake-up in the resort’s entertainment programming (adjustments have been made due to some recent incidents involving guest asshattery, long story), more changes to the casino floor (baccarat players like it quiet, thank you) and new dining offerings in the works.

While SLS Las Vegas isn’t entirely out of the financial woods, things appear to be looking up. A serious effort is being made to adjust the resort’s offerings to the needs of hotel guests and players, and the hotel’s new concert venue, The Foundry, is reportedly a success.

All that, and W Las Vegas is sure to bring much-needed new marketing resources and visitors to the underappreciated resort. You go, SLS.

Lots of Changes at SLS Las Vegas

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19 thoughts on “Here’s the Latest on All the Changes at SLS Las Vegas

  1. Three Slice Toaster

    Love the SLS. I know the locals hate it, but that’s OK. Las Vegans hate anything that isn’t reminiscent of the floor of an ’84 Buick and engulfed in cigarette smoke. The SLS is classy in a global traveler sort of way that won’t make it to Clark County for another ten years. As long as it continues to offer free parking, I’ll keep going. When it doesn’t, I’ll be off to Red Rock. Or maybe just go to an indian joint closer to home. With all the cutbacks, most Strip hotels are headed toward Foxwoods quality anyway.

    1. Wes Pratt

      Thanks for attempting to speak for all us. Unfortunately, your broad brush doesn’t paint a true picture. It’s not a matter of hating it. It’s just that we have lots of options available.

  2. Photoncounter

    On a side note, Marriott is purchasing Starwood (Sheraton brand) so when this is complete supposedly they will merge the rewards programs giving folks another option. Cosmopolitan is still part of the Marriott Rewards program and shows up on for booking. If SLS does as well this could save them, with out without Resorts International or (yeah, right!) Alon.

    I stopped by a few weeks ago to look around and play 3 Card poker (I know, odds but it’s fun!). The dealer kept making mistakes and I politely corrected her, most of the time paying me too much. About 45 minutes into the game I was still alone and the pit dude comes over and stops her, says “you owe him $210”. .??? Apparently i hit one of the bonuses, neither of us caught it but the cameras did. I was paid, left not much after that pretty much even.

    The eyes may be watching. Do what you want but when the dealer pays an ante that she didn’t have to I correct her and return it. Pays off in the long run.

    Very clean, stylish place with decent air quality. Will consider going back as access is easy, garage needs some attention though.

    Nice article!

  3. Wally Marshall

    Maybe they would have some sort of success if they actually tried to offer a decent gaming product. The only people i have seen there were like street thugs and after all the dirty looks, i have not gone back since that a couple years ago and wont go back as it is a lifestyle resort, not a casino resort

    1. DSchwartz99lv

      I know right! I noticed that the yellow clock is from Ikea! Looks like I wasn’t the only one who wanted to buy trendy furniture.

  4. Bouldersteve

    The changes look positive. Not sure if it will enough to turn things around but at least it shows Stockbridge has not given up on the property and is still willing to invest in the SLS. The real key to becoming a success is out their control. That being more development on the North strip. Once more hotels open up on that end it will help with foot traffic. Looks like that not going happen anytime soon. That Story Tower promotion looks like a good deal. I like Fireball.Not sure when you took those pictures Scott but i hope for their sake it was not on a Saturday night…no customers.

  5. Dan Pemberton

    Stayed at the Wynn a week ago and I had the “great” Idea to walk down to SLS. It has been a few years since I have made that walk and I somehow had forgotten how long that walk actually is. Walking past the Riv, it was depressing to see it being town down and Slots a Fun void of any players. I finally made it to SLS after nearly getting heat stroke and that place was dead as well. I wish I had taken a picture, but one of the Black Jack dealers was actually head down on the table taking a nap. I am no expert and I wish them the best, but I cannot see how that place is going to stay in business being all alone at that end of the strip.

  6. William Wingo

    I’ve made similar posts elsewhere so I apologize for any repetitions.

    They should put up a billboard stating the following:

    SLS Las Vegas
    Free Parking
    No Resort Fees
    3-2 Blackjack
    9-6 JoB Video Poker

    People would come from the other end of the strip, from downtown, and from all points between. They’d be turning customers away.

    Until then, maybe I’ll see you in Laughlin.

    1. Wolfdog

      You got the BJ and VP part right. I’d bet most visitors don’t play them correctly. More profit.
      Question is, would the locals who play smartly venture there, if the odds improved.

  7. Wolfdog

    Stayed there a couple of times now. 2nd time was comped. I’ll continue to stay there, if the deal is right, because the location is fine for the bus system, and their shuttle. But I can’t give them more than minimal play until their video poker gets better.
    Both times in a World Tower room. Very comfortable.
    I hope the place survives, but I still have my doubts.


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