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Here’s Every Single Inch of the Construction at New York-New York and Monte Carlo

We’re not kidding. We strolled the entire length of the construction at New York-New York and Monte Carlo and snapped photos (over the 15-foot tall construction wall, of course) of every bit of the site.

Thanks for straightening up for us, construction dudes. This is where the new Hershey’s Chocolate World will be.

The scope of the construction at these two iconic Las Vegas hotels is huge.

Yes, we stepped outside of a casino. Don’t make a big deal out of it.

Everything’s being worked on at the same time. Somebody’s got good organizational skills.

Facades are being stripped away and trees are being planted as part of a project inspired by plazas, squares and grand boulevards around the world. Oh, and making money. But mostly those other things!

We started our trek at New York-New York, at the base of Lady Liberty, now tugboatless. Which may not be a word.

Unlike the Las Vegas of the past, there’s a lot of emphasis on outside here. Las Vegas visitors will get use to  “sunlight” and “fresh air” in time, we’re sure.

Here’s a pic you won’t see anywhere else, showing the labor-intensive process of bricking up New York-New York’s replica of the Brooklyn bridge.

The revamp of New York-New York and Monte Carlo is expected to be completed in early 2014. From the looks of the progress, we’re thinking it’ll be one of the few projects in Las Vegas that gets finished in time.

Take it to the bridge, as the kids say.

Between New York-New York and Monte Carlo, behind an even taller construction wall, there’s a freshly-groomed empty lot.

Awaiting the awesome.

Next door at Monte Carlo, the hotel’s new entrance has already opened.

Finally, a hotel decides to splurge rather than cut corners (we’re look at you, The Quad). It’s pretty at all get-out.

This is the Vegas we know and love. Big. Bold. Beautiful. And several other “b” words.

The development project at New York-New York and Monte Carlo will result in several new bars, restaurants and retail destinations, of course.

We look forward to drinking, dining or shopping here. In that order. And we may skip those last two things.

We’re pretty sure that’s where the new Double Barrel, described as a “casual roadhouse restaurant” will be. Hopefully with more chesticles, if you know what we’re saying.

There will also be a restaurant called 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria. This Las Vegas blog can’t wait to try some pizza from Napolia, or wherever.

The space next to Diablo’s restaurant and drinkery at Monte Carlo.

A Shake Shack, described as a “roadside burger stand,” will also be in the mix of new eateries. Or in this case, shakeries.

Wouldn’t it be weird having a job where people are always taking your photo without you knowing it? Ahem.

This whole “patio culture” experience will happen in conjunction with a new 20,000 seat arena. Which we couldn’t exactly photograph because it sort of doesn’t exist yet, but here’s a rendering.

Note the LED soffit, whatever the hell a soffit might be. Related: These people may have had too much caffeine.

MGM Resorts International says the stadium will cost about $350 million and is expected to debut in early 2016. The horrendous traffic jams should arrive about 20 minutes later.

In the meantime, check out photos of every inch of the renovations taking place outside New York-New York and Monte Carlo, at what’s being called The Park. Those green things are trees. Give them some time and they might just grow on you.

New York-New York and Monte Carlo Construction

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