Here’s Your Best Look Yet at the New Wynn Plaza Site

When Wynn Las Vegas announced it would build a new shopping area on The Strip, we sort of ignored it, because shopping. Now, we’ve seen the work-in-progress, and have learned Wynn Plaza could also include new dining and drinking options, so we’re in.

Here’s an exclusive look at the future Wynn Plaza experience.

Wynn Plaza

Yes, our camera probably should’ve been pointing toward Encore Beach Club. Freak.

The idea behind Wynn Plaza is three-fold.

First, Wynn Plaza is intended to make idle space more profitable. Second, it’s designed to give a shopping center across the street, Fashion Show Mall, a little competition. Third, the new two-story structure, which essentially wraps around the Wynn’s self-park garage, will help extend the resort closer to the street. Actually, boulevard, but let’s not get bogged down in details.

Wynn Plaza

You say “backhoe porn” like it’s a bad thing.

From the looks of it, Wynn Plaza will integrate the space formerly occupied by the hotel’s Ferrari dealership, the only one licensed in Nevada. The Ferrari dealership has been at Wynn since 2005.

Wynn Plaza

We’re pretty sure that’s where the Ferraris used to be. Because they certainly aren’t in our garage.

The cost of Wynn Plaza is expected to be about $54 million, or the approximate amount casino mogul Steve Wynn spends on boxer briefs in any given month.

Wynn Plaza

Construction of Wynn Plaza is happening largely out of sight. Until now. Because that’s how we roll.

Wynn Plaza will be about 75,000-square-feet of luxury retail space, because you can never have too much luxury retail space. Wynn Plaza will bring the total amount of retail space at Wynn to more than 173,000-square-feet.

Wynn Plaza

We have no idea what those things are. We are a blog, not a structural engineer.

Wynn Plaza is scheduled to open in 2017 and will feature lots of things you could only afford if your wealthy uncle went into cardiac arrest.

Wynn Plaza is expected to have a skylight rotunda, whatever that might actually be.

Once complete, Wynn Plaza will have sweeping views of a giant dirt lot across Las Vegas Boulevard, called Alon (pronounced “AY-lon,” a French word meaning “resort unlikely to exist thanks to a crackdown on Triads and corrupt Chinese officials”).

Wynn Plaza construction

Clearly, our construction photo fetish is well under control.

Wynn officials have said Wynn Plaza will have “interactive and experiential opportunities,” at least one of which, we assume, will be having a salesperson sneer disdainfully at you like you’re Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman.”

Wynn Plaza construction

Looking toward Fashion Show, the less aspirational shopping mall just across the street.

We’d love to hear your thoughts about Wynn Plaza. Not as it currently exists, of course. It’s piles of dirt. The future Wynn Plaza. Are you intrigued or shopping averse? What would you like to see at Wynn Plaza? By that, of course, we mean what types of bars?

Wynn Plaza construction

Before you build, it must be rototilled.™

Jokes aside, Wynn Las Vegas tends to do things right, and this blog certainly loves it some new, even if only for the design eye candy. Wynn Plaza’s design is said to have been inspired by Avenue Matignon in Paris, named after one of our very favorite Musketeers.

What, you thought we meant that things about “jokes aside”? Do you know this Las Vegas blog at all?

16 thoughts on “Here’s Your Best Look Yet at the New Wynn Plaza Site

  1. Funkhouser

    Wynn Plaza I expect will be another beautiful, well thought out shopping plaza filled with stuff I can’t afford to buy, much like the esplanade. Due to the Steve trying to make up for that lost China revenue, I don’t expect the Pizza place to return to the new shops. The Steve will probably pay for it by instituting a new guest experience fee for comp’d drinks in the casino, because we know that’s what casino guests are asking for. 🙂

  2. Tommy Vercetti

    I expect it to look what Wynn Palace Macau shopping promenade looks. I’m sorry to say it but at this point Wynn has set his standard for well…the Wynn style. Wynn resorts properties looks all the same now,it’s a far cry from the Bellagio-Mirage-Treasure Island era. Yeah ok he will stress a lot about superior services and bla bla bla but like it or not the place will be filled with non shopping oglers and curious and another LV and Rolex stores..

  3. Jonesy55

    Who the hell shops in these stores? Whenever I’m strolling thru whether it be here, or at Bellagio or any of the high end promenades, there’s never anyone in them except for the bored salesperson.


    Crystals North.

    Eh, somebody must be buying the stuff because they wouldn’t build “luxury retail” if no one bought anything, but I’m with Jonesy55, whenever I walk through Crystals I rarely see anyone in the stores. I guess they figure if they have one customer a day buy a $40,000 watch they’ve more than covered their overhead.

    I don’t come to Vegas to shop, and I don’t see a lot of other peeps wearing Armani on the strip, but again, someone must be keeping the doors open.

  5. Kodidog

    Wonderful article, Scott. And I must say, the wit and intelligence of your readers is second to none. The comments are also a delight to read. As for my opinion of the proposed shopping experience (since I gave my opinion about everything else!)…I imagine that I will one of the “non-shopping oglers” at least once, and then will probably be able to extoll the space as a great place to go for walk out of the Vegas heat.

    1. Scott Roeben

      Thank you! I agree about those who comment here–they’re why I do what I do. This blog has the most knowledgeable readers in the known universe, bar none. I’m big fan of ogling, but yeah, the prices are out of reach for mere mortals. Still, great eye candy!


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