Health Pass Is the Future of Las Vegas Conventions, Events and Nightclubs

With a COVID vaccine close at hand, there’s a lot of optimism related to a rebound for Las Vegas conventions, nightclubs and sporting events.

There’s a fair amount of apprehension, too, but casinos and entertainment venues have their eyes on a potential solution: Health Pass.

Health Pass

Remember concerts? Yeah, let’s have those again.

A number of companies have rushed to try and make “experiences safer and easier,” but Health Pass has already has a foothold, and we hear a number of Las Vegas entities will use this as their solution to concerns about COVID or other dangers even after the vaccine is rolled out.

Through its CLEAR app, Health Pass basically connects I.D. verification, lab results and ticketing, so venues know someone’s cool to attend an event or convention.

The app includes real-time health surveys, helping venues do additional screening for possible symptoms.

The service also includes kiosks that test temperatures to streamline guest entry into venues.

Clear Kiosk

Now, before you see Lady Gaga, you’ll probably see this.

Guests use QR codes as tickets, confirming they have tested negative for COVID-19 or whatever bug might present itself in the future.

One of the benefits of this service is it ensures the person attending an event is the one with the clean bill of health.

How have brothels not started using this service, we have no idea.

Asia was way ahead of the curve on using testing and apps to reopen some of its nightlife venues, and it appears Vegas companies will follow that lead.

Such services will be critical moving forward if Vegas wants to get its Cirque shows and conventions back as quickly as possible.

We also built a big-ass stadium, and want to check it out despite the fact it will have sports in it.

Here’s a video that sort of explains what Health Pass does.

Is Jane really all that excited to get back to her office? Yoga pants and boxed wine say different, but moving on.

Health Pass is already being used at McCarran airport. We pretty much ignored the news CLEAR was being implemented in 2014, but that’s because it was mainly an identification verification service to speed up security checks. In 2020, it’s a whole new world.

There are a lot of questions about all this moving forward, of course.

Health surveys, even real-time, are self-reporting, which seems fraught with potential uselessness (as someone can just misrepresent their condition).

There’s also the possibility someone could get infected between the when they get tested and when they attend an event.

Still, a lot of safety measures accomplish something important: They help build public confidence.

CLEAR Health Pass is one to watch as we move into the next phase of the epic WTF this pandemic has been.

Vegas needs people back. We need conventions and shows desperately. We need our international visitors. We hear big players like Ticketmaster and MGM Resorts think Health Pass will help make that happen.

28 thoughts on “Health Pass Is the Future of Las Vegas Conventions, Events and Nightclubs

  1. BST

    Really quite interesting although I agree it can be useless with it being self reporting info and all.

    —-Off topic—- I was able to check out Circa the end of last month and even got my Vegas Vickie mug . 🙂 🙂

    1. Darren Jorgensen

      Yes Health Pass totally useless and ridiculous.
      If people are that afraid they should just stay the hell home!!

  2. Mike Alexakis

    I want Las Vegas open again too, as well as restaurants and many other venues that we all enjoyed and took for granted before 2020. This app might work in Asia, Asians listen to public health experts, Asians dont have leaders who crap on messages about public safety, Asians trust that facts exist… Our Covid testing is too uneven in quality and access to make this app work, some tests are just lousy, and people dont like waiting in lines to get tested. I recently had three surgical procedures, I was required to be Covid tested one day before each procedure, I had the gold standard test where they stick a swab ten feet up your nose and swish it around for ten seconds. Most people would shun that, heck they shun masks, which are not some big ask. This idea does have value, there should be a system that verifies if you took the vaccine, I would be all for that, I dont trust people are going to be honest about symptoms and possible exposure, and taking someone’s temperature is useless for Covid. Make people prove they took the vaccine, that is the ticket, there is going to be militant resistance to the vaccine in some quarters, it’s unfortunately the American way, we are fifty different states, in a pandemic that is a huge handicap…

  3. Michael Hetrick

    CLEAR also operates at airports to allow faster access to security. The cost is $179/year for that (although some discounts are available if you are a frequent flyer of participating airlines), so I’m wondering what the cost here will be.

  4. Larry Levine

    Interesting entrepreneurial stab at a huge problem with no easy solutions. We’re just not ready for anything like this yet. Over 50% of firefighters and police (first to get groups) are declining to get vaccinated.
    The logistics of the fight against this contagious virus are important but first, we have to get a solid majority to agree on he path forward. It seems odd that others have an actual veto power in my best treatment options but, without them onboard it’s going to take several years to get this baby under control.

    1. Kelang

      Agree. This is more keeping track of us. Soon there will be a chip in our ass. I’m finding it hard to believe these first responders and healthcare individuals are going to be the guinea pigs.

      1. AJ

        Yeah because you’re so important that the government wants to keep track of you. Why are people so self important and paranoid these days?

    2. William Wingo

      I can understand people being reluctant to take a Russian or Chinese–or a “rushed” U.S.-developed, vaccine. Check the statistics on the 1976 Swine Flu vaccinations.
      “…but first, we have to get a solid majority to agree on he [sic] path forward.” Good luck with that.

      1. Mike Alexakis

        1976 was 44 years ago, we have come a very long way in the decades that have passed. The new vaccines essentially train your immune system to create antibodies to the virus that causes Covid. Everyone does indeed have the right to refuse this vaccine, if enough refuse it Covid will be able to stick around, there is a lot we still have to learn about how long the vaccine lasts in people. Private businesses will have to decide for themselves at some point what their path forward is, and its doubtful casino resorts will have the reserves and assets to sit on the sidelines while people ponder their choices. Las Vegas is ground zero, no area has been hit harder. Of course I could be wrong, but I anticipate the casinos will make you prove you took the vaccine in an effort to sell that it is safe to visit them, the current trajectory leads right to the poorhouse…

    3. Mike Alexakis

      I highly doubt the number of first responders who will decline the vaccine is as high as 50%, I tried to find polls that asked that question of them and I could not find any… I did see video from today of 90 year olds in Britain getting the vaccine, they seemed fine and actually cheerful. The only side effect reported in the data was sore arms and people feeling crappy for a day or two, mostly from the second dose. I bet when these first responders see geriatric nursing home residents get the shot and do fine, they will change their tune, I cant imagine that macho men will be afraid of something that old folks don’t hesitate to take, we shall see… Stay safe…

      1. project design

        I spoke with a Clark County fire fighter in April…..he appeared very in tune and honest. He said he “wasn’t the least bit about this virus, because it was all about politics”!

        1. Mike Alexakis

          Something is filling up the hospitals and morgues, and bankrupting businesses… If Covid is just some “political” hoax, they sure got a lot of folks to stage their own suffocation deaths, which is no small task, people do like to breath…

    1. Mike Alexakis

      300,000 Americans dead so far in a country of 300 million, with 2,500 more souls lost each day on a ten day average… But this is a Las Vegas blog, the very best one in fact. This blog post is about getting back to normal, people getting their jobs back, people having fun in Sin City. Maybe you are OK with Las Vegas getting the Somalia treatment and dropping all the precautions the casino resorts and the government has mandated, but conventions and visitors certainly are not. Everyone will go broke, there will be no more fun or prosperity. My prediction is that there are enough of you folks who opt out of the vaccine that force the private businesses to only admit people who are not frightened of two shots in the arm, for a time, until you folks see us at the tables and eating at fine restaurants. you might change your mind… I wish you well, but don’t be shocked if these corporations decide that you are not their target demographic and close you out…

  5. GregM

    This is just the Clear people cashing in on the pandemic. First you have to subscribe to Clear (not cheap), then give them a ton of information about your health history? We can’t get people to wear a piece of cloth over their face without a them screaming about violations of constitutional rights. This will never fly.

    1. Mike Alexakis

      I think you are largely correct, the only quibble I have is that Clear has made it clear that they only want to file the health information that the users themselves provide. And if MGM and other casinos eventually want to use this technology, it has to be free or it will fail. These corporations are not dummies, they are not going to emerge from the abyss if they make people jump through too many hoops or have to pay usuriously…

  6. Pamela Thomsen

    Hello Scott,

    This is an awesome idea. I love it. you did hit on the one point I questioned as I was reading thhis message.
    Point being, time between a person having tested negative for covid and time of the event.
    Thanks for being so thorough . I always enjoy your updates on my favorite city in the USA.
    I am already a Clear patron, does this mean it is going to get faster attention than those who are not?
    thank you in advance for your great coverage of Vegas news.

  7. Mike Alexakis

    This is for real, private businesses like casinos and football stadiums can and will likely demand proof of vaccination before admittance, forget about proving you were recently tested, testing is a cluster that had to be addressed properly from the beginning, spoiler alert: it wasn’t… It depends on how many refuse to be vaccinated, the holdouts are going to dwindle as millions take it with nothing more adverse happening than a sore arm and a day or two of feeling crappy. People have a right to refuse it, but private businesses have a right to decide they want to get back to as close to normal as possible, when the vaccine is available for regular people these distressed casino companies are going to get proactive or they will perish. Meanwhile, stay safe friends, this is the time to not take risks and to not pretend there is no problem. Palazzo is closing for a reason, the Nevada test positivity rate is currently over 20%, which is dangerous and the local hospitals are already at record levels of capacity… Go ahead and refuse the vaccine if you are frightened, the rest of us will move on…

  8. Mike Alexakis

    Stay safe Pamela, Wisconsin is having a huge surge in cases, just like we are here in Southern California. By summer Las Vegas will hopefully be mostly back to normal, and they will be offering us great deals to entice us to once again visit our beloved city… I am not bashing vaccine holdouts, I think their numbers will erode naturally as they see the safety demonstrated in others. I have autoimmune diseases, I hope to get my vaccine in the second wave, after the brave hero’s who take care of the sick get it first…

    1. Pamela Thomsen

      Hi Mike,
      Yes, you will need the 2 doses that I have read about. taken with in 21 days of each other before you plan a trip.
      I did read the statement about UK getting million of doses . They do not have FDA regulations.
      A person came back and said maybe the UK did a knee jerk move, meaning the vaccine isn’t quite perfected yet. I hadn’t thought about that theory. good insight, now I am a tad open to not complain about FDA. But , time will certainly tell. Hope they claim honestly if their people have a good reaction to the vaccine. I was in Vegas March 15th. When resorts closed and pushed thousands of people to the curb, on the 16th I could not get a Uber . That in itself was like a gut feeling like no other. I flew home within 30 hours of getting there. Stay safe and healthy.

  9. Ace Rothstein

    Well Vegas was an amazing city that brought me lots of happiness, one of the few things I cared about. It’s gone forever it seems. Thanks for everything you did for the city Scott.

  10. Mike Alexakis

    I have read much more about this, this is a thing, an evolving thing, a going to be controversial in some circles thing, and another thing this well-read person first saw on VitalVegas… Airlines are all over this, many countries are going to be very cautious about letting tourists and business travelers in, I saw the CEO of United Airlines get asked about this, and he said many on the ground factors need to weighed in, but the possibilities that this will make people feel safe to fly is a big thing. No wonder MGM is looking at this. The owner of a Los Angeles pro soccer team is considering this for admittance to his stadium. It will likely be spring of 2021 before regular folks get offered the vaccine, so some time after that this might come online. Already there are people talking about forging vaccine proof, so security is hugely important. I know this is going to anger some folks, this is new territory, but the notion that like magic this is all going to get peachy and keen without all of us sticking together and sacrificing for the common good is nuts. The world is going to move forward, regardless of our beliefs and comfort zones… This notion that some on here have that for-profit corporations are going to go along with people denying reality had its test drive, the casinos opening up without requiring masks was a test run that crashed and burned, and the current situation leads to the poorhouse…

    1. BST

      Your mention about people & forging vaccine proof occurred to me some people will try this prior of your mentioning . As we know people try to and have been known to forge all types of things . What a big mess 🙁

      Stay safe .

  11. Bill

    Welcome to Gattaca. What damn fools celebrate the implementation of fascism disguised in a lab coat? Land of the free, my ass


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